Friday, April 5, 2013

TGV 1Utama Super Grand Relaunching!!! with G.I.Joe Premiere

Thanks Nuffnang and TGV for such a GREAT Premiere Screening of  G.I Joe Retaliation!
This is not a Common Premiere but together with Relaunching of TGV IMAX 1Utama.

Before entering the TGV lobby we are given this Awesome Invitation Cards!!!
What a Nice Nice Nice and Creative card ^.^

WE are Top Secret Agent invited secretly by G.I.Joe. 

Top Secret Joe 1: Matthew Chua

Top Secret Joe 2: That's Life Blogger - HangChung T

2 Top Agents Long Time no Meet dy lor~

The lobby has been Transformed into a Party place!
Really "People Mountain People Sea". The whole cinema is Closed just specially for all of the invited guests. Yeah~ Go and Enjoy like a boss

Real TGV big bosses giving speech

The Relaunching Event is in conjunction with G.I.Joe Premiere Screen.
So, The gimmick does not miss out The Joe Ninja. haha

White and Black Ninja appeal and Fight Fight Fight! Lastly The Good one wins and pass the Gimmick Key to VVIP to officiate the event ^.^

Yeah, A wonderful opening. But what actually we concern also, is the FOOD and BEVERAGE. haha

All-you-can-Eat and All-you-can-Drink (Hiak Hiak)
Wine, Juices, Popcorn, Carbonated drink and etc. Hahaha^^

Door Gift of the event, a photo with frame with G.I.Joe Background...

OK!!! Finally, Movie Show Time!!! 
G.I Joe Retaliation 

I believe Everyone watched the trailer of this movie at least 3 times since last year~ haha... So, I wish to see how good is this Movie then^^ 

G.I.JOE Retaliation
Here are the main characters!!! 

This time Cobra'a attack is no longer shooting and small scale. But it is an astonishing one!
First of all, the Cobra uses a nano technology which I love the most!!! 
Face-Change Tech - You might know who he is, right? hehe
The Fake President - G.I.Joe
First part is the Elimination of G.I.Joe, but some of them are like "cockroach", very hard to die. haha, it is just a joke. 

After that, the rescue of The Cobra  Commander 
The Cobra Commander
Then it is all about this handsome guy:
Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow - G.I.Joe
At the same time, this Joe appears. His interaction with the remaining G.I.Joe girl (Behind him in the picture) is FUNNY. haha.
Together they go against the Evil Plan of The Cobra~
Never forget the Fantastic The Rock in the movie. haha
The rock - G.I.Joe
The Storyline is Good and the plot is laudable as well.^^
I like the creativity and some hilarious parts in the movie. I think there is another Joe Movie coming soon. haha^^
I rate it 9.0/10.0

After The movie~ there is after-party!!! haha But I went back home because Assignments >,< hehe

Thanks TGV 1Utama and Nuffnang Once again!!!


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