Saturday, December 1, 2012

My English Name? What la!?

Haiz, Always Headache when thinking of owning an English Name.
English name is easier to be remembered, easier to introduce myself, easier to ... 

Not my Chinese name not good la, just hard to remember only @@ 
People always forget one =.=

Hmmm, I think about it ~~~

First Idea...
Demostrate :
 " Hi, I am Mike Tee (Mighty), currently a University Student. "

Wao, Mighty!!! People will think of this :

But actually I am only this :

Oops, Abandoned, Be humble ok?

Well, next, what else?
Johnson, Baby Johnson, Thomas, blablablaaaaa~ ~ ~

Ok, Second idea.
Got People call themselves “Sky”
Wah, Sky? Then I choose Sea lo.

BUT!!! End up to be
“Hi, I am Sea Tee, currently a University Student, and I am not Indo Maid ok?”

Walao Eh, Abandoned immediately. I do not want to be Siti, ok?

Ok, Fine, just call me HangChung Tee.
Chung Tee
(冲茶) - In Cantonese/Mandarin.
(Meaning "Make Tea")

“Hi, I am Chung Tee, currently a University Student, and I will not make a cup of tea for you, Thanks”

Err… Ok ok ok, I decided….
Just Call me
Hang Chung ^.^
郑汉忠 震撼 中

I am Just me 
Not need to think too much. Yeah~ haha…

And I am … just … too… Free?
No la, Blog to have fun only. Keke.

p/s: If you think my blog is interesting^^, do not hesitate to follow me ya^^ I need followers. haha. Thanks A lot, and hopefully you enjoy reading. haha

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