Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our Fashion Blogshop - Ribbon Bunny

Unbelievably Hiaoness Attacks again! 
I say I need to give myself a break - But I always do something to make myself Busy. Self-Torturing Syndrome!!! 
Despite of TWO Thesises, Assignments, Church Mega Event and Midterms,
 I join an investment and open a FASHION BLOGSHOP
Be a little small Boss =)

How the idea pops out to open a Blogshop? 
Here is the story!

Jess (my bestie & partner) and I keep saying we must do something crazy or some big projects before we graduate! After some discussion, a light bulb dressed in colors pops out. Why not we open a fashion blogshop to sell girls' clothing? and Jess has the experience in it. This idea is the most feasible project for both of us! Haha. 
Then in the last Chinese New Year Sembreak, we have several meetings and discussions. Finally we got the name for our blogshop:

Ribbon Bunny

Of course, we crack our head for the design of blog and pick up some knowledge about the blogshop such as how to order & etc.

At last we make it! This is our Fashion Blogshop - Ribbon Bunny

Our clothes need a perfect model! Without second thought, we invite our bestie, Miss Lim Lay Yee. Gorgeous with demon's body shape, YES, She is the one! Thanks to her, I don't even photoshop to make her skin looks nice, She already Looks nice. OMG!

We are quite new in this business, we just do whatever we can. Luckily Jess knows a little bit about blogshop because she did it before AND she shops A LOT! haha. Experience can come from there too. haha. I pick the right partner and do the right business Perhaps. 

Naturally Jess is also our model. Hiak Hiak:

For me, beside doing some documentation and execution, what I do the most will be Photo-shooting and Photo-editing. Haha. I am not Pro and still got a lot of things to Learn!

Well, we pray and hand in our business to God. May God bless us. We have some blessings from God already. Thank You so much.

Thanks to those who already and going to support us! We love you guys. Haha. 

So Here is the link of our Ribbon Bunny

and Remember to like our Facebook page ya.

Support Support lar~~~

Last but Not Least! .... HUAT AH!!!發 啊!!!