Monday, June 17, 2013

[The Inner Heart] I Dreamed a Dream ~

I dreamed a Dream - Anne Hathaway

17 June 2013
I have just done my Second Paper of my Third Year Second Semester.
It is over, I should Feel Happy. 
But this paper impacts me a lot and gives me thousands of thoughts.

My dream ~ 
I dream that I can put 100% effort to Fight for a better pointer. 
I dream I can graduate with a medal.
I dream my hard work can help to achieve the dream.
The dream seems to be getting further and further from me~ 

During the test, a thought pop out in my mind. 

"Is your dream the best for you?"
"You can get whatever you wish in the future with that awesome First Class?"
"Yeah I should give my life onto God's hands, He decides the best for me. Perhaps, the honour is not the best for me, He will lead my way"

During the exam, the tension and Don't-know-What-to-do-feeling, make me relieved from my struggles and I tell myself,
"Just Do your best, Finish whatever you can. God have His own way for you."

Yeah~ I did whatever I can although I have also done an unforgivable mistake XD 
Just leave it to God and Leave my life to Him.
Have faith in HIM.


So after that, I went for 
Matthew's Birthday
Happy birthday to Big Nice guy - Matthew Chua. 
Wish you get the job asap and treat me eat!!! haha... 

and Watch
Man of Steel

Not bad lar , overall, Just I prefer the Clark Kent in Smallville drama series (Tom). haha. The drama is quite emphasizing the Destructive and Explosive Effects. When Free, can watch geh~ 

Okie lar~ 
Life is still Going On,
Throw all the Moody away and Strive for the best in coming papers ba. 
Life is unexpectable, so lets be optimistic Yeah~~~
加油!!!God bless ^^

Ends with a Hiao Pic, different hair style? OMG!!!


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