Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rise of The Guardians - Review

  Big Thanks to Nuffnang and United International Pictures (UIP)again !!! I got the chance to watch premiere screening (3D) of 
Rise of The Guardians
a 3D computer-animated fantasy-adventure film.

The story is about the Heroes/Guardians that children believe in like Santa Claus, Tooth fairy and others.
Children are their believers as well as supporters. They live to bring happiness to Children.
But, there is surely a bad guy in any movie - Nightmare King.
He tries to bring darkness to the world and conquer for sure. 
Then, here comes a new Guardian - Jack Frost to fight against the Nightmare King together with others.

Here are the main characters:

1. Santa Claus 
He and his workers are super hilarious. You surely will love him and his teams.

2. Tooth Fairy
Gorgeous and surrounded by a lot of small little cute fairy. They will "steal" your tooth, be careful.

3. Sandy ( I love this one)
Cute and a lot of mute actions that are adorable. His ability is the best!!! - Sweet Dreamssss... haha

4. Easter Bunny
Big and strong + funny. He is the one gives easter eggs, can I get one?

5. Jack Frost
New Hero! Wish him to be in my house, to create snow and ice for me. hehe 

6. The Boogeyman
The pity one, the only enemy in the movie. His ability is pretty scary as well. >,< 

Overall, the movie is Great and hilarious. 
Simple story line but interesting.
Have a blissful and brief relaxation by watching this nice movie in 3D.^^

The ending is awesome and creative! Trust me.

"Believe is what people always look for, so trust your family and friends, they are always be with us"
Be the guardians of everyone surrounding you. 

p/s: This is the comment how I win the ticket:
"My favourite childhood hero is Goku in DragonBall!
If I can meet him, I will like to learn KameKameHa from his. hehe. Of course the most exciting thing will be flying together with him! haha... Set my hair like him and Meet The Awesome Dragon using Dragonballs! haha. "So that I can make a wish => watch Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Rise of the Guardians!" Teheeee^^"

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