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台湾。好山好水的花莲 - Natural HuaLian

Taiwan Beautiful Places? Where Where Where? 台湾你的美在哪啊?
Haha. Hua Lien 花莲 Lar~~~

People said: Transportation Problem lar~ 交通不方便。
Here I am going to share How Foreigners Play in Hua Lien 外国人 怎么玩 花莲。哈哈

I went there by Taiwan Train ~ hehe and Stay in Handy Hostel

台铁带我到花莲,然后住在 “图。方便”
NTD 350 Only ~ Quite Nice, Near to Train Station. They provide us HuaLien Map and Bicycle Rental - But Toilets are limited ;p

How to play HuaLien? Hmmm. Choices are:

1. 太鲁阁 (Taroko National Park)
2. 七星潭 (Chihsingtan Beach)

3. 观鲸观海豚 (Whalewatching)

4. 花莲市走走吃吃 (Hualien City Tour)

5. Many More - Unreachable without vehicles 


First day - Go Go Go Taroko National Park
第一站 - 太鲁阁
Taroko National Park is a Mountain-Park. Majestic Hills and Rocks are the main attractions. You will be amazed by the architecture and creation of God here. I like it. Tehheee. The mountains will block sunlight too. :p

How to travel around in Taroko National Park? 
By Bicycle, you will cycle till DRY or DIE.
Of course By Bus, there is a bus service bringing tourists into the Park from HuaLien Train Station.

Here is the Schedule - One Day Pass is just NTD 250. Buy One and Enjoy your time in Taroko Park
Here is the Bus Schedule to Taroko - 太鲁阁客运时间表
Bus schedule to Taroko - 太鲁阁客运时间表
Here are some photos:  
Taroko National Park Bus - 太鲁阁巴士
There are such tunnel along the way to a Water Fall. 
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
This is the Water Fall. hehe. Windy here. 
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
I met a Holland girl who is studying Mandarin in China. I was informed that DRUG is Legal in Holland! Wao! haha 

Here is Water Curtain Cave (水帘洞). I like the Chill inside the cave, so Cold and Relaxing especially during Hot Day~ BEST!
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park Water Curtain Cave- 花莲太鲁阁 - 水帘洞

Hualien Taroko National Park Water Curtain Cave- 花莲太鲁阁 - 水帘洞
Then the rest of the places:

Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Hualien Taroko National Park - 花莲太鲁阁
Go with friends and take some crazy photos there. Remember to Enjoy the Fantastic Mountains views. hehe

The Next Stop is 
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭

Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
My slipper accompanies me wherever I go. Asadi the best. hahaha
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
The beach has no sand but special stones. Small and big, White Grey Black. The combination colours and beatifies the beach. So attractive and special.
So I play with the stones. haha
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
Who say Travelling Alone hard to take photos? I prove it is not. XD
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
Chihsingtan Beach - 七星潭
Nice and unique Beach! But I have to take the last bus back to HuaLien town. Tata. 

Next Stop:
Zi Qiang Night Market - 自强夜市

It is a small small small night market but!!! There is super crowded! OMG ridiculous >.< People Mountain People Sea (Because it is Saturday)

I cannot believe a BBQ meat needs 3 hours!!! Flip eyes 翻白眼. So exaggerated. HAHA 

Even Fruit Juice, the queue is terribly long. T.T
Never mind I can wait and have 蒋家官财板。It is a bread with ingredients inside. It tastes good. hehe 


After long starving and waiting, my body needs some rest. So I call this a day~ Good Night!!!


Next Day (Sunday) 
I rent a bike with NTD 100 and get a map from the Handy Hostel. I cycle across streets in Hualien and visit some places. 

Hualien Map - 花莲地图
HuaLien Map - 花莲地图
Some important places are marked on the map o. 一些重点已经标记在上面咯。

Sunday is a worship day. I went to HuaLien City Christian Church (HCCC)
This is a young church with mainly young people. They are friendly and welcome me warmly. hehe 我会记得活泼快乐的你们,教会,加油!!!

After worshiping God, it is time to fill my stomach and taste Good Food in HuaLien.
First one is 
Goose Rice - 鹅肉先生 鹅肉饭
You can see queue here as this is really famous in HuaLien. Yummy. 

NTD 100 for this. The Meat is not bad and the Goose broth (汤汁) tastes GOOD! haha. 

Then I go to a Second-Hand Book Store -时光 1939.
Hmm, many people come here for reading. Order one Drink (Expensive) then you can sit comfortably and read the books inside. ^^

After that, I visit "Pine Tree Garden松园别馆"
It is a beautiful place but the sun makes me sleepy and uncomfortable. ><

I am trying to avoid sunlight, Sun please don't Burn me>< haha So funny.

It is time for High Tea. I have some buns.
There is Queue again =.=

The taste is... okok... haha...

Then I continue my cycling journey. I decided to go to ChiHsingTan Beach again for the stars~~~ hehe
You can cycle along the cycling path to the beach. Not very tiring. hehe 一路上的风抚摸我的脸,小小幸福感,快乐无言形。爽!

Luckily I have the chance to watch a COOL girl performing drum at the ChiHsingTan plaza. Her action, facial expression and drumming are so fascinating. She is pretty with the black glasses. hehe 帅气女鼓手,超猛的表演,好漂亮哦。CoolCool的表情+有水准的表演。真享受 ^.^ 

I lay on the stones and watch the stars. "Beautiful" is what I want to say. So nice~~~ 美丽星空,享受放空。台湾让我爱上赏星 <3 .

Then I cycle back to Hualien town (Be careful, it is quite dark during the return)

Next Food, Oyster omelette - 蚵仔煎

This is the best Oyster Omelette I have in Taiwan. But I still prefer Malaysia one (which make up of more eggs)

Then it is ICE time - I have tried 五霸包心粉圆
It costs me NTD 50 but is worthy! The ice is quite huge and tasty. hehe

Hualien - The beautiful city in Taiwan - I have conquered! Wohoo~ I like this place, the scenery and food. 
Hmmm... Next journey? Where should I go? 
Alisan, YiLan and JiuFen. Hope I have chance to go to these places. Tata ^^

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