Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting Sentimental - Graduation is Just around the Corner

Long time didn't update my blog~ 
After all long thesis-making processes, finally I have mood and time to blog. 

Thesis is really not an easy task. But we (Chemical Engineering) have two. haha. It sounds crazy right? But it is TRUE!!! 
My projects on hand are

1. Design of Coal-based Entrained Flow Gasifier
2. Absorption of Carbon Dioxide into Aqueous Mixture of Glycerol and MEA

Thanks God, we are quite consistent in producing the products (The Two Thesis). So we didn't suffer in last minute work =) 

Thesis presentation in front of 2 industrial panels and 3 lecturers. They are not terrifying like last semester ( 7 panels). Perhaps we have prepared well. Thanks my gasifier comrades for sharing information. I feel so glad to be in the team.  

Suffers have gone and smiles have brighten
Hopefully our struggles and efforts are appreciated and rewarded

The happiness overfills the atmosphere. 
We shout out our relief and smile out our joy.

Not to forget,
The Last Class in my 18 years of being a student.
I don't really know should I be happy or sad. It signifies the good times in class fading away. 
Accept it or not, we are leaving the student life. The life fills with stresses and happiness + true friendship.

I have also submitted my two thesis. My beloved babies. Hope they really help me in securing my result. 
Even though we might feel stressful or miserable along the process, we won't really remember the bitterness but the sweet of our fruits. 

Classmates and I always feel super lucky and blessed to be in the batch 2010/2011. Although we are not the best batch (aspect from academic and curriculum), we are united and selfish-less! We work together and share with each other. They indeed help me a lot a lot! I love my classmates! 

My classmates love to ask, "Why you so ON in joining us recently?". Yes, I seldom join them in my 1st and 2nd year because I am busy with my activities. But... In this very last semester, I really appreciate the time with them and memory we have created... I think they just make me more and more reluctant to leave UM... So hope we are closed since the first day...   
So afraid I cry like a baby during our graduation trip. Oh No!

May our friendship last forever and ever~~~

Time flies, 4 years are going to end. 
Too much of things, I experience here. 
As the time goes, I am getting more and more sentimental. 
Perhaps, my friends make this place alive. 

I can't change the fact, but I choose to appreciate every moment we have. 
I enjoy whenever I can