Monday, July 29, 2013

台湾。高雄随性之旅 - Random trip in Kao Hsiung

After Tai Nan, I head to Kao Hsiung (The Second Biggest City in Taiwan)
It is an advanced city because there is Subway there. haha. 

First thing to do is Checking In Backpacker hostel ^^
I choose 
T.K Hostel (台客栈)

Zhongzheng 4th Rd.,Xinxing Dist.,Kaohsiung City 800,Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Book Using this email ya)
Phone Number : 0978-805-369

Advantages : 
1. Super Neat and comfortable - Impress me a lot
2. Shampoo, body shampoo and some necessities are provided
3. Near to Subway and Night Market.

Bad Experience : They gave me a map so I took it for granted that I could find it. Unfortunately, there is no Logo or Sign for the hostel. "Just like stepped on a shit" I copied a wrong number and cannot get the hostel. I was "LOST" for an hour and I am starving!!! I cannot find any internet or wi-fi around too. T.T haha. Thanks God that there is a church nearby and I asked help from a sister there. I got the number and successfully get to the place. Phiuuu...>.<

The Subway Station near to T.K hostel is very famous. 
Formosa Boulevard (美丽岛)

Because of this:
The Dome of Light (光之穹頂)
The Colorful Hall IN the subway station. This subway station is the MOST beautiful subway station in the world (They claim this)

Ok, Kao Hsiung Subway Stations (高雄捷运站)
Basically it has 2 lines. Red and Orange line. But YouYou Card (悠游卡) cannot be used here o. One-day pass or others can be brought if you use it frequently. With the One-Day-Pass, you can get some discounted stuffs like entrance tickets.
Kao Hsiung Subway - 高雄捷运
 Then I go to
Lotus Lake
(Take Subway to ZuoYing (左营) or Ecological District (生态园区) Then take bus to there)

Relaxing lakes with several temples around.

There is a Taiwan Juan Chun Museum (眷村文化馆). 
History about special village in Taiwan~

Super fast settle the place. haha... Getting boring with historical stuffs. Sorry XD

Unexpectedly and Fortunately, I meet an ANNUAL "Super-High" event in Kao Hsiung!!! Which is
Kao Hsiung Beer Paradise 2013 (高雄啤酒节 2013) 

I am Sorry, it is on 19,20,21 July 2013. It is OVER. Join Next year ya. haha
The Entrance Fee is NTD 250.

It is Open-Air and Huge! All the Beer Companies set booths inside and prepare super lots of activities. You can try every beer inside But I don't allow myself to get drunk. Haha XD. With the entrance ticket, you can exchange a glass or tin of beer whichever you like. The performances are abundant and a lot. All are quite entertaining. 

This dancer is my favourite. She dances with SOUL! haha. Pretty, Sexy and Professional. She is in an opening performance (美女猛男秀) with another 3 girl dancers. All professional cameras are in front of them. "Chi Kia, Chi Kia, flash flash flash". The most funny thing is, when they come down and tough guys go up to perform, all cameras are DOWN. XD This is Damn Funny! I laugh die. hahaha

Crazy Drinker. haha

They invited some performers like Jess Lee, By2, MC Hotdog. Jess of course! super Awesome! MC Hotdog impresses me too, he is GOOD and HIGH. haha

I get myself this~~ The Best I think ~ haha

My face NOT Red. so Not Drunk o. wakaka.

After that, look a bit lonely~ but I am OK with it. 
I went to Love River (爱河) ALONE. Wakaka

It is not really beautiful. All are in the photos. But this is a nice place for couples for sure. Holding hands and walking around here. So romantic. haha. You can also rent a bicycle for Free with you have Visa cards and certain other cards. 

Liu He Night Market 六和夜市
I just walk around and have my dinner. OKOK only. This night market is very small~~~ haha...I think 瑞丰夜市 is better ba.

Tired and I call it a Day~ yeah~~~
Next day morning, after breakfast and check out, I head to

Sizihwan 西子湾 and Cijin District (旗津)
(Stop at Sizihwan 西子湾 subway station )

Please rent a bike here ya. 90 NTD only and then travel around in Cijin and Sizihwan easily. 

Yup, Cijin (旗津)is a small island, we need to take ferry to there. With bike, it needs NTD 15 and few minutes to arrive there. 

Cycling around is enjoyable and relaxing. There are some awesome places in CiJin. Just cycle around the island. All cycling routes are just beside Sea! So the wind is strong and comfortable. Thanks God for the Not-Sunny-Day. hehe

Windmill place. I pretty like here, sit down, enjoy the wind and Egg Ice Cream while looking at Kites. haha

Egg Ice Cream

There are a lot of PEOPLE and SEA FOOD there too. haha

I am back to Sizihwan and go for ICE!!!
This is a very famous Ice place.

Why famous, because of the SIZE of the ICE :
X2, X3, X5, X10, X15, X20. So big! haha

The shop is full of "Decoration" haha

My yummy single Fruit Ice. haha... Who wanna go with me and get X20! haha

Even though this is a Alone-Trip, as a Lone Ranger, I enjoy pretty well also. Haha XD
Next Trip will be 小琉球, 垦丁 and 花莲. YES YES
This time is a Group Trip. Although very expensive, I go because of the group of people (My Lab Colleagues) It will definitely be FUN. Wohooo~~~


Saturday, July 27, 2013

台湾。台南美味之旅 - Tainan Delicious Trip

Kaki Gatal, 到处 “zhaozhao” 哈哈
This time I step in Tai Nan (台南), Southern Part of Taiwan ( Middle of Tai Chung and Kao Hsiung)
But why there? 

Because I am going to Stream of Praise concert (赞美之泉敬拜赞美巡迴) 
Christian songs composers and singers. Their songs are in every (or Most) Chinese Church I think haha.   
Thanks God for the ticket. I got this when I visited a Christian book store. I heard 2 people were chatting about a concert. My curiosity led me to one of them and I spoke out my doubt. Haha, YES, that's it, the ticket of the concert. God wants me to go. wohoo... Then my journey begins~~~ 

I take train from Chia-Yi to Tai Nan. It costs me NST 139 and takes 40 minutes only. The train are quite puncture. Malaysians, cannot be late o. haha

The train I brought is 自强号, it only stops at main train stations, thus it is faster ^^ I can have my own seat too. hehe. Here is the train condition: 

After 1 hour + journey, finally I have arrived 台南圣教会 (Tai Nan Holiness Church). Coincidentally I met a sister in Christ who is going to the concert too. So we "Step in the Church Together" haha, it is just a joke man. 

There is a long queue, wao, my clock shows 6:50 pm but the hall is almost FULL. Thanks God I manage to get myself a seat. hoho. They give us a booklet which is about their songs and testimony as well as 2 mini bible ( Book of John only )

The condition of the hall. The hall is huge but still cannot accommodate all people. Some have to sit on the staircase. I am lucky. Everyone is ready to worship God.  

Take one photo as memorial purpose then ^^ hehe. No photo-shooting and recording are allowed. Patent thingy and most important, they want us to concentrate in worship our Lord. ^^

I love the praise and worship very MUCH. First the team's voices are awesome. Second, everyone is worshiping wholeheartedly. The atmosphere is really fantastic. I really concentrate and immerse myself in the worship. Unbelievable and for the first time, I pray to God while clapping my hands for 12 minutes! This is another historical moment for me. Long prayers and deep experience of the existence of God throughout the night. SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks God, Thanks Stream of Praise. ^^

*Can Check here for the shows o: 

After that, I trouble one sister in the church to send me back. They are helpful and friendly. I love Christians, whenever I am lost or need helps I will go to Church (If there is any, they will really help me). haha  

and Finally I can have my Dinner ~~~ 鳝鱼意面 - Must-Eat-Food
It taste good for me. The fish is ok for me but some people do not like it. hehe. The taste of soup and noodles has conquered everything, so nothing to worry about the fish. It is GOOD. haha

After Take-away the dinner, it is time to check it Hostel ^^ 

Click it for more detailed info. I like the hostel, design is great and it is comfortable.

The friendly Yang teacher (Part-time there) brings me to have supper! OMG, luckily I say OK. the food is NICE NICE NICE. We have Taiwan Sausage, and this Chicken Chop
It takes 15 minutes to make. It has crispy skin and the meat is soft. 外酥内嫩. The small garlic piece is the favoring for the chicken chop. I super like and miss the chicken chop now T.T YUMMY YUMMY haha

Sleep tight because another good day is waiting for me ^^


Second Day~~~
Tai Nan Trip Starts! 
I got the map from Dodorobackpacker. I really appreciate this because the map leads me to everywhere I want to go! BRAVO.

Rented a bicycle for NST 100 for a day. ;p It is really useful to visit in Tainan. So please rent a bike if u are touring around in Tai Nan ya. Convenient enough.

Cycling Cycling Cycling~~~ First Station:
Fortan-Ping (億载金城)
This is a historical fortress with a lot of canons. haha

The entrance, I love singing inside because echo will reply to me. (OMG, Am I too lonely? haha)

A couple of the views inside:


There is a park just beside old fortress. 

The most interesting place there is Old Warship
I love to watch what is all about! haha

Sir YES Sir! 

Big Canon 

Captain's sleeping room. @@ Not really big o. haha

I have to be the captain as nobody wants to be! aikz

Say CHEESE haha

WHAT? There is a beverage shop in a war ship!? haha

Ok, It is time to go An Ping 安平, A tourist spot. A very crowded place, most of tourists visit there.

Cooling Almond Tou Hua Ice. Super nice. So suit the summer. haha

Fried Prawn Roll (周氏虾卷). Taste Good as well. hehe


Fried Oyster Roll (蚝卷). As Yummy as Fried Prawn Roll. XD

Finally a big bunch of Malaysia Friends have arrived!!! So lucky that we can meet up at there. tehee~~~
Waited for 2 hours are worthy la. I say "HI" loudly to them. hoho... Met Chai Ling, Mei Ling, Wannee, See Yik and all the others. haha
Although we failed to take JUMP photo, never mind. haha... we simply walk and eat around there. haha

Here comes my most favourite place:
An Ping Tree House - 安平书屋

The abandoned factory has been covered by trees. The trees really loves the building until they hug it so tightly haha. I always want to stay in a tree house... arghh... like it so much. haha 

Look at them ... so beautiful 

Haha. They just have 2 hours there. So, have to say Good Bye lar. ;p 
Then I continue to be Lone Ranger. And go to 
An Ping Old Fortress 安平古堡

View from the top of the tower:

The places above most require entrance fees o. But they are cheap.

And This wintermelon drink (林义丰冬瓜茶) marks the end of my trip in An Ping~ hehe

After that I cycle back to the Tai Nan town and go to a Night Market. Forgot the name as there is really not nice. haha XD

The night market is similar to Malaysia one o.
I skipped all the food because nothing impress me and I dislike some of them. So bad. haha

Tired day ends with good sleeps ZZZ
I sleep at 9pm I think. So early? The night is still very young lor. Time is Wasted lar!!!

Nonono... Because I am going to wake up at 415AM!! haha
Wake up so early merely for the supe famous 
6 thousand beef noodles - 六千牛肉
(700, Taiwan, 台南市中西區 ‎)
NST 120 Beef soup + NST 10 Rice

4:40 a.m. arrive the place 

The auntie (owner) looks very serious! haha. She is cooking the best Beef soup in  Tai Nan.
Take the number first, when your number is called only ORDER o.

They do not really cook the beef in a big pot. After they cut it into small pieces, auntie will pour the super hot soup into the bowl. Then the beef will be cooked (not 100% cooked). 
The Beef soup is UNDENIABLY heavily TASTY. The taste stays in my mouth and it is really GOOD! The not-100%-cooked beef is nice as well because of the soup I think. The soup is the essence of the meal. haha. I love it, NST 130 and wake-up-early are worthy. Like Like.

The sky is still dark like this!!!

4:45pm : No seat anymore and people starts queuing ... OMG

Thanks God I manage to wake up and taste the nice beef soup. haha. I back to sleep after that. XD
The 6 thousands beef soup is the last stop in Tai Nan.

I have to say Good Bye to the delicious Tai Nan and Say "Hi" to Kao Hsiung lor. haha. Tata~~~