Monday, April 29, 2013

The Kanching Fall - Mega Campus Fellowship Rockz

The Unexpected Journey (Outing) Chapter 1

The Kanching Fall

Thanks God for giving us this wonderful opportunity to visit this lovely waterfall. ^^
An awesome trip with 25 people - marching to the Kanching Fall. 

Where is the Kanching Fall???

Just Type in Kanching Forest Reserve in your GPS.
or Takun Templer Park. Then you will get the location^^
It is located in Rawang, Selangor

Arrived the Destination~
Entrance Fee per head = RM 1 (only)
Parking per car Fee = RM 2 

Pi pi pi ~ Gather and Short Briefing ~
(Safety First!!!) hehe

Let's GO!!! wohoo~~~
Welcome to The Kanching Fall

Walk along the Staircase - Step by Step, Sweat by Sweat

Rule Number 1 - Never Forget to Take Photo. haha
Lee King, Look at here~~~ Hallo~~~
Free Monkey Show. 
There are thousands of it there. Be Careful of your Delicious Food ya.

Reached the Second Pool of Kanching Fall^^
Say Cheese~~~

The Pool Behind The handsome guys is the Second Pool of Kanching Fall, The first pool is at the bottom. 
"Security Guard" of Mega Campus Fellowship. XD
 Then we arrive the 3rd level which is here : 

There are few "Pondok" there too. We settle down, rest and enter the Praise&Worship Time^^ 
Thanks Chris for leading us this part. Thanks God and Glory to be Yours!

Dancing while singing - Happy Feets. haa

Ok. Then it is time to JUMP into the COOL WATER^^ yeah~~~

My Cell Group(西奈山组)~ Almost everyone is inside here! walao! Bravo!!! haha... 

The CF F4


I love Kanching Fall

"Kiyomi" time~ haha

Massage - Massage time~~~

What a nice Post! haha

Hallo~~~ Can you not be so funny? haha

Take 5. Rest For awhile. hehe

We move to the Second Pool for my games. haha

Before Lunch~ Happy Birthday to Cute yet Handsome Pak Wei~ haha
May your wishes come true~~~ God Bless Full Full

Lunch Time~~~ hehe... Maggie Goreng + Egg + Samba.
yeah~~~ ^^

First Round~ Scissor Paper Splash Gao Gao
The winner can splash the loser water gao gao. hiak hiak

Splashing time~~~ hehe

The ultimate round - All winners attack the losers in one Big Shot!
It ends up to be... attack each other. haha

After the game, it is Free and Easy time
We play Beach Ball, Swimming,Massage and 

We enjoy the Fly Man show too. haha

Our Lovely Pastor finally touches the Water. hehe 

Some prefer Water SPA and Mask. 

Haha... Time Flies, It is time to say Good Bye already~ 
Thanks God for the great weather (No Rain)
Thanks God for the fantastic fellowship moment. hehe... 
Succeed ^^

The water is clean here. And I believe there are more Beautiful Waterfall up there. This place is very suitable for family and fellowship outing. You will fall in love with the relaxing environment and cool water. Big Thumb Up for The Kanching Fall. hehe

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I love Malaysia - 5th May 2013 is the day!!!

I believe it is a Historical Day. I really hope so.

55 years of "Invasion" of Barisan National. Our lovely Malaysia has been Severely "Upgraded". 
Just like what we learn from "Edited" version of History Subject in Secondary School, we have "Great" government which makes Malaysia well known in the whole world, we have KLCC, Proton, Petronas and "Lembu" Astronaut and thousands more! 
Malaysia is So Awesome!

But when you discover the real motives behind, you will be disappointed and irritated. 
Few Billions seem like few Ringgit, given away or "throw out" just like a sneeze. How many years I have to sacrifice in order to get such a huge amount of money? 
Labour forces imported and "implanted" with voter identity just to make sure A Win. Thoughtless. Even I cannot VOTE!!!
I register since September. BUT still Record not found.
I wish I can be a brother of Prime Minister. Then I can be as rich as Bill Gates. Malaysia has so much money to suck. Haha 

Why Tiny-Giant Singapore can win over us 1000%? 
Malaysia is rich in Natural Resources, Strong human intelligence and Strategic location.
Why they can, we cannot? "Malaysia BOLEH" right?
I used to not admit we are weaker that Singapore, but facts wake me up. 

One Video can Explain why We have to CHANGE!
It is a bit rude~ But it reveals all the truths that we are blinded from.

If we can save all the money, how can't we be a strong nation? 
Why we still need to suffer under this government?

Government is the determining factor of a Great Country.
This time who will win this General Election?



This is an entertaining period conducted by our Politicians. Haha... 
Why? let's have a look... Creative advertisement. 

Why Don'y they strive to prove themselves instead of "harassing" other?

Why there is no advertisement saying:
"If you Vote this XXX, You will live in a toxic place?" Haha

There are thousands of Ubah too...haha... Like:
Fire Ubah

Iron Man Ubah

and 那些年's DAP photo. haha

videos are also entertaining too.

One day will Siti Nurhaliza be one like this?

Creativity is important here.


Without One Malaysia slogan, we are already Anak Malaysia.
All races mingle around just like brothers and sisters. So I please Politics not to destroy the harmonious living of Malaysians.

Moral is an important subject for those Dirty Malaysia Politicians. Religions also teach everyone of us that Bribe and Cheating are Bad Bad Bad. Why they are still against the teachings and own conscience to do bad things to Malaysia? Or... actually that is their Conscience? OMG... God Please Bless Them...

Well, Never Try Never Know.
We need a new turning point for Malaysia. We can be like Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong! 
Yes We can.
But it is difficult to achieve that, it is really POSSIBLE If and only if, everyone votes the right government.

"Stop The Tragedies, Start with Blessing Hopes"

Please Pray Hard for our lovely Malaysia.
I <3 Malaysia.
Do you? 

Terima Kasih Malaysia
(Ignore the last slide ;p)

P/S : Personal Point of View, Please Don't arrest me under ISA... ><

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way (Review)

Hoho~~ Excited! Anticipating! Finally!!!
Iron Man 3 is Coming SOON!
Are the photos here making your Adrenaline super High level now???
It does happen to me! So LONG to watch it!!!

This time, no more Lone Ranger, there are A LOT of IRON MANs in the movie! (“0o0” Oh No!)
What are the real enemies of the Iron Man? Will Stark continue to be Awesome this time?
My Brain is full of imagination now! Iron Man! Iron Man! Iron Man!

Here is the trailer if you haven't watched it before!
The music, the graphic, the Iron Man... Fantastic!!!


Amazing!!! Awesome!!! the movie does impress me!
I salute you, Iron Man 3
The storyline is totally out of expectation. The Trailer is super nicely done to lead us "astray". You will clap your hands for their creativity for sure. *Please Watch the trailer ya.
The Iron Man is related to The Avenger, surprisingly. And the script writer is performing brilliantly out of the box. The ways Tony use Iron Mans and His partner Jarvis are impressive and creative. 
The Enemy is unexpected, Get Ready for this. 
The Ending is "Sad" for me (cannot reveal here)
but Wao! Fantastic at the same time. The "Last Hit" to the Bad Guy is wonderful and really earns my applause! haha I Like it so much.

I rate 9.5/10 for Iron Man 3
A-Must-Watch Movie of this Year! Like!!!  

Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark (Star Robert Downey, Jr. )
Tony Looks super handsome and charming in the Iron Man 3
Pepper - Tony's Lover - She is super important in the movie, anticipate her action ya. 

The Last part of Iron Mansssssss is really stunning!!! hahaha

The Bad Guy appears in the Trailer. He gives a lot of surprise! hehe
The Mandarin

This handsome guy teaches us that, "Never Give Others Desperation!" 
Aldrich Killian

How I win the premiere Screening, it starts here:

Thanks Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studio Motion Studios

We have to blog and create an iron man suit by myself? It is so cool right? hiak Hiak
Hmm.. The Iron Man Suit is quite standardized. It has a lot of space for me to put in my creativity!

What come into my mind first? Hmmm... Machine, robot, ergghhh...
Yay! Gundam + Iron Man!
Take the wing of Freedom in Gundam and combine with suit...

Then Iron Man can fly with the wings... haha. So Overwhelmingly impressive.

We add in something extendable and feasible like the Claws on Dr. Octavius in Spider Man.
The core of Iron Man can be energy source for the Claws. haha. Then the centre of the claws can be be the laser Guns. Hehe...  

Hmmm... How about my own creation? My very own design. Hehe^^
Here you go~~~

Iron Man with Aero Wings

The wings are specially designed for the iron man suit. 
Here are the details of them. 

1. Laser Blade
    - This blade is using the latest Stark's laser Technology. It can cut through almost all things in this world. As shown above, the blade can be found surrounding the wings. So, Iron man can simply fly-pass by the enemy and cut them into half. Of course, during life-saving mission, the laser blades can be switched off so that it won't hurt anyone.

2. Booster Thruster
    - This thruster is just like what on Iron Man's suit (Hands and Shoes). This helps Iron man to fly even faster. Stark sure loves this as with this he can surround the whole earth in may be ... 4 hours? or shorter! Hehe   

3. Sharp Blades
    - These are detachable blades. Hmmm... just like Ninja's Shuriken" or Flying Darts. They have tracers and can hit the targets accurately. After the attack, they will attach back to the Aero Wings. Reusable! Yeah~ haha

Lastly! When Iron man is unfortunately out of power and weapons, Here comes the most incredible part of the design! The wings can be used as The Ultimate Laser Swords! Just like this :

Since the laser blade will be enough to cut off all things including Big or small bullets, nothing to afraid! It can also reflect all incoming laser beam. It is just Unbeatable! 

I strongly believe Stark will love my design. 
This design blesses me to get the "Iron Invitation" to witness the Premiere Awesomeness of 
Iron Man 3.