Thursday, August 22, 2013

台湾。好山好水的花莲 - Natural HuaLian

Taiwan Beautiful Places? Where Where Where? 台湾你的美在哪啊?
Haha. Hua Lien 花莲 Lar~~~

People said: Transportation Problem lar~ 交通不方便。
Here I am going to share How Foreigners Play in Hua Lien 外国人 怎么玩 花莲。哈哈

I went there by Taiwan Train ~ hehe and Stay in Handy Hostel

台铁带我到花莲,然后住在 “图。方便”
NTD 350 Only ~ Quite Nice, Near to Train Station. They provide us HuaLien Map and Bicycle Rental - But Toilets are limited ;p

How to play HuaLien? Hmmm. Choices are:

1. 太鲁阁 (Taroko National Park)
2. 七星潭 (Chihsingtan Beach)

3. 观鲸观海豚 (Whalewatching)

4. 花莲市走走吃吃 (Hualien City Tour)

5. Many More - Unreachable without vehicles 


First day - Go Go Go Taroko National Park
第一站 - 太鲁阁
Taroko National Park is a Mountain-Park. Majestic Hills and Rocks are the main attractions. You will be amazed by the architecture and creation of God here. I like it. Tehheee. The mountains will block sunlight too. :p

How to travel around in Taroko National Park? 
By Bicycle, you will cycle till DRY or DIE.
Of course By Bus, there is a bus service bringing tourists into the Park from HuaLien Train Station.

Here is the Schedule - One Day Pass is just NTD 250. Buy One and Enjoy your time in Taroko Park
Here is the Bus Schedule to Taroko - 太鲁阁客运时间表
Bus schedule to Taroko - 太鲁阁客运时间表
Here are some photos:  
Taroko National Park Bus - 太鲁阁巴士
There are such tunnel along the way to a Water Fall. 
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
This is the Water Fall. hehe. Windy here. 
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
I met a Holland girl who is studying Mandarin in China. I was informed that DRUG is Legal in Holland! Wao! haha 

Here is Water Curtain Cave (水帘洞). I like the Chill inside the cave, so Cold and Relaxing especially during Hot Day~ BEST!
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park Water Curtain Cave- 花莲太鲁阁 - 水帘洞

Hualien Taroko National Park Water Curtain Cave- 花莲太鲁阁 - 水帘洞
Then the rest of the places:

Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Go with friends and take some crazy photos there. Remember to Enjoy the Fantastic Mountains views. hehe

The Next Stop is 
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭

Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
My slipper accompanies me wherever I go. Asadi the best. hahaha
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
The beach has no sand but special stones. Small and big, White Grey Black. The combination colours and beatifies the beach. So attractive and special.
So I play with the stones. haha
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
Who say Travelling Alone hard to take photos? I prove it is not. XD
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
Nice and unique Beach! But I have to take the last bus back to HuaLien town. Tata. 

Next Stop:
Zi Qiang Night Market - 自强夜市

It is a small small small night market but!!! There is super crowded! OMG ridiculous >.< People Mountain People Sea (Because it is Saturday)

I cannot believe a BBQ meat needs 3 hours!!! Flip eyes 翻白眼. So exaggerated. HAHA 

Even Fruit Juice, the queue is terribly long. T.T
Never mind I can wait and have 蒋家官财板。It is a bread with ingredients inside. It tastes good. hehe 


After long starving and waiting, my body needs some rest. So I call this a day~ Good Night!!!


Next Day (Sunday) 
I rent a bike with NTD 100 and get a map from the Handy Hostel. I cycle across streets in Hualien and visit some places. 

Hualien Map - 花莲地图
HuaLien Map - 花莲地图
Some important places are marked on the map o. 一些重点已经标记在上面咯。

Sunday is a worship day. I went to HuaLien City Christian Church (HCCC)
This is a young church with mainly young people. They are friendly and welcome me warmly. hehe 我会记得活泼快乐的你们,教会,加油!!!

After worshiping God, it is time to fill my stomach and taste Good Food in HuaLien.
First one is 
Goose Rice - 鹅肉先生 鹅肉饭
You can see queue here as this is really famous in HuaLien. Yummy. 

NTD 100 for this. The Meat is not bad and the Goose broth (汤汁) tastes GOOD! haha. 

Then I go to a Second-Hand Book Store -时光 1939.
Hmm, many people come here for reading. Order one Drink (Expensive) then you can sit comfortably and read the books inside. ^^

After that, I visit "Pine Tree Garden松园别馆"
It is a beautiful place but the sun makes me sleepy and uncomfortable. ><

I am trying to avoid sunlight, Sun please don't Burn me>< haha So funny.

It is time for High Tea. I have some buns.
There is Queue again =.=

The taste is... okok... haha...

Then I continue my cycling journey. I decided to go to ChiHsingTan Beach again for the stars~~~ hehe
You can cycle along the cycling path to the beach. Not very tiring. hehe 一路上的风抚摸我的脸,小小幸福感,快乐无言形。爽!

Luckily I have the chance to watch a COOL girl performing drum at the ChiHsingTan plaza. Her action, facial expression and drumming are so fascinating. She is pretty with the black glasses. hehe 帅气女鼓手,超猛的表演,好漂亮哦。CoolCool的表情+有水准的表演。真享受 ^.^ 

I lay on the stones and watch the stars. "Beautiful" is what I want to say. So nice~~~ 美丽星空,享受放空。台湾让我爱上赏星 <3 .

Then I cycle back to Hualien town (Be careful, it is quite dark during the return)

Next Food, Oyster omelette - 蚵仔煎

This is the best Oyster Omelette I have in Taiwan. But I still prefer Malaysia one (which make up of more eggs)

Then it is ICE time - I have tried 五霸包心粉圆
It costs me NTD 50 but is worthy! The ice is quite huge and tasty. hehe

Hualien - The beautiful city in Taiwan - I have conquered! Wohoo~ I like this place, the scenery and food. 
Hmmm... Next journey? Where should I go? 
Alisan, YiLan and JiuFen. Hope I have chance to go to these places. Tata ^^

Monday, August 12, 2013

台湾。小琉球+垦丁 - Escape to Little LiuQiu + Ken Ting

31/7 - 2/8/2013

Lab Workers Trip
Escape to Little Liu Qiu and Ken Ding~~~ 
实验室 逃离 到 小琉球 + 垦丁

I am very happy because I have the chance to follow a bunch of crazy friends to visit awesome places in Taiwan. Even though it costs me a lot, I have never regretted to follow them! This is one of my best memories in Taiwan! 台湾超难忘的旅程,也是我最最最享受的一次!

行程简单 - 高雄吃午餐 - 小琉球 - 垦丁
Simple Journey - Kao Hsiung for Lunch - Little Liu Qiu - Ken Ding 

小琉球 - Little Liu Qiu Island

Little Liu Qiu is an Island near Kao Hsiung. If I didn't follow them, I think I won't go there because I do not know about it. hehe. We have a lot of laughter and great memory together there. 小小琉球岛,意想不到我会留下脚印在那儿,这里是大家变熟的地方。开始慢慢high起来。哈哈。

We did a lot of things on this peaceful and relaxing island. 在岛上,还做了不少事。

Snorkeling 浮浅~~~ 
For the first time I wear a Full Length Snorkeling Costume. XD Never Had it in Malaysia. Say "No" to sunburn with this cloth. haha. Wasted my Sun Block "Aiya" ;p

蓝天,白云,冷水,绿山形成 美丽的画。

We saw Turtle and some fishes. Nothing very special for me ;p Snorkeling too much dy. haha. 看到海龟是最大的收获,还两只叻。哈哈

对了,忘了介绍,我们的基地 - 
首瓦设计民宿 Show Watt HomeStay
设计很不错,舒服的床,舒服的环境。我很喜欢它的客厅,就是厕所让人害羞,没门的,往房间的墙还是玻璃做的。害羞~~~> ,<
Nice Nice Homestay. Comfortable and Relaxing. Just the Transparent wall in the Toilet is Making us Shy Shy. haha

民以食为天,吃饭去咯。一个人 NTD 300 的“烤烤餐”。肉,花枝,菇类,鸡翅膀,生蚝,“Lala" ,面包还有生啤酒。好好吃,但很臭。哈哈。我都被熏得快落泪了。吃吃吃,结果剩下超大只得花枝没吃。太饱了,没办法~~~
BBQ Time with Sumptuous food. Nice Nice. Sit beside the sea and enjoy Food + Fun with all of them. wohooo~~~

Next is another Awesome Activity. Night Walk. haha. 小琉球夜游记
A guide brings all of us to Ride around Little LiuQiu. We see flowers, birds, special stones, crabs and many more. The Best Part is "The Star". First time Enjoy the Stars so much and See a Meteor. <3. So wonderful and impressive. haha. The photo is taken by MaoMao with his Pro-Camera. 第一次看到小流星,第一次发现星空超漂亮。爱上了“赏星”。超棒的夜游 ^.^ 

After "Night Walk", it is time for the most enjoyable moment! Game Time. Card game is totally unavoidable in any trip. haha. We laugh crazily and sound like mad people. 夜晚到了,不是睡觉的时间,是玩卡片的时光。Ber少和千千介绍的 “水果盘” 游戏,让大家都疯了。大喊大叫,还好没震坏房子。超High 的啦。爽!!!3 点早上 才甘愿睡。;p

The next day, we plan to tour around in Little LiuQiu at 6 am in the morning, meaning we have 3 hours sleeping time. But, FAILED jor~hahaha. 说好的6点起床环岛呢?哈哈。
After breakfast, we continue our tour again. Never Give Up. 骑电子机车环岛噜~~~


Done with Little LiuQiu Island, It is time to have Lunch and Go Ken Ting lor~~~ 出发去垦丁啦~~~

垦丁 - Ken Ting

Example以下,明白了吧。KenTing is the most suitable place to play water. Super tiring yet super exciting 3 in 1 water sport. hoho.

虽然下着雨,我们还是继续玩。哈哈。还玩“水果盘”。无忧无虑,享受大海,欢欢喜喜,乐透了~~~ Splashing water with laughter and without any burdens. Total Relax and Utter Enjoy!
重点:香蕉船翻后,94哥(194cm 高) 大喊说:扁姐(165 +- cm),救我!哈哈 ;p

After ended the water Party, we head to our Hotel~~~
Hotel de Plus - +乐水 design Hostel
Nice and High Class Hostel. I love it even though it is far from Ken Ting town.

Outside View:

Hostel :

Checked in and rest for awhile then we head to Ken Ting Night Market - 垦丁大街
Expensive and crowded place. haha. 大街都是贵货。是想逼死我这种穷人哦? 哈哈

回到 Hostel 后,还为我们的扁姐庆生,还是Starbuck的蛋糕叻,超高级的!

After Birthday celebration... of course it is TIME FOR GAMES!!! Wohooo~~~Killer Time. Wakaka
这次我们玩 “杀手”,台湾版的。死人可以控告他/她怀疑的人,被控告的人又可以控告另一个人。到省最后三个人时,两个人要握手,握到杀手的话,就算杀手赢了。哈哈哈。我觉得这玩法,不错啦,很快又很好闹别人。大家都玩疯了。很爽!我这杀手还赢了一次。哈哈哈哈。从此,我就被叫 “戏精”。我只不过爱演了一点而已嘛~~~XD

这也是我们大家共同美好的回忆,超Enjoy的。Super LIKE!!!


The Next Morning, Raining Cats and Dogs, No Sun rise. T.T
So we have our Breakfast in Hotel de Plus. The breakfast set is quite good and a lot. I am super FULL lor. haha.
Get ready to check out but before that we still play some card games. haha

On the way to Lunch, we stop at a place and for photo shooting~~~

Photos before leaving Hotel de Plus. haha... 全都是 戏子!!!


After that, we have a sumptuous western food and visited Ken Ting Aquarium. Then this marks the end of our Fantastic Trip. 超好吃的午餐和垦丁海生馆后,我们就上路回家啦。而我,就在步入另一个旅程 - 往花莲 前进! 哈哈。

The best moment in Taiwan is this Trip! Undeniable and Memorable. I enjoy the time with all of them. I appreciate the time left in Taiwan with them. They have become my Comfort Zone. haha. Like this group of people. Thanks God for giving me a chance to be one of the members in the Lab!
WoHooooo~~~~~ hahaha