Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life Of PI - Review

Life of Pi
Directed by Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee.
This is one of the reason I want to watch this!

Thanks Nuffnang and Twentieth Century Fox for the 3D Premiere Screening

PI, why his name is PI? 
This is quite interesting and you will definitely laugh for it.

Curiosity Kills a cat,
but in this movie, Curiosity saves a cat! haha
PI is an interesting boy, he has many religions too. I wonder which God will save him (You will understand this after you have watched the movie)

His Journey is pretty Long and Graphic of Movie makes it to be wonderful. 
 If he is with a pretty girl, I think he will be happy but, he is "sailing" with a Tiger. Wao
What will happen? haha

The journey has never been easy for him especially along with a Tiger! 
Food is critical for him as well.

The movie is all about PI, Tiger and the Boat.
It is a calm and has little profundity (内涵).
No Climax for me, but just a steady story line.

But this movie contents a very interesting and realistic meaning behind.
Notice the End of the Movie ya...

Enjoy and may be you will like it ^^

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Review

Twilight Saga has been a pretty long vampire movie series.
And this movie signifies the end of the Twilight Saga.

Twilight gives a lot of people a bad impression because people are expecting it in a wrong way. 
It is a simple romantic story about the love between a vampire and a human.
Well, this Breaking Dawn surely is the best and impressive one in the series.

Thanks Nuffnang for the Premiere Screening and the lovely pillow.^^
 Here comes the new character - Renesmee Cullen
Daughter of Bella and Edward

Due to the abnormal birth and identity of Renesmee, this has brought a disaster to Cullen family.
Volturi is coming to get the child and perhaps terminates her. >,<
A lot of helpers have been found and they are ready to fight against the powerful Volturi.
 The Climax is unexpected and amazing (May Be Because I did not read the book)
The fight is a wonder in the movie and everyone claps after the fight (just anticipate ya hehe)

The three main characters in Twilight have their own Happily ever after.
Especially the ending, it is so romantic and blissful.
A round of applause has been given to the movie after it ends. Wao!

Go and Grab tickets for this nice movie. 
You will like twilight after this. hehe^^

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rise of The Guardians - Review

  Big Thanks to Nuffnang and United International Pictures (UIP)again !!! I got the chance to watch premiere screening (3D) of 
Rise of The Guardians
a 3D computer-animated fantasy-adventure film.

The story is about the Heroes/Guardians that children believe in like Santa Claus, Tooth fairy and others.
Children are their believers as well as supporters. They live to bring happiness to Children.
But, there is surely a bad guy in any movie - Nightmare King.
He tries to bring darkness to the world and conquer for sure. 
Then, here comes a new Guardian - Jack Frost to fight against the Nightmare King together with others.

Here are the main characters:

1. Santa Claus 
He and his workers are super hilarious. You surely will love him and his teams.

2. Tooth Fairy
Gorgeous and surrounded by a lot of small little cute fairy. They will "steal" your tooth, be careful.

3. Sandy ( I love this one)
Cute and a lot of mute actions that are adorable. His ability is the best!!! - Sweet Dreamssss... haha

4. Easter Bunny
Big and strong + funny. He is the one gives easter eggs, can I get one?

5. Jack Frost
New Hero! Wish him to be in my house, to create snow and ice for me. hehe 

6. The Boogeyman
The pity one, the only enemy in the movie. His ability is pretty scary as well. >,< 

Overall, the movie is Great and hilarious. 
Simple story line but interesting.
Have a blissful and brief relaxation by watching this nice movie in 3D.^^

The ending is awesome and creative! Trust me.

"Believe is what people always look for, so trust your family and friends, they are always be with us"
Be the guardians of everyone surrounding you. 

p/s: This is the comment how I win the ticket:
"My favourite childhood hero is Goku in DragonBall!
If I can meet him, I will like to learn KameKameHa from his. hehe. Of course the most exciting thing will be flying together with him! haha... Set my hair like him and Meet The Awesome Dragon using Dragonballs! haha. "So that I can make a wish => watch Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Rise of the Guardians!" Teheeee^^"

Monday, November 12, 2012

我是一只 小小 鸟

这首歌,一直都是我 喜欢的,不是因为 它的高音,但 是 因为它的歌词。
歌词 :
想要飞 却怎么样也飞不高
也许有一天我栖上枝头 却成为猎人的目标
多么希望 未来能 如我们 所愿。
但 希望=实现吗?

歌词 :
每次到了夜深人静的时候 我总是睡不着
幸福是否只是一种传说 我永远都找不到 
这句 无可否认般的 真实。
本想 付出的 = 得到的,但现实或许并非如此。
可能我们的“拼了老命”,也追不上别人的 十分一。
或许我们会成功!但我们也可能遭遇 失败 的埋伏。
歌词 :
想要飞呀飞 却飞也飞不高
未来的幸福能 与谁度过呢?
我们是否 可以拥有 一个温暖的怀抱?
还是,我们只好 赤裸裸地让世间的劳苦愁烦给 缠绕 折磨一生呢?

歌词 :
所有知道我的名字的人啊 你们好不好
世界是如此的小 我们注定无处可逃
当我尝尽人情冷暖 当你决定为了的理想燃烧
“所有知道我的名字的人啊 你们好不好”
这让我们知道 我们不是孤军奋战,
有身边的所有人 肩并着肩接受挑战。
理想 是可以被实现的,只要我们采取行动!
我们站在我们想要的 舞台的时候,过去的痛苦与牺牲 算得了什么?
我们会说:“我的付出 一切都是 值得的!”

也许 我们是一只 小小 小小鸟,但我们绝对能 在这一望无际的 天空,找到属于 自己 一片 蓝天白云。
“人生就是不停地奋斗!” 加油!!!