Monday, January 4, 2016

First Impromptu Speech in Toastmaster

Yay,one of new year resolutions is to involve more in Toastmaster. Not only for English public speaking improvement, also for social networking.

A annual fee of 530 SGD is not a big deal for me, I believe I can gain a lot and improve tremendously. Thinking of wasting time playing DOTA, I have to raise up both legs to agree on this right decision.

Toastmaster Club of Singapore. The biggest and pioneer club in Singapore where a lot of talents gather. As a person who strives under pressure, I want to be better than them. This is my motivation! I have strong faith that I can and this time will not be 3 min enthusiasm again.

As a good start of 2016, I have raised my my shy hand today to grab attention from the tabletopic coordinator. Thanks God this round I get selected. My nervousness gone when I am standing on the stage. Paying attention to the topic chosen for me, I actually do not understand the topic. There is an English word which I don't know the meaning. (This show how bad my English is). Then I show my naively lost face with a lot of questions marks. The kind coordinator explains again and I roughly got it. "After I am dead, what will I wish the rest to remember me." I think I still don't catch the topic. Whatever! Haha.

Holding the mic, I have nothing in my mind. Blank! Seriously blank. I have started my speech with greeting and continued with nonsense which I almost forget all (even forgotten it after only an hour later). A debris of memory tells me that I am trying to say I am a funny, exaggerated and cheerful person. Hope people think of this when they remember me. I believe audience below will think "chek this guy is not funny at all", "this guy is not as what he proclaims" and etc.

When rewinding back, I should have bullshitted like I wish people remember me as a gigolo, or witchcraft, or lion dancer, or etc even after I am dead. Well, it is true that, there are three speeches ; one is speech you prepared; one is speech you given; one is speech you wished to give.

I just think my ending is considered ok. I said, "Please do talk to me more and know me better, so you will remember me after I die, thank you". At least there are some laughters. Hehe.

Yes I rated myself 1/10. One mark is for my ending and normal heartbeat without shaky words. And I only say "er" for twice. Yay.

Hmph, undeniable I so wish my first speech can be impressive enough. But think of this, I may not be born as a good speaker, I can work it out and be one!

How I can improve my impromptu speech! Of course practice makes perfect. Raise up my hand more and Go up to stage more. Furthermore, once got the topic, take 10 sec to think of something to talk about. Do not rush to say good evening ladies and gentlemen. Construct some storylines and bring up some significant points related to the given topic. Main problem with me is Lack of Ideas. Should start to do more thinking and practice my brain. Lastly, Enjoy the stage. =)

Yup, it could be not a good first time but it is surely a great start for the year. Break through the mental obstacles and counter the fear! As time goes, I will get better and better. Thanks God for the encouragement and seeing the positive side of today experience. I am shocked that I didn't immerse myself in disappointment. Awesome and praise the Lord.

Continue to get improved and be a better speaker. Fighting!!! Don't just dream, act it!

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