Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life in SG: Toastmaster Club Singapore

Hmph, do you guys feel that, the smoother the time flies, the more you indulge in your comfort zone. Yeah, I believe human being is an adaptive species, we can adapt and find a way to make ourselves comfortable. If Life goes on without major obstacles or interesting opportunities, changes are what we don't want most! 要稳定,不要乱!!!

Yes, once stepped in comfort zone, it takes double the efforts to step out. You agree? 
Don't agree? Who cares. Haha

For me, I have wasted too much time! Alamak!

It is time for self improvement and be a better me! I don't want to be maggie mee but better Mr. Tee.

Ok what things I can do?! My friend shared with me 7 skills/things we can do or learn. The final goal is, we can use these skills to earn a living. 
Language, photography, culinary, music, sports, wrtting and investment. It takes me 5 minutes to write these 7 stuffs down! Short-term memory! Tired die my brain.

Yeah all sound good. Nothing is bad except you don't even try. May be you got the hidden talent in cooking leh? Who knows?

For me, I am trying something that I heard long time ago, but didn't get a chance to join. Which is.... drummmminngggg...


Ngek. Who heard about this before, please raise up your hands. Anyone? Good. (Self directing and acting)

Why toastmaster!? Hmph. When you are in Singapore you will know! Locals here can speak english like shooting bullets! The speed is even faster than lightning. They don't even need to think they can speak in English nonstop. Ya, this makes me feel a bit "small" “渺小 ” . My Engelish is not so good YET. Haha. So so so, I think of joining toastmaster, 1 to improve my communication skills, 2 to networking, 3 to challenge myself.

Jo Do Ma De, challenge? Any challenge o?
Jang Kam Man yo. I will explain why.

Open Google and type Toastmaster Singapore. 
Pop: ....

Uh huh, this club meets three times a month, other clubs mostly meet once a month. FYI, there are a lot of toastmaster clubs in Singapore. I think a frequent meetup will be more helpful. Once a month, the progress is too slow. 
The only thing it makes me so reluctant to join is, the meet up place is in Newton! Downtown area! It will take me at least ONE HOUR to go there from my company!!! Haha. But still, I go lo. Have a look.

Visitation to this club is not FOC (sad T T). It requires 20 sgd registration fee, which is for food, refreshment, drink and hall rental. The meetup location is Sheraton hotel. Atas nyeee .
Welcomed by the registration fee, go in, take some foods n start mingling around with strangers. Ok not first time for me, so it is still ok even though I still feel a bit shy n closed. Haha.

Then here comes the main event. Basically it splits to three parts:
Firstly is, prepared speech. Members will need to join a series of presentation projects. Different projects got different themes and objectives. They will book their presentation slots and present on that day. One presentation, few minutes only. 

Then they have a round table discussion. This session is kinna interesting. The organizer has prepared some topics for impromptu speech! Members will volunteer themselves and blindly pick a paper/topic. Then they have to start their speech after gotten the topic. Some titles could be funny like, If you were a spiderman, how to let your girlfriend know your secret OR if you were SG foreign minister, what will you say to Indonesia over the haze issue. Some speakers are hilarious! Admirable and awesome. How can they speak so well o. T.T

Last round will be the evaluation on the first session, prepared speech. Evaluators, mostly distinguish + experienced toastmaster will come out and share their evaluation on the candidates. The special thing is, their evaluation will be evaluated by the audience. Haha.
All three rounds have the best presenters, voted by the audience. Prizes will be given to them as well.

Ok I seem to write too much here ®®
How do I feel then? 

Err. I would say interesting! I think it could help me a lot on the "fear to raise up hands" for the impromptu speech, my weakest point. Honestly I can speak better when I am prepared, prepared presentation is not an issue for me. But speaking out of no way is indeed a big big challenge for me. 
Bullshitting in Mandarin is a piece of cake but not in English! I also need to learn to speak out and be proactive in expressing myself. So I would say Toastmaster can be a good self-improvement for me. Undeniable. The club is well organized, I like it. However, the annual fee is like 530 SGD o. Haha. Can it be free??? =p

I give myself one week time to consider. 
Do you think I should join? I wanna see hands! Hahaha. Ok. Feeling Positive!!! Fighting.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life in SG : Business Trip to Japan (Throwback)

Phew~~~ 11 months have passed ~~~ I have been working in Singapore for 11 months already! 
Oh My God. Haha

And I have abandoned my blog for super duper long time. Recently my friend reminded me about this only I start to think I should write something. haha (This is what I wrote like 4 months ago, Now I really want to complete it! Let's do this!!!)

Look back and think what have I done in this 11 months?
Work, Sleep, Play and Repeat. Haha

Working as in a Separation Technology company, now only I truly know how important is a distillation column in a plant. Wakaka. Oops. 
Now life fills with Packing and Internals @@ Dizzzyyyy
But besides that I get to know more like Membrane, Liquid2 Extraction, Falling Film Evaporators and other separation technology lar. Not bad I am still in a Chemical Engineering related Company.

As an Applications and Sales Engineer, my job is mainly sales support. When get an enquiry, understand the process (Done by process engineer or by myself for internal hydraulics) and generate a quotation (Yeah I can write a proposal super fast now haha because I am a quotation generator! Joke lar~). 

Market is not really good, business is tough now~~~ :p
But Thanks God and Company, I got a chance to go Japan for a marketing and project discussion Trip! (Back in April) Wohoo~~~ Yeahhhh... 
But I am not going to write my Minutes of Meeting here, so it mainly seems like I go there to Play but I really got work ok? Days and Nights. 

Here is the Proof:
(Look, I am so serious! haha)

Lucky to have a weekend over there, so I can walk around and see how the beautiful Japan (after work).  

See See my first Sakura Experience! hahaha. Fortunately I can see some, unfortunately I miss the stunning blooming peak. This makes me super looking forward to see whole mountain and streets full of Sakura! This HaoLiao (Good Stuff) I leave it to next trip ba. hehe

I, this Half Tong also not filled de engineer, need a super technical guy to meet customer together. Any technical question ask him, I will just look at him nia. Haha. 
Great that we got the chance to travel together for a short while, here he is, Thomas, expert from Switzerland. (When I can go Switzerland a? Haha)

Fun and cute Papa-san from Japan. Japanese Colleague.
The post below is not from me, it is suggested by Papa-san. haha

Shinkansen - Bullet Train in Japan! The speed is R.E.A.L and the price is R.E.A.L as well. haha. 
If not claimable, I won't take it lor :P (Cheapskate-ing)

Some views in Tokyo - Shinjuku area if I am not mistaken. haha. Old memory in my lousy brain. Crowded with locals and tourists! I love Uniqlo there, cheap! haha. 

Of course, Tokyo Tower. Need to pay a visit this iconic place. I actually sit in the tower restaurant for like an hour (the square place in its middle). The city night view and when I am alone, make me think a lot of things, my future, my goal and etc. Those thoughts touched my sentimental inner heart. 
Looking the view in front of me and having a piece of cake with coffee. Nice place. 

The last thing to say is the Japan Food is Undeniable DELICIOUS! Almost all I love! The Sushi and fresh Shashimi, I still cannot forget them~~~ Can I have them right now? 
Thanks God for the Yummy Food in Japan. I heard that due to super intense competition, the food quality in Japan is super well maintained. If you are not good, close shop will be the destiny. @@
But thanks to this, good food is easily available in every corner of Japan. Yay!

Oh ya! Japanese is really a nice language! I don't understand at all but I love to listen to waitress says a long sentence of Japanese. Remarkable, their service is 200 marks and the language is so polite and heart-warming. Awesome! Arigato! 

Even though I don't know when will be my next business trip. But I looking forward to any in the future la.

11 months! I got lots of things to share. But leave them for next blog post ba. 
Time really flies! This is scary. I truly worry about my future, my dream and etc. 
Tick tick tock tock... aiyer, sounds scary also. 

But But But

God teaches us that 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Life In Singapore! Part 1

Long time no Blog liao leh!!! Miss me ma!!! Walao~~~ 

So it has been 2 months SHARP since I start working. Oh No!!! Working is not Fun. But No working is just way too boring!!! haiz. So contradicting and so 矛盾~~~ 

To begin, I have started a new chapter of life in brand new place which is Singapore! Our Malaysia's neighbor. 
Huh! Everyone will ask how is ur life in SG or How is ur work?

Here in Singapore, I not need to drive because MRT is everywhere.
Here in Singapore, cheap mixed rice is my best and most hated friend.
Here in Singapore, I got limited friends and a dearest brother. 
Here in Singapore, I am alone. Walao sound so sad, but actually I am not lonely la~ haha

Alright, First job in my life in Sulzer Chemtech - Process Technology department as an Applications and Sales Engineer. A challenging work with all sorts of separation technology. Is very true that work is not only about the knowledge you have, but the way to communicate with people. I got a lot a lot of things to learn. I everyday pray that I do not mistakes, or else I will feel depressed. Haha. This is so stressful~~~ But this is normal la, people hire you and surely will expect you to do well. 
In short, I like my job and hope I will continue to like it and can shine bright lar - Feeling positive.

How about life beyond work? 
Hmpph, meeting friends and brother is what I like do. Chitchatting and walking around. Not much time to have them since we all stay at different places and having different daily lives. 
Appreciate them and hope to know more friends. ;)

What else I do? My daily routine is super standard :
Wake Up, Work, Back Home with mixed rice, Watch Drama/康熙来了, Play Dota2, Read Bible and Sleep. 
If anyone wanna kidnap me, they can easily track where I go and what time I will be there. Even the mixed rice, I also buy from same hawker center. Hahaha. 

But I do have a healthy lifestyle de lor~ like Jogging every Saturday and sometime go swimming. I love sweating like open a water hose. Feeling so good man!

Swimming pool in Choa Chu Kang - Near where I stay ~

Besides, I also have a new hobby which is COOKING! I only know how to make soup. From very tasteless soup, until now very tasty already. hahaha. IMPROVEMENT! This is an example of satisfied result:

The Easiest-To-Cook Jagung ABC soup :)

Of course, as a Christian, Surely need to attend church.
After attending different churches, finally I found a church I like:
Faith Methodist Church
Even though service is in English, but ok la, no problem :p
Anticipate their cell group, waiting them to contact me. hehe

Now every weekday, I am waiting weekend to come. 
Morning wait lunch,
Afternoon wait Go back Home,
Weekdays wait weekends. 

Still Miss my dearest friends in Malaysia. Hope one day I can visit them ALL. haha. 
Then I wish myself and everybody all the best lar~ Enjoy whatever and whenever we can. God bless... 
Now 10:34pm, need to sleep liao T.T Tomorrow is Monday Blue. Hahaha... Good Night!!!