Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chapter 14 - Hongdae - Release your Youth Energy (Language Cast, Trickeye Eye Museum & HalloKitty Cafe)

Hongdae, Seoul
(Or Hongkik University Area)
Youth Hanging out area. Here is always crowded with people. Energetic and Lively.
Fashion, Cosmetic shops, Clubs, pubs and others are all here ^^

How to go?
Subway Line 2, Hongkik University Station. Simple^^

Firstly I found interesting of here is because of this activity... 
Language Cast
What's so special about it?
Hmmm... Let's start with questions.
Have you ever talked to strangers from all over the world with a coffee on your hand? 
Have you ever learned something like foreign language in a cafe? 

Yup!!! All above happen in The Language Cast.
1. You can know New Friends especially from all over the world. 
2. You can learn New Languages from New Foreign Friends.
3. You can practice your English and Korean here in Korea! 

It is crowded with people with different skin colours, eye colours, countries, languages and sizes. haha
I was stunned at first, Because you want me to talk to a stranger!!! Oh Gosh!
Haha, But I love it since the first Time!!! hehe

Friends I know last time ^^

For More information, Go here:

For Hongdae's Language Cast,
It will be on every Monday Night @ Chloris Tea & Coffee.
Around 8pm will start introduction session ^^

How to get there? (LanguageCast Hongdae)
From Hong-ik University Subway Station, take exit #9 and keep walking straight ahead for about 100 meters until you see an intersection. Make a left and go up the hill toward Hong-il University. You will pass by Starbucks on your left and Frisbee on your right. After you pass Frisbee on your right, you will see Giordano. The meetup venue is on the 2nd floor of Giordano. It's called "Chloris Tea & Coffee".

Next, I would like to highlight The...
TrickEye Museum 

There are Paints, Pictures, Statues, Solids and others that Trick you eyes ^^ Blink Blink... 
Let's look at some photos... 

Oh Gosh, Smelly!!!

Thief ... hehe... Professional! 

Super Skill!!!

Yup, I am waiting for my beloved partner. haha...

Ok Ok, I know I am famous! haha

Yeah~ cannot stop from being an angel...Opps ><

Money!!!! Dollar or Ringgit??? haha... 

Trapped... I need more time!!! haha

Wahaha... New hair Style...hehe

I love my bag, IT can contain a big Sushi!

King of the day! haha

I am sexy and I know it. haha

Let's Fight!!!

Separated!!!??? What!!!???

Go Away!!!

~ The End~ 
How much? Hmmm... 13000Won for adult. 11000 for kids.
 If go with a group of 20, will be cheaper.

How to go there?
Exit 9 from Hong-ik University Station. Walk Straight First (Don't turn left first when you come out from the exit) , Then Turn LEFT when you see the Second Junction. Walk straight until you see Starbucks Coffee Shop, Then Cross the road to the opposite(You will see Holika Holika). Then walk Straight, you will see the sight of the museum! ^^

Yaya... after the Museum, Let's have High Tea in 
Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae

It is a lovely cafe, You will scream if you are Hello-Fans. Haha

All designs are Hello Kitty. So Kitty is Everywhere!

The Food and Drink there are also in Hello Kitty Shape...Hehe...Yummy

Cute Right? Hehe...Go and have a try... There is one in Sinchon too^^

How to go To Hongdae's Hello Kitty Cafe?
Exit 9 from Hong-ik University Station. Walk Straight First (Don't turn left first when you come out from the exit) , Then Turn LEFT when you see the Second Junction. Walk straight until you see Starbucks Coffee Shop. A little bit more straight you will see a big and crowded street at you right hand side. Cross to the opposite and Walk Straight and The cafe is at your left.

Hongdae is Famous with Clubs and Pubs too
 You can easily get more information from the internet ^^
The Special of this area is...
The Last Friday of Each Month, you can get into 11 clubs with only a 15000Won Ticket ^^ Hehe...
I am not a clubbing boy, so I didn't go la...^^ hehe

Hongdae is really an interesting area in Seoul. It is a good Shopping Area too^^

To Be Continued...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chapter 13 : Myeong-dong 明洞 - Korea Crazy Shopping Hot Spot

I know it is a bit late. But I really wish to write about this wonderful Shopping Street.

What actually is Myeong-dong About? 
Myeong-dong is an extremely Famous Shopping Area in Seoul, Korea. 

As you can see from the map above.. There are thousands of Shops inside this little District ^^
Natural Republic, Missha, Tonymoly, TheFaceShop, Etude House, etc (Cosmetics)
Fashion? To name a few, Forever21, NewBalance, and Many MORE!!!
Food, Street Stuff, Promotions, Free Duty Shop are all Here!

Let's have a look of Real Situation of Myeong-dong.

People Mountain People Sea!!!

Crowded and it is Full of People!!!

Tourists love to come to Myeong-dong...
You can bankrupt if You cannot control in here... So be careful^^

How to go Myeong-dong?
1. Bus.
2. Subway (Line 2 to Euljilo (1)-ga Station)
(Line 4 to Myeong-dong Station)

Here is really a highly recommended place for Cosmetic and Fashion Items Purchase ^^
Everything is in there... Just Go and Have Fun...
Although the things there are not the cheapest ^^

To be continued...