Monday, December 31, 2012

Flash Back 2012 --- New Year, New Goal 2013

New Year 
is COMING SOON, Few hours left already – Time Flies Fast like I “HaChiu” (Sneezing ~)

Thanks God I am still alive and My Brain Cells are still not “Baked” by Final Exams huh.
Hmm… What have I really Done in 2012?
Little Flash Back?

Thanks Ah Jess who stimulates + recommends me to be a blogger. Write write my thought and my feeling sometime. But most of the time, I join Nuffnang Activities. Haha... Premiere Screenings and so on... haha... I want to be a famous one? No idea how to be famous also...NVM la... Let is be ^.^

Mega Church Campus Fellowship 2012
First Time Serving God in Church. It is definitely a wonderful experience. The thing I like most is, everytime we pray before meeting, activity and everything. Haha. I learnt things that I never learn in University and my faith is growing stronger throughout the year ^^ Haha... Thanks God for the guidance and chance. 

FHT 2012
Thanks Vili, the Great woman (女强人) gives me the chance to join College activity (FHT) haha. I need not do anything as She will do all. haha... I do help de lo... College activity, hmmm, far far far away from me now. (I am Old dy?) Haha

Trip to Sarawak
Jess wanted to meet her boyfriend, so LayYee, Matthew and I became accompanies lo. A fun trip to Sarawak because of the Funny people. haha... Thanks Phi2 for the tour too. Hohoho...  

Choir FESENI 2012
Choir, my favourite activity since Secondary School. Rewind back, I join choir for 7 years continuously from Form 2 until Universiry Second Year. This year is a great memory as we nearly be the champion. haha... Nearly only. haha... Thanks God, We got Number Two. Soooo Happy... haha. 2013,we will win champion ma? ^.^

MPA 2012

Majlis Penyampaian Anugerah Astar 2012 (ASTAR Award Giving Ceremony 2012)
This year we have it in Palace of Golden Horses. A-Must-Go night for all college residents. Active Residents get awarded in this function. Thanks God I got Anugerah Jasa Budi. This will be the last time I get award since my Third year is a passive year. Haha

Yonsei International Summer School (Korea Exchange)

This will be the greatest Blessing in this year. I have the precious opportunity to visit Korea as Exchange Student in Yonsei University ^^. I met different people from the world and experience wonderful life in Korea. Haha... I blogged so much about Korea too. Haha...Thanks God + UM and I love Korea.

Bicycle Accident
Sweet and Sour in 2012. I met an accident in September. Haha... A bicycle accident. Lazy to explain so much. But I am OK now. Thanks God. 
The favourite Sentence in the blogpost is "I fly like a Chicken" haha...

Bliss Vlog Competition 2012
This is a video recording competition. I joined this with Haifz, my Malay Best Friend. I wish to share the video, but too big size to upload here. haha... It is a blessing from God too. I like the video very much!!! haha

Fear Factor
Jess, LayYee and I joined Fear Factor Blogger version. Haha. We all were ready to win MacPro and Money. Who knows all failed. haha... I am going to blog about this later. Not today. haha... It is a very memorable experience as not many people have the chance to be trapped in a cage with snakes. hahax

L’oreal Brainstorm 2013
 This marketing competition is really a NICE one. haha... We are doing Great! Continue to do the Best. Thanks God we are semi-finalist already!!! Wohoo... Gambateh

21st Birthday Celebration

Well, 2012 December, I am finally 21. Haha. Thanks my crazy friends for the birthday Prank and my Family for the simple yet heart-warming celebration. Hehe... I want a Myvi as Birthday Present please... haha

Friends and Family
Hiao Star Family, Crazy PT Gang, Heart-warming Church Friends, OMG collegemates, Doggy Coursemates, New-To-Know Foreign friends, My dearest Brother and Family
Colour my Life with Hiaoness... Haha... 
"I am Hiao and I know it"

Done Flash Back... How about 2013
Ooookie, I think my Next Semester will be a Big Headache one.
My Hectic life is BACK!!!

First of all,
Mega Church Campus Fellowship 2013
Thanks God, I am selected to be the President.
This is the second time I serve in Church but the First Time I hold such a Heavy responsibility in Church. Tension ~~~ But luckily fellowship has Good Pastor, Teachers and Committees. Once Got Problem I call them to seek help. Haha XD    

Chemical Engineering Department and Alumni Night 2013
(CEDAN 2013)
Ermmm, I never join activity in Faculty or Department. So, to make my resume Cantik-Cantik (Nice-Nice), I take the challenge voluntarily to be the Director of CEDAN 2013.
Thanks God, my coursemates are all Pro one, I need not worry too much. Hohoho. This is the first time, our batch Works something out. Hopefully, CEDAN 2013 will be a Successful one… Heeheeee.

Thirdly, I wish We can,
L’oreal Brainstorm 2013
Thanks God, my team manages to enter Semi-Final which is going to happen on 30 January 2013. Pray Hard and Hope that we can be the Finalist. If God allows, we can go Paris in June ^.^  
We are preparing the semi-final thingy during study and exam weeks. Steady!!! Haha. Just Strive our Best! Go Go Go

 (^ _______________________________^)

Future Path is vague.
We all do not know what is going to happen in 2013.
Another The-End-of-The-World Story? Haha
But we still need to carry Hopes towards 2013 right? hehe

I Hope that 2013 is another exciting and blessing year. 
I shall be proactive in knowing more people - Smile and Say "Hi"
I shall be diligent in study - Score well in All Finals
I shall handle all responsibility With No Regrets - All activities
I shall work hard for my future - Find Intern and Build Networking
I shall get a Girl Friend? haha - Find someone loves me and I love Her? haha
Thousands of wishes to make ~ ~

Just be a Better Man

In short, 2013 will be another Great Year Ahead. 
God Bless and Happy New Year ~ ~ ~ 

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