Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life in SG : Business Trip to Japan (Throwback)

Phew~~~ 11 months have passed ~~~ I have been working in Singapore for 11 months already! 
Oh My God. Haha

And I have abandoned my blog for super duper long time. Recently my friend reminded me about this only I start to think I should write something. haha (This is what I wrote like 4 months ago, Now I really want to complete it! Let's do this!!!)

Look back and think what have I done in this 11 months?
Work, Sleep, Play and Repeat. Haha

Working as in a Separation Technology company, now only I truly know how important is a distillation column in a plant. Wakaka. Oops. 
Now life fills with Packing and Internals @@ Dizzzyyyy
But besides that I get to know more like Membrane, Liquid2 Extraction, Falling Film Evaporators and other separation technology lar. Not bad I am still in a Chemical Engineering related Company.

As an Applications and Sales Engineer, my job is mainly sales support. When get an enquiry, understand the process (Done by process engineer or by myself for internal hydraulics) and generate a quotation (Yeah I can write a proposal super fast now haha because I am a quotation generator! Joke lar~). 

Market is not really good, business is tough now~~~ :p
But Thanks God and Company, I got a chance to go Japan for a marketing and project discussion Trip! (Back in April) Wohoo~~~ Yeahhhh... 
But I am not going to write my Minutes of Meeting here, so it mainly seems like I go there to Play but I really got work ok? Days and Nights. 

Here is the Proof:
(Look, I am so serious! haha)

Lucky to have a weekend over there, so I can walk around and see how the beautiful Japan (after work).  

See See my first Sakura Experience! hahaha. Fortunately I can see some, unfortunately I miss the stunning blooming peak. This makes me super looking forward to see whole mountain and streets full of Sakura! This HaoLiao (Good Stuff) I leave it to next trip ba. hehe

I, this Half Tong also not filled de engineer, need a super technical guy to meet customer together. Any technical question ask him, I will just look at him nia. Haha. 
Great that we got the chance to travel together for a short while, here he is, Thomas, expert from Switzerland. (When I can go Switzerland a? Haha)

Fun and cute Papa-san from Japan. Japanese Colleague.
The post below is not from me, it is suggested by Papa-san. haha

Shinkansen - Bullet Train in Japan! The speed is R.E.A.L and the price is R.E.A.L as well. haha. 
If not claimable, I won't take it lor :P (Cheapskate-ing)

Some views in Tokyo - Shinjuku area if I am not mistaken. haha. Old memory in my lousy brain. Crowded with locals and tourists! I love Uniqlo there, cheap! haha. 

Of course, Tokyo Tower. Need to pay a visit this iconic place. I actually sit in the tower restaurant for like an hour (the square place in its middle). The city night view and when I am alone, make me think a lot of things, my future, my goal and etc. Those thoughts touched my sentimental inner heart. 
Looking the view in front of me and having a piece of cake with coffee. Nice place. 

The last thing to say is the Japan Food is Undeniable DELICIOUS! Almost all I love! The Sushi and fresh Shashimi, I still cannot forget them~~~ Can I have them right now? 
Thanks God for the Yummy Food in Japan. I heard that due to super intense competition, the food quality in Japan is super well maintained. If you are not good, close shop will be the destiny. @@
But thanks to this, good food is easily available in every corner of Japan. Yay!

Oh ya! Japanese is really a nice language! I don't understand at all but I love to listen to waitress says a long sentence of Japanese. Remarkable, their service is 200 marks and the language is so polite and heart-warming. Awesome! Arigato! 

Even though I don't know when will be my next business trip. But I looking forward to any in the future la.

11 months! I got lots of things to share. But leave them for next blog post ba. 
Time really flies! This is scary. I truly worry about my future, my dream and etc. 
Tick tick tock tock... aiyer, sounds scary also. 

But But But

God teaches us that 

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