Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life Of PI - Review

Life of Pi
Directed by Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee.
This is one of the reason I want to watch this!

Thanks Nuffnang and Twentieth Century Fox for the 3D Premiere Screening

PI, why his name is PI? 
This is quite interesting and you will definitely laugh for it.

Curiosity Kills a cat,
but in this movie, Curiosity saves a cat! haha
PI is an interesting boy, he has many religions too. I wonder which God will save him (You will understand this after you have watched the movie)

His Journey is pretty Long and Graphic of Movie makes it to be wonderful. 
 If he is with a pretty girl, I think he will be happy but, he is "sailing" with a Tiger. Wao
What will happen? haha

The journey has never been easy for him especially along with a Tiger! 
Food is critical for him as well.

The movie is all about PI, Tiger and the Boat.
It is a calm and has little profundity (内涵).
No Climax for me, but just a steady story line.

But this movie contents a very interesting and realistic meaning behind.
Notice the End of the Movie ya...

Enjoy and may be you will like it ^^

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