Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love is Everywhere

Today is a day full of love and warmth. 

I always love my company colleagues, they are friendly and lovely. No politics issue there. A great environment to work in =)

Just today, one little incidence really touches me and God's grace is wonderful.
After a tedious day, with a super tiring body, I ask my collegue Robson to send me to MRT station because I miss the company bus. Robs is a nice guy who always kacau me in the office. 
Well, little waiting and then finally can leave the company. He even offers me to bring me to Jurong east, where I want to go. So niceeee.

We chit chat and then , dingdong, reach the destination. I happily say Thankiu and Goodbye. Walking towards the shopping mall, and enter Topman shop with a little Chinese New Year Feel. But stomachache forces me to leave the shop very soon. Then I put my hand into my pocket to KePo a bit what happens on Facebook. BUT wait! Where is my Phone!!! Omg... I dropped it on Robson de car. Sienzzzzz. 

I have to live without my phone for 3 days because he is on leave tomorrow. Haiz. I tell myself, yes, I can survive , I can survive! Then with depressed emoness I going to my destination. I keep imagining Robs appears in front of me and passes me my beloved Mi3. Aikzzz.

Who really knows. He suddenly appears in front of me! And say "Wah Piang, your phone and you make me purposely come here and pass you this lo". OMG, Thanks God, I really didn't expect this. He purposely make a big Uturn and paid for unnecessary parking fee, just to return my phone. T.T no tears but feel so touched!!! He 看死 (bet) me cannot live without the phone, which is somehow a bit true (don't wanna admit, haha).

I really appreciate his kind action and this instantly cheers up my day. Ya, world is full of cruelty and unscrupulous people, but there are angel like people who do love and care about others. I always think that, if everyone on this earth is full of Love, then this will be a perfect world. Nevertheless, we can't always hope others to be nice to us; we should be the one who gives love to others, even if it is a small help or prayer. Like Jesus's selfless sacrifice on the cross.
Let's make this world more loveable. 

As a first step, please love me more. Hahahaha. God Bless Everyone =D

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finally decided: Welcome my New Laptop

Big Thanks to my HP Pavilion dv3000 for accompanying me for 6 years already, 2009 till now.
RM 3000 is just too worthy for you, my love.

Thanks you for accompanying me go here and there. 
Together with you, we went to Taiwan, Korea and Even Germany.
It is a wonderful journey with you. 
We have been through happiness and sadness, Sourness and Sweetness.
Now, it is time for you to rest and retire. 
Big thanks again. 
Feeling so 舍不得. 

Moving On

After surveying and asking advice from expert, I have decided to invest in a new baby


Lazy to describe, haha, read more here:

In short, it is EXCITING!!! 
I can't wait to play Dota 2 with high graphic because of Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M
I also want to play ANNO again!

Besides, I won't feel hot again when I place my hands on the laptop because this model got IceCool Technology!

Bigger screen and Faster processing speed! Many more!!! Yay!

Full Spec:

6th gen Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz
Windows 10 Home
Nvidia Geforce GTX950M with 4GB DDR3
15.6” LED backlit Full HD 1920 x 1080 Display
8GB Ram & 1TB HDD +128GB SSD

2 Years International carry In Warranty

Going to pay a visit to this little baby this Saturday and 

This ASUS K501 UX - DM097T will cost me SGD 1600 (Through Harvey Norman) and comes with a FOC SteamBoat! haha

Hope I can get along very well with it.
Imagine the guy below is me, the smile shows happiness and satisfaction.

Ok, it is time to stop my imagination.
Gonna tighten my tummy and save money! haha.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BIG Project

Yup, I kinna ambitious guy with self-entertaining confidence. I believe I can do something great, but who knows I can or cannot. I just Try. I complained that I am lack of big projects on hand so I appreciate those big ones with me. However those big ones have to be handed over to others as I am assigned into another team. Well, in short, i despo for big and exciting project.

Out of sudden, I was assigned one, but Christmas plus new year made the thing moved so slow at the beginning. After the holiday season, everything moves in lightning speed. I need to submit a quotation for the big project in two and a half day! Joke! Such a big project (not gigantic) and I have so less time?! However somehow I feel I can make it because the system is simple. So without second thoughts, I know I want to go in full force.

Two nights of OT and tomorrow is the deadline. I don't know how it goes and have no confidence on the result. I pray and really thanks God for His invincible encouragement. Whenever I feel tired and fed up, He asks me to calm down and helps me through angels around me.

TOMORROW gonna be another tired yet ending day. I will submit the quote and hand this to God. He will decide and lead me the way.

Jiayou , I say to myself. Wake up time: 6am. God Bless and Good night.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Keep Getting Inspired, Motivation to Move Forward

Ladies and Gentlemen, to improve my English writing, I have decided to write blog more frequently and enthusiastically.

Thinking what to write is challenging especially I feel so sleepy now. Ok. Let's share about an inspiring Video from TEDx. Thanks my friend KayNe for introducing me this motivational speech.
Please spend some time to watch and get inspired by a 12 years old boy. Never look down a youth, as they have the most potentials! haha. I am a youth too. Only 24. Sorry~ 

In summary, never try never know! Fear has stopped us way too much!

Undeniably we live in a structured world and society. Our destinies are seemed to be framed nicely. Grow up, get good grades, get good job, get good wife, get good kids, get good retirements and get good graveyard. Oops. 

On this path of framed life, we are indirectly nurtured to be afraid of doing something different (of course not applicable to everyone). Imagine when a friend tells you, he/she wants to quit degree before the final paper, Or she/he wants to be a barista even though holding a scroll of medical certificate on hand, Or she/he wants to quit right before a promotion to be head of department, 
what first goes into your mind. 

For me, first impression: "What a WASTE!"
Yup, I believe that is (almost) everyone's reaction. Agree? Raise up your legs please. 

Thanks to our great successful businessman like Bill Gate, they give the world example that different path doesn't mean destined failures. Everyone love this kind of inspiring stories. 

When seeing others getting so awesome after they have chosen the road not taken, you will feel impressed and think nothing is impossible. 
will you act like them? 

It comes back to, when you see a wonderful opportunity that requires your sacrifices, are you willing to TRY?
Like the Little Red Dot described by Daniel in the video.
 Think about it.

You might say "I am waiting the miraculous opportunity to come to me". Then please do grab some popcorn and coke, sit and wait, until you lose all your energy to do the powerful JUMP.

Opportunity can be created by you, with your own hands. You do not need to wait until the apple drops and knocks your head. Explore the world more and rip out all the hidden treasures. 
TRY, with your best, to discover your limitless potentials and run joyfully towards your goals.   

This short blog serves a reminder for me. Hope it also triggers some thoughts in your mind.
I hope I can keep getting inspired and with the flaming heart, I can move towards my goals. Anticipate my powerful jump, to a ground that I feel satisfied and proud of myself. 

Remember that, dream is merely a dream if you didn't work it out. 
Actions speaks always louder than words. 

Let's enjoy the journey of pursuing our dreams.
God Bless Us All.

Good night. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

First Impromptu Speech in Toastmaster

Yay,one of new year resolutions is to involve more in Toastmaster. Not only for English public speaking improvement, also for social networking.

A annual fee of 530 SGD is not a big deal for me, I believe I can gain a lot and improve tremendously. Thinking of wasting time playing DOTA, I have to raise up both legs to agree on this right decision.

Toastmaster Club of Singapore. The biggest and pioneer club in Singapore where a lot of talents gather. As a person who strives under pressure, I want to be better than them. This is my motivation! I have strong faith that I can and this time will not be 3 min enthusiasm again.

As a good start of 2016, I have raised my my shy hand today to grab attention from the tabletopic coordinator. Thanks God this round I get selected. My nervousness gone when I am standing on the stage. Paying attention to the topic chosen for me, I actually do not understand the topic. There is an English word which I don't know the meaning. (This show how bad my English is). Then I show my naively lost face with a lot of questions marks. The kind coordinator explains again and I roughly got it. "After I am dead, what will I wish the rest to remember me." I think I still don't catch the topic. Whatever! Haha.

Holding the mic, I have nothing in my mind. Blank! Seriously blank. I have started my speech with greeting and continued with nonsense which I almost forget all (even forgotten it after only an hour later). A debris of memory tells me that I am trying to say I am a funny, exaggerated and cheerful person. Hope people think of this when they remember me. I believe audience below will think "chek this guy is not funny at all", "this guy is not as what he proclaims" and etc.

When rewinding back, I should have bullshitted like I wish people remember me as a gigolo, or witchcraft, or lion dancer, or etc even after I am dead. Well, it is true that, there are three speeches ; one is speech you prepared; one is speech you given; one is speech you wished to give.

I just think my ending is considered ok. I said, "Please do talk to me more and know me better, so you will remember me after I die, thank you". At least there are some laughters. Hehe.

Yes I rated myself 1/10. One mark is for my ending and normal heartbeat without shaky words. And I only say "er" for twice. Yay.

Hmph, undeniable I so wish my first speech can be impressive enough. But think of this, I may not be born as a good speaker, I can work it out and be one!

How I can improve my impromptu speech! Of course practice makes perfect. Raise up my hand more and Go up to stage more. Furthermore, once got the topic, take 10 sec to think of something to talk about. Do not rush to say good evening ladies and gentlemen. Construct some storylines and bring up some significant points related to the given topic. Main problem with me is Lack of Ideas. Should start to do more thinking and practice my brain. Lastly, Enjoy the stage. =)

Yup, it could be not a good first time but it is surely a great start for the year. Break through the mental obstacles and counter the fear! As time goes, I will get better and better. Thanks God for the encouragement and seeing the positive side of today experience. I am shocked that I didn't immerse myself in disappointment. Awesome and praise the Lord.

Continue to get improved and be a better speaker. Fighting!!! Don't just dream, act it!