Friday, June 21, 2013

Taiwan Internship - Purely God's Blessing

This is really a headache thingy and "Entangle" me for a long time~

I can say, I am one of the Earliest to find Internship, But
I am one of the Last to secure a placement

This is a long long long story @@
(Full of obstacles and miracles)


My inner heart tells me this :
After Graduation, You will be in Malaysia already, So Intern in the oversea lar~ Ok? I don't wanna get trapped in Malaysia lor~
So I start to apply International Summer Internship
From German to UK, From UK to US

All ... Failed... 
Because I am too ambitious? or my quality is far weaker than the others? 
After some time, I discover that, 10 weeks are too short and not worthy to spend so much on an intern. This is so true~ T.T

So I started to find neighbor countries and local one. (Give Up Xp)
(Unmotivated and ... Not Aggressive at all)

One day, One breakfast,
I hear a testimony from Miss Siau Hui,
She got a Singapore Internship after calling up to 30 companies.

I am impressed and Will this Work
Then there is my another motivation

I called around 40 Singapore Chemical Engineering Companies~
At the End, only 5 will check with their HR. (Then no more news~~~)


Ok, why I said it is a PURE God's Blessing?
A Call~ Offering me a TAIWAN internship - Out of Expectation!
God really listens to my Prayer~~~ T.T
The Appreciation(感恩) is beyond my words!!!

The Most Touching part is ~ They accept a Chemical Engineering Student T.T
Because the program is mainly for Mechanical and Manufacturing Students.
(All rejected, so only I got the chance ba)
Praise our Lord! <3

The Feeling of getting an intern and miracle happens
is So Fantastic and Wonderful
Thanks God X Infinity
(P/S : I am not showing off ya, Just to explain everything in my blog to avoid same questions to me ^^)

Finally I can DELETE the INTERNSHIP from my To-Do list

The Admission Letter ^^
(Yeah, going Chia-Yi, Southern part of Taiwan - Didn't explore much last time- It is VERY away from the happening Taipei City ~ haha. And the institute is located far away from Chia-Yi Town too. T.T)

This internship makes me Suffer for few days. I have to trouble a lot of people for the approval~ I seriously discourage CE juniors to go Research Internship next time. Who asks us to take CE course. Sienz... (for Details, can PM me, I will explain privately) 

Due to the last batch, the allowance I received is really limited. 
 -<Free accommodation and RM 500 ONLY >-
But, I should appreciate and not to be greedy ;p
Sorry Daddy Mummy for FAMA Scholarship for this T.T

Go Taiwan 2 months plus - need a VISA.@@
OIC, Visa is just a sticker on one page of Passport. haha XD
But it costs me RM168. 一路发。T.T

Once booked air ticket, print out and go 
Taiwan Tourism Bureau~ 马来西亚 台湾观光局
Take Free Theme park entrance ticket and Free Bus ticket to go Taipei from the Tao Yuan Airport. So NICE ^^ hehe

Just Bring your Air-Ticket (to Taiwan) to there:


Suite 25-01, Level 25 , Wisma Goldhill , 67, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .

Tel: +603-20706789
Fax: +603-20723559

TAIWAN, I am coming ^^

I go alone, but I am not lonely as God is my best accompany.
I travel alone, but I can know more friendly Taiwan friends.
This is a Great Challenge,
But I believe this is a Growth as well.

Thanks God, and Bless me for the preparation of Finals and the Documents.

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  1. Wa. congratulation =) very blessed man
    Free Theme park entrance ticket and Free Bus ticket to go Taipei from the Tao Yuan Airport? really? My friend is going taiwan.

    1. wah blogger, so fast saw tio this post liao? haha...
      Yes Yes just go 台湾观光局 malaysia,then can dy

  2. Free Bus ticket to go Taipei from the Tao Yuan Airport applicable for everyone or only students that are going for internship? Anyways, best of luck! Definitely a good opportunity to be able to be out of the country to learn and gain experience :D

    1. For everyone who holds Air ticket(to Taiwan) ^^

  3. 啊啊啊啊!!忠弟!!我会想你的!!!

    1. 我会期待你为大专准备的camp的,我会去哦。哈哈

  4. wao, you make me envy!!! congratz

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks yo. u enjoy your travelling as well ya^^

  6. hi, i'm looking for internship oversea too and i stumble on your blog.
    is it hard to obtain visa for internship in taiwan? how is the cost of living there?

    1. If you can get an offer then it is not difficult to get a VISA as the officer in internship company will assist you on this matter.

      The cost of living is totally depends on you. If you didn't shop and just spend on eating, the cost can be around NTD 200 per day. Of course, here is a shopping paradise, you might wish to buy sth and it will cost you more.

      Hope this helps.

      Please kindly follow this blog if you wish too^^ Thank you ya. hehe have a nice day