Friday, July 6, 2012

Chapter 7 : Majestic Palace - Gyeongbokgung

Grey Sky with countless water droplets.
Yup, it is a raining rain ... OMG!!!
Never mind, I am still dedicated to visit the historical Palace in Seoul. 

Main Royal Palace and Heart of the Joseon Dynasty for 500 years.
Wao, why I know? From tourist guide book.. wakaka.

We only see those buildings in Korean Drama. 
Thanks God, I have the chance to touch and feel it. hehe... ^^

Due to the rain, the quality of photos are affected... T.T Whatever. hehe

Guards? hehe... ancient one... 

There should be sort of  marching performance,
but due to the rain, they only show simple position shifting. 

"Come on, kill me la..." haha... <evil laugh>

See, Magnificent and Majestic !!! 

The inner part of the beautiful palace:

Only see this in Drama... Love this photo feel : 

My house? haha...

This is awesome too, my home, haha

Yah, this is the best view!!! haha... 
Nice right? I love this very much...

The Area is Huge and there are several palaces too.
This Gyeongbokgung entrance fee is 3000 Won. Affordable and worthy.
Advice : Go on sunny day and bring the most pro camera there. hehe

Beside this, there is 
The National Folk Museum of Korea
 No camera allowed. hehe...
The museum is ... not bad not bad... Historical Stuffs inside...^^

Outer view:

Demonstration of earlier age street in Korea.

Hmm...Done with the palace... and then? 
Of course Go
Gwanghwamun Square
It is just In front of the main gate of the palace ^^

These two statues lead me to another interesting spots :
The Story of King Sejong and The Story of Admiral Yi Sunshin

Multimedia Presentation with Multiple Screen^^ 

If I am not wrong...
King Sejong is the creator of Korean Language.
Reasons? hehe... Google it lar ~

Knee~~~ I am the King now!!! 
I want Chatime and Cheese Cake!!! Immediately! haha

Ship of the Admiral

Let's Jump!!! to the next location:
Near to Cheonggye Plaza

There are some booths selling things and a river just beside the spiral tower.

View at night

And this marks the end of the half-day under the rain trip to Gwanghwamun.
Just use Subway Orange line to GyeongBokGung Station...^^

Okie. Back to dorm and watch Korean Drama. Rooftop Prince!!! Addicted...

To be continued... 

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