Monday, October 29, 2012

James Bond 007 - Skyfall (Review)

YES! James Bond 007 is on the Cinema Screen once Again!!!
So Glad to have the chance to witness the premiere of such a great movie. (Thanks Nuffnang^.^)

This spy movie is really a long series and Skyfall is the 23rd one.
Again, Daniel Craig is starred as the handsome and brilliant 007! This is the third time for him^^ 

 As secret agent, of course He must be FIT! haha... 
He really looks good :
His strong and muscular body appears frequently in the movie. Wao. haha.. Luckily Daniel is a diligent actor who sacrifices sleeping time to maintain his awesome body shape. hehe

The bond girl is always one of the highlights of James Bond 007. haha
This turn, the Bond girl is Severine (Starred Bérénice Marlohe)
She is indeed sexy ... O.O
But ... sadly... she just appears for not long. Oops

Yup, whenever there is a good guy, there will be a bad guy.
This round the bad guy is the ex-secret agent - Silva
He performs pretty well and laudable.
He is a psycho and makes me laugh for 20 seconds during the movie. haha. If I know parts of his knowledge, I can hack everything I want. *Wink wink*

Last but not the least, The one who always fights together with James Bond -M
She looks older but her acting skills never lose to anyone. BRAVO! 
I will miss you... (oops, I didn't leak anything right?)

Well, Adele is a supporting character too. A Great Singer who sings Skyfall (Theme song of this Bond's Movie). Her voice, the song's melody and lyrics are so impressive. Love it so much^^ Well Done!
(The song is played almost all during the front part of the movie, but ... that part is a bit awkward.)

OK. Now let's talk about the movie!
Hehe, I would say It is NICE! This 2 and a half hour movie didn't bore me but attracts my attentions. The James Bond is performing pretty well, his actions and look are so charismatic and powerful. I heard he is the best James Bond ^^. The fighting and shooting scenes are well designed. What makes this movie special is , James Bond is not a Gun Expert like those in other movies. haha... He failed the test ... hahaha. You will know what is the test when you watch it.
Of course, James Bond is a playboy! haha... I wonder is He a HIV carrier? sorry, no offense. 
The word "Skyfall" makes me think about falling from the sky, who knows that is a childhood memory of Bond. It is pretty interesting. 
Ok, some parts are really funny such as this:
Trust me , you will definitely laugh out loud. haha
I will like to give 8.5/10 for this movie. It is worth to watch in cinema ^^.
On 1/11/12, the masculine Bond will be on all cinema in Malaysia! haha

Want to learn more? Watch the Trailer, Click Here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

League of Legends (LOL) - My New Favorite Game

Dota is so famous last few years, I love it too. 
( Everyone will say, "OMG, HangChung, you know how to play DOTA de a? Seriously? Wao") 
Yeah, I used to it already. 
I do play Dota. OK? haha... But long time did not play already.

Never Mind, Now under the influence of friend, I start to play LOL.(not Laugh Out Loud ya)
League of Legends 
The game is quite similar to Dota, but in my humble opinion, the company (Riot Games) abstracts all the Goods from Dota and creates this LOL.
It is an online and multi-players game. Using a character (Hero) to fight, kill and win. Sort of RPG game.  
Most importantly, it is FOC (Free of Charge).

What I really is the awesome graphic and simplicity.
See ^^

Players do no need to join the room or Find games, as LOL prepares a portal for you to match a game^^

Heroes and Items of course are the keys in this game. 
Different Heroes own different unique powers and have own suitable items to buy.
The game will suggest the players some items to buy too.
The maximum level of all Heroes is 18. (Different from Dota)
Not every hero can be used all the time as they will refresh and let players use new heroes every week.
Players can get sort of money from each games and can use them to purchase favourite heroes (permanently).
Players can purchase extra upgrades to improve all the heroes too. Complicated, but I am learning also la.

My favourite hero will be
Cute but fast and strong.
It's fast attack speed and mushrooms are his highlights.

I recommend this game to my fellow friends.^^
How to play?
Simple 3 steps:
1. Download Garena Plus.
2. Download LOL (through Garena Plus)
3. Double Click to play.

Add me if you got play this interesting game. (Teehc91. Play as The Incredible 2)
Enjoy la~~ hehe... Do not get addicted ya...Opps

Friday, October 19, 2012

人生 就是如此 的短暂

2012 年,这一年,就让我经历了 三位亲人 的离去。
外婆因为 病发 而离去。
大伯母因为 癌症而过世。 
表弟因为 意外 而去世。
的生命 就是如此的 脆弱 短暂。

每人都 希望自己能长命百岁,但殊不知 残酷的 疾病 意想不到的 意外 就把人的一生给画上了句点。
渺小的我们 是如此的彷徨, 如此的无助。

我们的生活中就永远的少了 他们的声音,他们的微笑,他们的同在。
无能 我们 就只好 等着时间 让伤心的情绪 冲淡。
但我们 绝对不会 忘记 他们在我们生命中 所有画面 接触。
纪念 我们的 心中。

这不禁让我 担心 害怕。我还有许多的亲人朋友 还在魔鬼的 手中。
如果 将来 他们慢慢的 离我而去,而他们都还没有被拯救,那,我会心安理得吗?

但, 其实 如果不能 步入 天堂, 折磨的地狱 就是我们的终点。

感谢 上帝,让我得救了, 也让我 有这个恩赐 将来能进入祂为我们所预备的 天堂。
但我更迫切的希望,最至亲的家人们,朋友们 也能与我一起 得救。
心中永远最担心的最是,死后,我们分割两岸,而我却眼睁睁的看着他们 在地狱受苦。

多么希望 大家都能醒过来,都能够得救,得到真正的上帝的拯救。

耶稣为我们的 被钉死在十字架上,祂白白赐给我们的爱 我们 要珍惜。

人生 短短几十年,没错。

我人生中最重要的 家人啊,你们一定要,一定要,得救啊!!!

约翰福音 3:16


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Path of Recovery - Finally my Left Hand is back!

Yes! In 2 weeks time my hand has recovered 50% ^^
But he (left wrist) still needs 70 days for bones to FULLY recover.
But Thanks God, everything is just FINE XD.

The experience is memorable, so I shall record what I have gone through la... hehe.

This is the one!!! My bicycle... haha... 
So pity it and me... 

To prevent waiting until die in UMMC, I go John Chua there.
Chinese Sensei? haha

First of all... Infrared heating 
To heat the blood and make it Flowwwww.... hehe... no clogging is allowed!

Chinese medicine is applied on my lovely wrist to let the clogged blood to disperse. 
Not smelly, luckily... ^^

Wrapped him up to prevent evil people from attacking and touching him...
So many people want to grab and hit him... so poor...T.T

Teng Teng~~~ Done... hehe
(I am sexy and I know it)

Here is the conversation.
Left Hand : I am so sorry.
Right Hand : Is ok, I can do it.
Left Hand : I will try to recover asap!
Right Hand : Yup, I will pray for you. Fighting!!!
Left Hand : Really sorry for... letting u do everything...T.T

Thanks God, I still have right hand. haha... 
Imagine you cannot use one of your hand... It will be like this 

Wrap the wound with plastic bag before taking shower.
Squeeze out toothpaste with body and right hand.
Wear cloths and pants with only right hand.
Type computer with right hand fingers only. 

But now,
Right Hand : Thanks God, you are Back!
Left Hand: Yes I am back!!! Haha Haha

After removing the wrapper, this is the result:
 Red and skin looks terrible.

Then It starts to tear off and look rejuvenated. haha

Thanks God and Sensei,
I can show my beautiful hand to everyone again.
Just I have to wait for him to recover back to just like 1 month ago.

Thank you for everyone who cares about me. ^^
Note that, My hand is still fragile... Do not attack me!!! haha