Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Love Minions (Despicable Me) !!!

I think now everyone is Crazy with these little Cute Minions... 
haha... I am one of them too... 

They are Minions from the movie
Despicable Me

There are thousands of them working under the big daddy~ 

Despicable Me
Is quite Nice Movie. I enjoy much with it. So I am anticipating Despicable Me 2 ^^
Luckily the movie got Minions, or else... Don't know can survive or not. XD 

Actually Minions are famous because of their lovely voices and wicked laughing.

This is the super Famous Banana Song~  
Because They love to eat Banana XD

This is another Super Hilarious Video of Minions.
I <3 the laughing ~ haha haha hahahaha

More and more Cute Minions~~~ 

Now another Smart Phone Hottest Game is 
Minion Rush
(A little bit like Temple Run and Bananas are what Minions collect. XD)

Now Minions are on Facebook stickers!!!
SUPER LIKE!!! haha

Even their language is HOT now! haha
Minion Language ~

Bello!, Underwear Tulaliloo ti amo! Tank yu!XD

My birthday Present can be a Minion Doll a? 
Not for hugging, for Display lar. haha
Ba ba ba ba na na naaaa~~~ ;p



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