Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Life In Singapore! Part 1

Long time no Blog liao leh!!! Miss me ma!!! Walao~~~ 

So it has been 2 months SHARP since I start working. Oh No!!! Working is not Fun. But No working is just way too boring!!! haiz. So contradicting and so 矛盾~~~ 

To begin, I have started a new chapter of life in brand new place which is Singapore! Our Malaysia's neighbor. 
Huh! Everyone will ask how is ur life in SG or How is ur work?

Here in Singapore, I not need to drive because MRT is everywhere.
Here in Singapore, cheap mixed rice is my best and most hated friend.
Here in Singapore, I got limited friends and a dearest brother. 
Here in Singapore, I am alone. Walao sound so sad, but actually I am not lonely la~ haha

Alright, First job in my life in Sulzer Chemtech - Process Technology department as an Applications and Sales Engineer. A challenging work with all sorts of separation technology. Is very true that work is not only about the knowledge you have, but the way to communicate with people. I got a lot a lot of things to learn. I everyday pray that I do not mistakes, or else I will feel depressed. Haha. This is so stressful~~~ But this is normal la, people hire you and surely will expect you to do well. 
In short, I like my job and hope I will continue to like it and can shine bright lar - Feeling positive.

How about life beyond work? 
Hmpph, meeting friends and brother is what I like do. Chitchatting and walking around. Not much time to have them since we all stay at different places and having different daily lives. 
Appreciate them and hope to know more friends. ;)

What else I do? My daily routine is super standard :
Wake Up, Work, Back Home with mixed rice, Watch Drama/康熙来了, Play Dota2, Read Bible and Sleep. 
If anyone wanna kidnap me, they can easily track where I go and what time I will be there. Even the mixed rice, I also buy from same hawker center. Hahaha. 

But I do have a healthy lifestyle de lor~ like Jogging every Saturday and sometime go swimming. I love sweating like open a water hose. Feeling so good man!

Swimming pool in Choa Chu Kang - Near where I stay ~

Besides, I also have a new hobby which is COOKING! I only know how to make soup. From very tasteless soup, until now very tasty already. hahaha. IMPROVEMENT! This is an example of satisfied result:

The Easiest-To-Cook Jagung ABC soup :)

Of course, as a Christian, Surely need to attend church.
After attending different churches, finally I found a church I like:
Faith Methodist Church
Even though service is in English, but ok la, no problem :p
Anticipate their cell group, waiting them to contact me. hehe

Now every weekday, I am waiting weekend to come. 
Morning wait lunch,
Afternoon wait Go back Home,
Weekdays wait weekends. 

Still Miss my dearest friends in Malaysia. Hope one day I can visit them ALL. haha. 
Then I wish myself and everybody all the best lar~ Enjoy whatever and whenever we can. God bless... 
Now 10:34pm, need to sleep liao T.T Tomorrow is Monday Blue. Hahaha... Good Night!!!