Thursday, February 28, 2013

Resorts World Genting Graffiti Art Competition - YNOT

Street Graffiti 
Graffiti Lovers!!! Here is a GREAT GREAT GREAT news for you guys!!!
Resorts World Genting is organizing “YNOT – Spark Your Creativity with Graffiti” Graffiti Art Competition 2013. "Screammmmmxxxxxx" 

For me, Graffiti is a form of art which enlivens the dull and boring walls.
Don't you think that a professional graffiti is a laudable art? But of course, Graffiti and Vandalism are totally a different story. In my opinion, Graffiti is much more tough than Drawing. It really needs skills and strong sense of artistry only can be presentable and attractive. 

Thanks Resorts World Genting for organizing this wonderful competitions for all Graffiti Enthusiasts!

YNOT – Spark Your Creativity with Graffiti
From 21 February to 13 March 2013
 Attractive prizes of total value worth RM20,000 
Showcase your creativity at various locations in Resorts World Genting! 
(Best Part is Your Graffiti will stay there on the walls! Your Masterpiece will be seen by everyone and the graffiti will be a hot spot for photography too^^)

Imagine Genting becomes like this? Haha

OK! Get Ready to Rock Genting with your Graffiti?
Here are the details of the YNOT.

The competition is opened to all graffiti artists who are 18 years old above.  
There are two categories namely Open and Student categories
Registration is now available at Resorts World Genting Facebook page,
For students, you are required to provide a scanned copy of student identification upon registration.

Facebook Aps for YNOT - This is really an awesome and well-developed aps o~

Each participant is required to submit one original full color visual of concept and idea that is themed, 
“Fun & Excitement” via Resorts World Facebook.  
All submissions must be received on or before 13 March 2013
The selected entries will be posted in Facebook for fans to vote starting from 15 to 28 March 2013.

Finalists will be selected based on the Facebook fans vote and by panel of judges according to the visual of concept under the criteria given. 20 Finalists from Open and 20 Finalists from Students Category.
Selected participants will be notified via phone and/or email on 29 March 2013.

The winners will be selected based on Judges Award and Facebook Voting Award for each category. 

Open Category
The grand prize winners of  will walk away RM3,000 cash prize and Resorts World Langkawi holiday package.
 1st runner up winners will walk away RM2,000 cash prize and 3D2N Awana Hotel stay voucher
2nd runner up winners will receive RM1,000 cash prize and 3D2N First World Hotel stay voucher. 
7 consolation prize winners will receive 3D2N First World Hotel stay voucher.

Student Category 
The grand prize winners of  will walk away RM1,000 cash prize and 3D2N First World Hotel stay voucher. 
1st runner up winners will walk away RM800 cash prize and 3D2N First World Hotel stay voucher. 
2nd runner up winners will receive RM500 cash prize and 3D2N First World Hotel stay voucher. 
7 consolation prize winners will receive 3D2N First World Hotel stay voucher.

For more information about the competition and complete rules and regulations, 

DO NOT miss out this precious chance!!! ^^
Show your talent and rockz Resort World Genting!!! Wohoooo~ ~ ~

Friday, February 22, 2013

Malaya Optical - The Eye Experience Boutique

I believe University of Malaya is very familiar with Malaya Optical
Because Malaya Optical sponsored a lot of students' event. (Thanks for your Kindness).
So now, I am going to introduce Malaya Optical here as a token of appreciation.

I always believe spectacle can change one's outlook. Look more fashionable, innocent, rocks and roll and so on. 
A good spectacle and professional advises from optometrist are indispensable to protect our precious eyes. ( Since we have only 2 eyes ^^)
Service is really crucial nowadays as everyone likes to be treated like a king or queen right?

Malaya Optical is definitely fulfilling these three points.

Malaya Optical offers a wide range collection of brands of Designer Frames and Branded Sunglasses.
Such as Oakley, Swiss flex, Coach, Calvin Klein and many many more.

Spend half a day there and choose the best to suit your lovely face and eyes. 

Professionalism of Malaya Optical is Guaranteed! 
Why? Because they only hire qualified optometrist. They not only examine but give acurrate advice on the patients' eyes. Just relax and follow their instructions ^^

Friendly and knowledgeable service form Malaya Optical
How to know? From photos !!! Great Boss with Marvellous service :

The boss in pink is Ryan Ho, the CEO, Optometrist and Eyewear Stylist of Malaya Optical in Damansara Uptown!!! Let's Go and Meet him in person^^. He will give Great Advise to every customer for sure!

Malaya Optical will never be just a small company. But they are expanding tremendously and well-known business too. Their quality is further proven and  guaranteed by the awards!
Malaya Optical is the winner of the prestigious award from The Brand Laureatte 2009 & 2010

Brilliant products with laudable service will make one company well-known though the power of "Words-of-Mouths". Can you believe that Tun Dr. Mahathir and Amber Chia have also consulted Ryan.^^ (Wao, fantastic babay)

Ryan with Malaya Optical is always on magazine, newspaper, journals and others too! So Great!!! >,<

So, having eyes' problem? Wish to change a new spec? Going to be fashionable now?
Visit Malaya Optical!!!

Like its Facebook Fans Page:

And visit its official website for more information:

Where are they located? ^^

Damansara Uptown 
71, SS21/37 Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS North 03 8.122 East 101 37.403
Tel: 03-7728 0228/03-7710 8550
Working Hour: Monday-Saturday: 10.30am – 9pm, Sunday: 10.30am – 7pm

Subang Jaya
C5, SS15/4d, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-5631 3328
GPS North 304.473 East 101 35.430
Tel: 03-5631 3328
Working Hour: Monday-Saturday: 10.30am – 9pm, Sunday: 10.30am – 7pm

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wao!!! Awesome Movie! Cloud Atlas ~~~ (Review)

Cloud Atlas Wallpaper
Thanks Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 
for this Awesome Movie in 2013.

Cloud Atlas

I personally super like this movie!!! Why? 
Cloud Atlas Poster - On Malaysia Cinema on 21/2/2013
 This is a very abstruse (Deep and Hard to Understand) movie at the beginning but it becomes clearer at the end.
 The storyline and Shooting style are guaranteed Super Creative as It combines 6 stories in one movie!
It attracts my attention from the beginning, so I pay lots of attention on every scene and characters.
You should not miss out any scene if possible ~ hehe

Here some photos to trigger your curiosity ~
This scene is Cut in Premiere - I do not understand~
Sonmi - Waitress
There are millions of them and... They are drinking Soap (Disgusting Drink which made by their Fresh)

Neo Seoul - The New Seoul  with Supreme Technology in 2144
Escaping Sonmi
Old Georgie - The demon in the heart
OK. What else is so special about the movie?
The movie is moving from one generation to another generation with and without connection. For example, after a scene in 1849, it enters another scene in 2144 smoothly. 
Impressive and not annoying - This is laudable!  

OK what are the 6 stories
1st - Sailing back to Home
2nd - Love Story of 2 men.
3rd - Discovery of a murder and Nuclear Plant
4th - Escape from Old Folk Home
5th - The Neo Seoul (New Seoul with Samsung Tech)
6th - The village and survival to another planet

The combined story line is all about 
"An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future"

Beside the supreme storyline, The characters will make you excited and eager to know "who is who"!!!
Because Characters in 1849 might be in 2144 as well. That's why they are Related! 

Halle Berry and Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas
Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas
 Please wait until the End of the movie! They will introduce all characters and at that time, you will scream when you identify some same actors/actresses.
 Here are the characters in the 6 Generations.
Characters in Cloud Atlas
Credit to Cinema
 I like this movie although the teaching is Not True.
High recommended - I give 9.2/10
I am going to buy the book as well! Wohoo~~~ Enjoy ^^

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 !!!

Chinese New Year = iPad, iPhone, Shopping and Carbonate water? 
haha... Heard from Ai Fm.
For me? 
Chinese New Year = Family, Relax, Sleep, Friends and Food. haha

Reunion Dinner + Cracker Fill the CNY eve and I Feel so Comfortable at home ~~~ hehe... and AngPao from parents + relatives. Hehe. Got Money to hiao already~

2013, Thanks God, Pei Hwa Secondary School 2008 Graduates (Us la) still manage to organize Gathering and Visitation. haha. Meeting old good friends is fun and no one changes much. Good or Bad? Good lar~
Luckily most are talkactive, so we still enjoy well and no "Cold Wind" blows. haha. We update each others our life and gossip other? haha...

We make it in 初一 (First Day of CNY). First time and Successful wor~ haha
More than half classes attend and we enjoy very well. We are Still Young. Wohooo... Love you all.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, have a Great Year Ahead!
( We have this post all the time, Funny yet Signature )

初二 to 初四 (2nd Day to Fourth Day) Go Grandmum's house. Although she is no longer there, she is always in our heart. As usual, all relatives come back and gather (once a year). Chit-chating, "Sharing Money", Talk here and there ~ now there got ipad to play. haha... 
I used to dislike going there because boring and nothing to do ma. But now, I love to enjoy simple moments with family.^^ Positive Growth yay. 

初五 (5th Day)
拜年( House Visitation ) Starts, this year, no much houses to visit. Oh no.
Went to Lian Wei's house, sit there for 2 hours! Because her parents and grandmum are too passionate to welcome us. They are super hilarious too. haha. Ate lots of things and Almost Bathe there too because there is Famous with well water.
Syok! haha
Next and the last it Chun Sin's house la. Play Card and Scream loudly there. haha. And ya, We remember to take photos (Finally =.=) haha.
 All Blur Blur. haha

After Friends' house visitation, we have lunch together (Peggy, ShiJing, Sean and XieYao)
Talked from the Earth to the Galaxy! haha.. OMG! But everyone enjoys well then is good already^^ hoho

After Friends, is time for relatives. 三姑六婆 (Aunts) together go one of my aunts house. haha. I really love the moment there. Listen to Gossip? haha... No la... We taste different New Year Cakes and chit chat only. haha. Then Uncle buys KFC and Supper back! Walao! Super Fat now! My Tummy!!! 振作 (Steady)!!!

初六 (6th Day)
Hoho. 15/2/2013. This day is my MUM's Birthday! hoho.
Jom! Come on and Celebrate! First Time Go Malacca to celebrate Birthday yeah~~~
Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

Secret Recipe is always a nice place to celebrate Birthday! Simple cakes and Free Coffee/Tea.
(My mum says DO NOT upload this photo, but I am doing it, oops)

My lovely parents:

Then we walk walk and watch watch Performances there. Nice to See.

Dinner Time! hehe... We choose BarBQ Plaza. hehe
Got Promotion ma...hehe


Not Bad~ Super Full

4 people = RM108 (Promotion Price)
Affordable la. Luckily we enter earlier as the promotion ends after few minutes. Wakaka.

Next is Movie Time~~~ hehe
Second time, 5 of us watch together Yeah!
Journey to The West

While waiting, Take Photos first. Tehee

周星驰, Stephen Chow's movie, Must watch right? haha
For me, it is really FUNNY (although Not as Funny as Before) But, it is quite bloody as well. If it was Hilarious from the beginning towards the end + No Brutal Fighting, it would be a Great Movie in this CNY. hehe. Recomended to Watch.

Owh Ya!!! IF You are free and want to relax + Laugh Out Loud.
Watch this Youtube!!! Friends and I produce a Short Chinese New Year MV for everyone to wish everyone have a Marvellous Snake Year Ahead. haha

Click Here for the MV

This Year Chinese New Year is a Fantastic one! 
Once a year and we all appreciate so much. Family and Friends are indispensable in our life, and they make my life & CNY colourful as well. Anticipating Next Chinese New Year. haha ;p
 Wish Everyone to have 
A blessed and joyful year ahead! God bless and... HUAT arggghhhhhhh!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Phuket Kap Kap Kap - See-See The World 【忠】眼看世界 (Thailand)

YoYo, Throw Exam Mood into Cupboard, Locked and Fly To PHUKET! Hoho.
Thanks AirAsia, "Not Cheap Everyone also Fly(ies)" ~~~ haha

This is so called our STAR FAMILY Trip ^^ hehe
First Time ever, Oversea Lagi... Not Bad... Wao Baby, Fantastic.
We, 7 Star People + JB and Frog Prince, Going to Invade Phuket. Hiak3

First Time Step in Thailand.
Sa Wah Di Kap
I learn "Ko Kun Kap"! (Means Thank You)

1 hr++ flight and Arrive Lovely Phuket ^^
Efficiency of The Custom Officers there is just like Malaysia one. No wonder we are Good Neighbours huh. But Luckily, Improve a bit after Long Wait. 

Starting from the Airport, We entertained each other with childish and idiotic actions. You push me, I tolak you, just like Adorable children. 
<Totally Forget We are 21 already!>  

Thanks Jess and JB for the arrangement of Hotel and Everything. "Ko Kun Kap"
Hop on a Van and Depart to Hotel ~ Yahoo. 
On the way, the van is Full of (Evil+Crazy) laughter and the Driver keeps listening to his Phone. Haha, He hates Us gua...

Check in Patong and Settle all luggage.
Let's Go Look for Package to Islands of Phuket.

Wao! So many people, Not Thai, But Western People! 
Is this Thailand??? Or USA a? Or Mexico?
Talk about the "Hotness" of Patong Later. 

1800 Baht per person For Similan Island
1100 Baht per person For PhiPhi Island
Night Z.z


Next Day! 
Similan Island

So excited to see the Island because It is a Preserved Island.
After a super long journey, we have reached the Dock! 

Are you Ready For Snorkeling? Aiyai Captain.
I Can't Hear You ~~~ Ai Yai Captain...

How ready? Of Course ""Pour 130+ SPA Sun Block All over the Body!!!""
Ohh....OKOK... Let's Go!!!

Trista Guan and I sit in front of the SPEED BOAT!
Walao! Mum, I miss home liao...haha
The Wind and the Tide shake and shake us till almost Faint* dy. But we enjoy it!!! haha

Hmm.. Jumped into water at the First Destination~~~ 
Huh?! Is this really Phuket Island? or Pangkok? haha...
The only Best Part is " We see a Turtle ^.^"

But the following one is the Best Part of Similan Island.
Photos Time!!!

This is a nice Photo... just the Towels... Ermmm.... Hmmm...

Nice View with Great-Looking People

Crystal Blue surely has to Couple with Emo Style. haha

After Thinking...Never Mind Let have a 
"I am The King of The World!!!" 
Haha... DayDreaming to a Maximum Level huh?!

Crazy People Never Get Boring.
This is the Benefit O.o?

Human Sand Centipede ::

Thousands Hands Show ::
Ok, I call it a day in Similan~ haha...
Advice : Do Not Go Similan Island IF you just Want to/Can Snorkeling.
I heard that, Diving there is one of the Best in this world o ^^

We have Thai Street Foods as Dinner ^^ ::Not Bad::
Simple Shopping, Girls buy new bikini...and 
Then Beer Time with Cards since the night is Still Young. haha 
p/s : Beers there are super Cheap ^^ haha


The Next day
Phi Phi Island
A Must-Go-Island in Phuket
It doesn't disappoint me! haha...

JB, Why You look so Auntie geh???

This is the First Station. hehe...

After the Lovely Beach... Next is To Monkey Island To see Monkey...

These are our reactions :
A : Har?! There are Thousands of Monkey In UM, Need to see meh?
B : I see Monkey Everyday in UM ok?
C : UKM Monkeys are everywhere lor!
D : University Monkeys are phD holders, need to bring one here to teach Them in Phuket???

So we remain on Speed boat and Take this:
All members are here ^^ 9 people... hehe

Both lunch in Similan and Phi Phi Islands are Nice! haha
LayYee and I start to play Watermelon Seeds Shooting Game on Table too. haha...

Next Destination is Bravo Too.
White and Fine Beach ...
Great Snorkelling Place ...

Don't Really Know who is this person?
Who are You a? Hallo? Who are you? haha

But the Sun shows No Mercy! Super Hot and Killing Painful too... >,<
Fishes in Phi Phi are Diverse and Beautiful.
1100 Baht is just Worthy! haha
We like the tour guide, bobby too.
We enjoy well, except the Speed Boat. haha

Done the 2 islands. It is time for SeaFood lorrr...haha
Yummy... and Enjoy Bargain with them too...hiak hiak..

A : This Fish 400 baht (example)
Me + JB : Wah so expensive! 200 baht
A : Cannot! 350 baht
Me + JB : Nonono 300 baht, we buy 2 ler...
A : ok la ok la...

We Bargain till Miss A Not Happy and Scare us... haha

After Dinner, Jom Walk Walk...
This is Banana Pancake ; 40 baht. (actually is Roti Banana + Condensed milk)
haha... Taste Good...just RM 4 leh... haha...

Then we fight for a coconut...haha... Hungry Wolves!!!
Look at the Yam look of XinYuan. OMG! haha
We also eat Mango Sticky Rice...haha...Delicious too ^.^

 Next we of course Visit the MOST HAPPENING Street in Patong...
People Mountain People Sea
So many People... and ... So many Thai Shows 
Full of alcohol and Foreigners Seeking Enjoyment and Happiness there.haha

Wait For us k?
We go Shopping First! haha... 

Shop till tired.. and Since we are in Thailand, How can we miss the LadyBoy Show!!! haha
We didn't pay for the professional show, just visit a Bar with LadyBoy dance haha

Some ladyboys are ... really manly.
But some are Supremely Gorgeous! Even More Beautiful than a True Woman. OMG!!! 
Take Photo with them also need money geh, otherwise I will show you guys! haha
They love to show their Treasures to attract customers... Don't know I should sympathize or praise them... oops...haha 

This is our favourite one! Not because she is pretty but because his/her voice is super sexy and manly... he/she keeps shouting "I rggghhhhhh love You". We like to imitate her...haha Frequently. hoho

Haha... It was a really nice show there... We ordered 4 drinks in order to sit and watch the special dancers. total 700 baht. More Worth than the common ladyboy show. hehe

The night life there is super amazing. I believe everyone will like it. Just Don't involve in some undesirable activities then OK dy^^. 

Nightzzz... Prepare energy for the Last Day ~


Have Breakfast and Mcd Non-halal Burger
Sha sha wawa didi kapkap
We cannot miss out Patong Beach right? hehe

对面的女孩 看过来。hehe

Nice and Peaceful Beach. How can we NOT JUMP???

Great Self-capture Skill

Crazy awhile then we start hunting for Thai Massage Centre. hehe
We found CNN Massage Centre

Yeah~ Syoknya ^^ 300 baht (a bit expensive but environment is Great!). Must Try at least once hehe... 

After that, we have our lunch in a Japanese restaurant.(Overrated)  

Then we check out and Depart to PHUKET Town @ Phuket Expo with tuktuk.
There is a shopping centre full with cheap clothes. hehe... 
Awesome place for shopping... Love Thai Affordable clothes.. hoho

O ya... Forget to mention, we Crazy until filming our Chinese New Year MV there too.. walao! Super Crazy right? We laugh die and enjoy intensely! haha Wait for the Amusing and Hilarious Video ^^ hehe

Done everything, Time is running out, we cant do anything more. haha
Go phuket airport lu... (Film MV there too
And Good Bye to Phuket ^^ 

Total Spent RM 300 for AirTicket and RM 700 For The rest ^^ hehe
Great Journey with Craziest People. 
NICE!!! Yaaaaahuuuuoo
I loveeee You!!!