Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brick Mansions - Remembrance of Paul Walker

April!!! Finally there is another good movie!!! after Captain America. 

Brick Mansions
Brick Mansions 
Thanks Nuffnang for the Premiere Screening ^^ I damn love this movie! 

Of course, this movie's main selling point is Our Dearest Paul Walker. He was really an Excellent actor! He performed very well in Brick Mansions too. This time not only cars, but actions as well! Awesome ^.^

Brick Mansions - Paul Walker
Unexpectedly, the plot and the arrangement of whole movie impress me! There is no Boring part that allows us to YAWN. So this movie gets a recommendation from me. 

It is a story in Brick Mansions where is sort of deserted area. No government, but drug dealers and bad guys. The 2 main characters have the same target to get rid of the Drug dealing Boss. But the story changes dramatically half way. ... ... 

In short, 2 handsome guys conquer the audience's hearts!
There are some parts very hilarious too. Haha

I think not only Paul did a very good job, his partner, David Belle's performance also worth a full marks! His every action, art of motion, stunts, body fitness are Fantastic! I bet you will like his extremely difficult movements too. 

Brick Mansions - David Belle
 Both of them really make the movie become one of my favorites in 2014 so far!  
Brick Mansions - Paul Walker and David Belle 
  Wonderful and perfect action: 
Brick Mansions 
Here is the trailer (Youtube):

I would give 9/10 for this movie! Really a must-watch movie in April. This movie reminds everyone that Paul Walker is indeed a very Excellent actor! Bravo!!! 

Famous Paul Walker's Quote:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Henkel Innovation Challenge 7 @ Dusseldorf, Germany - Create, Learn and Grow

Henkel Innovation Challenge 7 - A Brand New Chapter in my University Life 
First Time Step in Europe
First Time Stand On International Stage
First Time Taste The Sweet of Winners
First time ...
First time ...
First time ...

Yeah, Thanks God We ( Andrew and I ) get the chance to go Germany for the Grand Final of Henkel Innovation Challenge 7 (HIC 7), representing Malaysia and Southeast Asia. 

More and Detailed Story, you can go HERE
First time Malaysians get into the Grand Final. Super Exciting ;p 
Luckily we join this year, because last year Grand Final was in Shang Hai, China. You know What I mean. Haha

14 hours of Flight + 4 hours Transit @ Dubai
We are in Dusseldorf, GERMANY !!!

We arrive one day earlier, so we stay in a backpacker hostel for a night. Without wasting a single second, we go for a walk in Dusseldorf.
Erm, this perhaps I write more in Next Travel Blog : )

... ... ... 

30 March - 2 April 2014
Dates I wouldn't never forget. We experience Thousands and Thousands of things here! 

Yup, we checked in the BEST hotel in Dusseldorf. It is the most expensive hotel I have ever stayed! 295 Euro per night @@

Hyatt Hotel Dusseldorf

At First actually we bring a Vacation Mood to Dusseldorf, because we got nothing to lose. Haha. But we really prepare for the competition seriously before, since we bear the burden of representing SEA. >.<

This time we have our new Mentor, Miss Sook Ping (Suky)
General Manager of Schwarzkopf Professional Malaysia

She is really young and energetic. Participants from other countries also agree with this. She guides us very well. We love her so much ^.^ Feeling FANTASTIC to work with her. We are just like Good Friends, no boundary even with her Great Position in the company.
Thank you so much Sook Ping. We both like your "Good" and "Very Good". Miss those words already ;p

First night in Hyatt is rather relaxing, we practice for few times and meet up Sook Ping for a while. Yeah, we sleep well. Haha 

31 March 2014
The First day of the Challenge
But it starts with very relaxing activities! I really like it. No Tension AT ALL. We have little introduction of the competition and every mentors. Most of the mentors have Worked with Henkel for 15 - 20 years! Really Amazing! 
Then we have an Ice Breaking session with Graffiti! 
Spray and Colour

It is pretty Fun. Thanks God we spray in Dusseldorf not Malaysia, or else I will MELT @@ Super Nice weather there. Hehe

Unfortunately, Nervous Moment still has to come ~~~
Draw of Leagues! We are separated into 4 leagues.
Drummmm ~~~~ Drummm~~~~ 

Ooops!!! We are in the 4th league with Team Croatia, Korea, China and Slovakia! (Asia Team, haha)
Here is the Group Photo:

We fight Fiercely, Pierce quietly and negotiate brutally.
But still we are Best Buddies in the end.

Presentation Time:

Super Serious Judges:
(I love to see Sook Ping's smile when I am presenting - The Smile is really encouraging)

1 April 2014
We continue with other challenges in the second day.
The challenges in the league are basically about Innovation and Marketing. We all do our best but it is stressful (indeed).

After all the challenges~~~ It is the time to announce the result!!!
From each league, only 2 teams will be selected for the Grand Final on the Third Day.

Andrew and I are really exhausted and hungry during the result announcement. We are really sleepy @@ I do not have good feeling towards the result though.

All 8 Names of the teams are READY and in a Big Bowl. 
Emcees randomly pick up and announce.
The way they announce is really descriptive. They will describe the country and people will start guessing.
At the same time, Sook Ping shows her Poker Face, I cannot get any news from her expression. haha.

After 4 teams... No one from our league. 

The emcee says:
"It is a small country, far far away from here, I don't really know much about this country. There are a lot of forests and I am not sure whether there are a lot of insects"


We are really Astonished!!! Actually we didn't expect we can win as we have strong opponents in the league, Even Though we hope so lar. 
Thanks GOD!!! Thanks GOD!!! 
First time SEA enters Grand Final.
We really thank Sook Ping and Previous SEA Winners in helping us!!! Thanks all the teams in our league too!!!

The Top 8
India, Italy, Qatar, India, Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, Austria and Croatia 

That is a good news, BUT, bad news is ... we have to prepare for the LAST ROUND.

Suffering night preparation, Redo the slides, Rehearse new things, and 3 Hr 15 min Sleep ONLY. Terrible.

Phiuuu~~~ We have done what we can! We just need to be Steady!

*Totally Forgot 1st April is April FOOL. T.T

2 April 2014

We move to Headquarter of Henkel in Dusseldorf. 
Extremely Huge Offices and Factories!
They have prepared us a SUPER GRAND Stage. Really Laudable and Marvelous! Of course this further "enhances" the tension and nervousness we have. T.T

After lucky Draw, we are the 6th to present... 
Long waits , Strong heart beats
We Pray, and the prayer indeed quiets my jumping souls. 

Then it is our Turn~~~ 
Presenting in front of 20 ++ judges, and 60 ++ audiences.
Exciting yet heart-attacking

Honestly, our presentation is not up to standard. But Thanks God, our Q & A is well done. Ok la, satisfied la... 

The most hilarious scene during Q&A is:
Judge: Some people have no hair and bald then how your shampoos works as air purifier?
Me: Sorry, that is why our product is not targeting everyone.

*Everyone laughs like watching Mr. Bean. Sorry, if it sounds rude. Luckily the judge also thinks this is a funny yet accurate answer. Haha

After the presentation, body temperature rises! but I feel so happy. EVERYTHING IS OVER! hahaha

After all the presentations, it is time for lunch and judges discussions. Erm, some friends will say "Well Done", "Your answer is really Funny", "Congratulation", "Good Presentation"... Some comments might not from the bottom of hearts, but they make me Happy. Who care is sincere or not wo. Hahaha.

Then we have Industry Visit in Henkel HQ. Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care and Adhesive technology factories. 

After all the tiring schedule, what makes me awake again is the CITY TOUR! wohoo~~~ 
We get the chance to ride Segway!!!

City tour with this little machine is really Fantastic! Cool Breeze and Breathtaking scenery in Dusseldorf. I LOVE EUROPE. haha
I really enjoy very well. I believe I can Fly~~~

Wokay, then is the time for Gala Dinner.
Suit Up and Let's Go. 

We have arrived nice restaurant and had nice buffet dinner.
Chit-chating and making new friends. 

Teng Teng Teng Teng~~~ Result Announcement Time
Well, I think and hope to hear our names.
But Yeah, 


Hmm hmm... No mood to write this. haha... I admit I thought we can be in the top 3, so the result is a little bit disappointing. I really wish to know why we are not there (Except those reasons I know myself). haha. But on the second thought, we originally didn't aim for this! So, we shall have fun and the result is Nothing! haha... Lying to myself. :p 

Anyway, congrates to all the winners ^^

Remember, all of us are already the winners! Wohoo... 

The Most Memorable part comes after the Saddest Part. 
We all move to a Club where all have gone CRAZY!
The disappointment keeps disturbing me, BUT, I manage to forget it and enjoy the dancing! haha. 
Thanks to my strong body, even though I am really exhausted, still can go crazy with others. Small complain: the songs are a little bit old school. I hope I can bring all to Malaysia Clubs (Sounds Naughty - but I am not clubbing-animal oh)
Yeah the party is really awesome, but the Craziest part is the LAST HOUR before we leave the club.

I am grateful to stay until the end! Malaysians POWER!!!
We have insane Beer Drinking Contest (First time ever finish one whole glass in my life in a shot)
Of course, crazy random dancing (Unleash the monsters and Enjoy the atmosphere - Everyone goes ALL OUT)
And also touching songs with warm hugs (Yeah, I have to admit I extremely like this session and hugs to say good bye to friends. Tears flow down again when hugging Andrew - We have gone through a lot of things together, Full of emotions)

This party, we enjoy, we have fun, we know each other even better and it really unites all the participants! My honour to know everyone in HIC 7!!! You all are AWESOME!!!
Friendship Forever

We have second round outside Hyatt Hotel, the final farewell. Hope to see everyone again ... Keep in Touch ...

*P/S : I drink but I didn't get drunk. I am a good boy ^^

SLEEP DIE after that. hahaha.
We have our last breakfast in Hyatt, then depart to Paris. 

Last But Not Least (Feeling)

Yeah, we taste Victory and Defeat in HIC 7. 
I would say nothing is more important than the experience. This is a God's gift to both of us. We shall be Grateful for everything. First of all thanks God for the opportunity and guidance along the way to the grand final. I know God is helping us. 
Then thanks my brother, Andrew to participate together with me. Even though you hate my "No + perfectionism", I hate your "Emotion". If given a chance to choose again, I still wish to have you to be my best partner again. 
Thanks Parents for the financial support and UM for all supports.
Thanks Louis and Sook Ping for being Fantastic mentors! You guys help a lot a lot a lot!!! We Don't know how to thank more ~~~
Thanks also Beautrice and Brian's help in Semi Final & helps from all Singapore seniors (esp Sebastian) in the Final.
Not to forget, Henkel for giving us the chance and unforgettable experience!  
Thanks Friends and Family for the moral support too ^.^

HIC 7 definitely a milestone in my life and university life. I learn a lot and grow too. Wonderful memory and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger! I am a fighter. I will continue to colour my life and leave no blank! God bless... 

And Hopefully what I have done brings Honor and Glory to God, Malaysia, University of Malaya and Family. 

We Pursue What We Dream
Create, Learn, Grow

P/S: Hopefully I can work with Henkel Singapore. Then not need to find job. Haha