Sunday, May 27, 2012

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV (Life's Good)

LG Cinema 3D party
in GCS Signature, Garden rocks my 23th May. Wahaha. Why? 
Because LG 3D TV really makes me feel the difference and power of 3D for the first time!
Frankly speaking , I despise 3D movies in cinema complexes before as they are expensive and 3D effects not powerful at all! 
( I think some agree with me right? )

Not joke or exaggerate,Thanks LG Cinema 3D smart TV, for the first time,
3D effect amazes and astonishes me!
LG Cinema 3D Smart TV
After putting on the 3D glasses, the blurred images and screen have become 
amazing vivid, crystal clear and impressively 3D!!!
Imagine a water droplet floating toward you and your brain will automatic order your hand to touch it, just like what I have done! Super Juniors inside the TV look like dancing right in front of me at when I am watching them! (Thanks LG Malaysia and Nuffnang)

If all 3D cinemas display such a wonderful effect like LG Cinema 3D smart TV does, I am not stingy to pay for the 3D movies. But so sorry that, since we can possess a LG Cinema 3D smart TV at home and the 3D effects are so valid and authentic, why we still go Cinema for 3D movies, of course stay at home and watch together with family and friends! haha ^^

Now you sure wondering what actually is LG Cinema 3D smart TV, Let's have a look on it!!!
Wonderful screen with beautiful design
LG smart 3D TV
The most largest and excitement producing LG 3D TV
LG 3D TV is extremely smart and innovative. ( Smart TV with Smart Features)

 If I can have one of the Smartest TVs. Hmmphh. Okie,
LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV
LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV
You see, the photo itself explains everything!
The elegant Cinema Screen design and marvellous edge-to-edge simplicity make the TV so perfect and intelligent. Placing one in the living room will brighten the place and stun all visitors!

You can see how thin is the TV! OMG!
LM6700 Cinema 3D TV has
3D Depth Control, 3D Sound Zooming, 2D to 3D Conversion Technology and Dual Play with Premium 3D Movies and Games as well as Comfortable 3D Glasses.
Picture Quality of LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV
The magnificent picture quality and highest level of excellency in colour, contrast and clarity will never let you down, but make you fall in love deeply with it. <3

Then why it is smart? 
It has Magic Remote, Home Dashboard and Smart Share^^
The smart TV is just user-friendly; Controlling it is as easy as ABC. 
With Wi-Fi in the TV, we can share and browse files in our external storage devices!

Please allow me to highlight the most attractive points for the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.

First of all, it will definitely be the 

With the pure inspiration and cutting-edge technology, the TV brings you the same and cinematic viewing experience to you home! With the TV, you are really watching a 3D movie at you home. 
Wao! Cinema complexes no longer monopolize the 3D movie, LG brings it back to our home!

Comfortable LG 3D Glasses

No Joke, as you can see, the LG 3D glasses are brilliantly stylish and fashionable.
It is light, colourful, and battery free as well as economical. The LG glasses just make the pretty girl more gorgeous and attractive. (more Clear as well, haha)
If you have short- or long-sightedness glasses, then how? Cannot be fashionable with the 3D glasses? 
Of course Not! LG makes life good and cares every customer.  
Clip on LG 3D Glass that can be equipped on your own glasses. Wao!
Now, everyone can be stylish and classy with LG 3D glasses. Yes!!!

2D to 3D
If we want to watch Titanic in 3D we need to wait for several years for the conversion from 2D to 3D!
Astonishing! The smartest TV, LG 3D Cinema TV has this splendid function!
2D to 3D conversion!
(Tiger in 2D looks Sleepy, But in 3D It is lively and energetic real Tiger, Graooouummm)
I am deeply impressed by this supreme function!
LG upgrades the conversion technology to the most advanced level with superior depth effect and smoothness!
Watching old and top-ranked movies in 3D is no longer a mission impossible!
Let's watch Jurassic park series with LG 3D Smart TV at home!!! Before that, please get mentally prepared, don't get shocked by the powerful 3D effect ^^ Haha

Dual Play
Games are indispensable and important in our lives! ( I love Games!!! )
LG 3D Smart TV is not only for watching 3D movies, sharing data, Wi-Fi service,
it also can be used to PLAY GAMES (Wonderful!!! "Screaming" )
LG excites all the games players including me!
I am playing games with LG 3D TV!
I jump, the one inside jumps, I go left, he follows, I show V sign, he shows also!. haha
2 players always share the same TV and the screen is split into two.
But, with intelligence of the LG 3D TV, you not only can play games with 3D views but you can enjoy two-player gaming without having to split the screen. Dual Play enables both you and your friend to play in Full Screen

Magic Remote
LG Magic Remote
What Special with the simple remote control?
Yeah, It is like a magic wand of Harry Potter.
3 simple steps to control the TV. yay ~

1. Pointing - point what you want and click.
2. Gesture - Complex commands done with simple gestures.
3. Wheel - scrolling like a mouse.

Premium Content - Skype
Why I purposely mention this function?
Because I am going to Korea for a summer program. I will definitely suffer from homesick T.T
So with the Skype system in the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, I can skype with my family and they can see me in 3D form. My parents surely will feel I am just beside them with the amazing TV. Haha.
I wish I can possess this LG 3D smart TV!!!

Premium Content - K-POP Zone
 People like concert and K-POP shows, Why? Of course is the exciting atmosphere and performers.
LG 3D TV K-POP zone can make you feel like dancing and partying!
Teammates and I join the Surprise Group Party
Thanks to the excitement-producing LG K-POP Zone, we are stimulated and perform our MAX.
and Haha,each of us Win a BP120 Blu-Ray Player.Big Thanks to LG Malaysia and Nuffnang

Dearest LG,
 I really want to own the LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV !!!
If I have that at home, my house sure will be a museum. 
Because Everyone will come and have a look at the brilliant 3D TV! Haha.
And Soon everyone owns at least one at home. haha^^
Is Time to get rid of old TV and Have a  new LG 3D Smart TV to Brighten up my Lovely Home!
In this new generation with sophisticated technology, it is time for us to follow the fast pace of improvement. LG brings us a brand new transformation in this entertainment industry.

Now every Cinema Movie is in 3D,so what?
 LG makes all TV Shows in 3D! Wao!!!
Buy 3D, Think LG

For more information, you can go to:

The well developed website can help to make your question marks disappear.

Life's Good

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Favourite Animal Pal in Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Cinema recently is full of Robots, Vampires, Super powers...
Hmph... It lacks of something... something... som...e...thin....g....
Ah Ha!!!
Is Comedic Animals!!!

Woohhhoooo...Feel So Excited for 
Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted !
Thanks God, Madagascar is back in town! In the Cinema! Yahoo...

This time, let's see how the interesting story goes! Cannot wait for it!
I believe Madagascar will not fail to make us LOL (laugh out loud) Haha

By The Way, Which is my favourite Animal Pal ?
Without a thought, it is surely

The cutest Mouse Lemur in the world!
It's appears always make me "OMG, SOooO Cute!"
Mort's huge and watery eyes can make everyone falls in love with it.

You see!
So Adorable!!!

If girlfriends use this kind of face, the guys (including me) sure melt and let them wins. Wahaha.
Mort is an inevitable character in this movie, although it is not the main characters. 

Just imagine when you are frustrated and depressed due to work or relations,
once you reach home, such a wonderful and cute Mort is waiting you in front of the door.
All troubles, troubles and troubles will be gone! in .... 0.05 second! 
Meaning that, once looking at Mort, our mood will be delighted and happiness fills the world!!! Wohoo!

So, Are you ready to Move It Move It. I like to Move It Move It. You like to Move It Move It?
Let'sssssssssss MOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Rockz your Senses!

3D movies have become so normal recently. Most of the movies are presented in 3D.
Of course, the miraculous 3D spectacles undeniably creates a new layer of realism to the film as if we are inside the movies! Everything looks so real and splendid.

But the prime disadvantage is, we have to go to cinema only we can enjoy the awesome 3D effect.
So depressing and emo-ing. >< 

But, LG has become our hero. Why? 
Because... (drum...drum... drum...)
LG elegantly presents us the 
LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

With LG 3D TV, we do not need to go Cinema for 3D movie.
We do not need to queue up to buy the tickets.
We do not need to drive to the cinema.

What we need to do are
Prepare snack and sit down in front of the TV!!!
Ask all friends and family to join the movies!!!

Just imagine once you own the TV, everything is in 3D!
Your house is going to be mini-cinema with the amazing TV.
The movies or shows gonna make everyone of us feel excited and fun.
    Please bear in mind, don't be shocked by the astonishing brilliant effect of The LG 3D TV.
Because the TV'll make you feel like sitting just beside the Giant Hulk
if you watch The Avengers. Haha

Feel interested? Please do not hesitate to grab one LG Cinema 3D Smart TV
 for yourself and family!
For more information, you can go to :

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last English Presentation Class with Beloved Mrs Jagjeet Singh

Time flies, our English classes with Mrs J have ended.
I feel so blessed and lucky to be in her class for 12 weeks.
Her teaching and  encouragement are blessing all the students boundlessly and influentially.

Overall, Mrs J thinks that our class is quite good and lively.
In return, we all agree that we have a great and experienced teacher.
We gain so much from her and learn to be a better presenter with good spoken English. 

In the last lecture, Mrs J talks about one of her life experience with all of us.
Her friends ask her why she keeps on teaching? She should retire and rest just like them. 
But Mrs J does not agree with them! 
Her loves and passion in teaching people correct English are the motivation and driving power.
Her noble actions really inspire us directly that, our life can be more influential and benefiting the others.
Since there are so many people need a correct and proper English, Mrs J takes the trouble to share her knowledge to whoever eager to learn.

Last but not least,we have our group photos! ^^

"The mother hen and all her happy chicks! What a great family! Although it was a last lecture, we are lucky we are on ELTLA as we can continue our friendship and our bond here!" 
Quote from Mrs J.

Me and Mrs J
 To Mrs J,
Thank you for teaching and guiding us to do a better and effective English presentation.
We will definitely endeavour our best in the coming final presentation.
We appreciate the moment to be in your class. 
Stay lively and energetic in teaching English language. 
Keep in touch on ELTLA. ^^

Friday, May 11, 2012

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie - Jalan Imbi,KL

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie
is a really nice French-style bakery and cafe.

Thanks to my dearest course mates, I have the chance to explore this wonderful place in KL.
This is indeed a lovely place for Birthday Celebration (Kah2 and Vincent Tan).

It is located at 7, Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.
The parking fee there is just MYR 2.00. ^^

 The place is well known and the flow of customers is amazing. Different races of people keep coming in the cafe. The cashiers are restless too. Hehe.

There is a gentle reminder or instruction notice there. 
(Showing how to order)
Please remember your seat number before going to order your food. ^^

I have been informed that the spaghetti, mushroom soup and bakery there are awesome.
Let's have a look then.  

"At Levain, breads and pastries are baked all day using natural yeast, in a traditional stone oven which imparts a unique flavour and texture to the breads and pastries." 
Quoted from Levain's website. Haha

 The choices of the bakery are many and look attractive.
And the water shown is FOC (free of charge)

Of course, I order a Chiken Meat Ball Spaghetti. It's taste is just nice.
Around MYR 11.00.
 I like the atmosphere of the cafe. It is elegantly decorated and the place is comfortable.
The prices for the food are all acceptable and reasonable. 
The main point is, the food there is quite OK (Yummy Yummy).

You can search the Levain's official website to know more ^^

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Palace of Golden Horses - MPA 2012

The Palace of Golden Horses
Yeah~ The palace is just behind me in the picture.
It looks like a mosque or Alandin's palace. Hehe
We have our Majlis Penyampaian Anugerah ASTAR (MPA) 2012 there.
(ASTAR Awards Giving Ceremony) 

The place is just beside The Mine (in Seri Kembangan)
We have to pay RM100 for the Grand venue and food.

Since we pay RM100, for sure we take a lot of nice photos. ^^ Yeah.
Everyone is wearing gorgeously and charmingly. (Including me? Of course! Haha)
The theme is 60's 70's (less than 10% of attendees follow the theme.... Ops) 

Coursemate ZhaoXuan and Hui Yan's CK Neoh
With Hiao Jess Ngo ^^
My Attire... Pai Seh... Look Nice right? 
Golden Horses are behind us. They are waiting for me?
Nice Nice - Golden Horses and Guys
Vili, Candy and Me ^^
Chai Ling and I ^^
Choirs members (some) hehe
Hidden part of the palace. All look so nice!
Chemical Engineering POWER!
Foo Nian and I with green field
Finally we can sit down and wait for the ceremony to commence ^^

Table Members
All tableware is nicely placed
 Yeah~ The ceremony starts so as the dish served. ^^
First Dish - Look Sumptuous and Delicious.
The Gimmick is awesome ! It fits the theme and
it can rotate just like a real old music box!!! Bravo... 
5 KPMians with an old motor (Haha) 
             MPA 2011                                                                                             MPA 2012
Stylish and more mature
Nice and Attractive

 After all award-giving ceremony and performances, here comes to end of the "Elegant" night.
Food overall is quite acceptable ( better than what I imagine)
With Future Biomedical Scientist! Haha
My Roommates and  I ^^
 Thanks God, although I was busy with PTUM 2011, I still can join JKP Kreatif, FESENI and FHT
So, once again thanks God for the award received ^^
 Contribution Award

 Me with the award. So Handsome... Haha