Thursday, June 6, 2013

The End of My Chemical Engineering Third Year (Lectures only) ~

We survive Third Year of Chemical Engineering! Omg...

First of all, I would like to Thank God. Seriously Thank you so much.
Best Accompany in my life. I sense Your Blessings ~ hehe^^

Secondly, my beloved Coursemates 
(I believe this is the semester that I stick to them a lot - Days and Nights)
We conquer CEDAN and all assignments TOGETHER. Wohoo~~~ 
Thank you for the answers and accompanies ~ Great to have you guys... ^^

Thirdly, my family's caring and loves. Happy whenever I am with them. ^o^

Lastly, My Hiao Geng (Whoever go out with me) - entertain me 'gao gao'. XD

By The Way, 

"So serious meh? Macam come back from the hell?"
ok, the seriousness of the third year second semester will be:

30 pages Plant Engineering Project
200 pages Design Exercise Project
50 pages Process Control Project
Dr. Yeoh's Momentum Transfer Homework Submission (total got 6)
Process Control Presentation
Process Synthesis Project
(Retrieved from Zha Boh Lim)

This is the semester that I hang out really less, sing k really less and sleep really less. >< If I tell my mum, she will ask me quit study. XD

200 - 250 pages Design Exercise Project :

45 pages Process Control Project :

Discussion Non Stop :
(Where is me? haha Bo Jio)
Retrieved from Tan + +
Life is not as Easy as ABC. 
Final Year is going to be Nightmare for all of us! for sure. 
Look at our CE seniors' Facebook then we understand.

Internship is another headache for me. Hopefully miracle fast fast happens lar, Have faith ^^ God Bless. 

Study week finally starts!!! 
BUT, where is my mood? OMG. 

Wish everyone has a Great and Efficient Study week.
Enjoy study, Enjoy Life
Remove obstacles, Create miracles.

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