Friday, December 28, 2012

Relaxation After First Paper "堕落"

27-12-2012 (Thursday)
First Final (Stimulation) of my Third Year First Semester. It is 35%!!!
It is a computer based programming sort of Test. 
Well ~ I never Get Final Answers Correctly for all Computer-based Tests since my First Year.
This time it happens AGAIN!!! Even the questions look like past year + I practice for that also.
Emo? Frustrated? 4.0 Gone? 

So I decided !!! (Even Before The Test)
Go Sunway Lagoon to play first... Haha...  
Why Tiba-Tiba Go Sunway Lagoon o?
Because ... Thanks to Mathew's Brother(Kenneth)'s Wife(Shareen)'s relatives.
They Brought Tickets but were unable to Go.
So Masuk Pocket Saya

After Exam, Emo, Cannot Answer ... Down Face:

Got Free Tickets to Sunway Lagoon o... Smile Face:

Go with Samuel (Matthew's Brother)

Hmmm, We share The Entrance fee of Samuel, So one person RM30. (Admission fee = RM90)
Sunway Lagoon is Not Attractive and Not Exciting for me. RM90 is just too expensive O.O
But they are building a new game, Hopefully they will not increase the price again.
Note : The lastest 5D movie in Water Park is GOOD haha... 
So we checked out after 3 hours inside the theme parks. 
It still cheers me up though ^^

Another reason for checking out is... Too Hungry. XD
So we have Cheap+Delicious McD for lunch... Yummy
McD Chicken Sets
Starving Matthew

After some rest at home + few LOL games, we headed Midvalley for
FREE Delicious Tea Set
Free Again??? Haha
Because Jess and roommates brought the voucher together and wanted to have awesome outing.
Who knows, they were too busy and no time to spend the Voucher. (I take it as a Birthday Present from Jess la, Sympathize her as she pays all by her own ma) 
So Masuk Pocket Saya Again

Delicious MidValley

ShyShy Samuel
After awhile ~ 
The Tea Set ... High Class leh~~~

Some people love to remove their Spec before taking a photo. I want to try and see~


HAHA XD... Both Handsome lo. 

The Tea Set looked small, but it made us FULL!
Overall, the Food taste is Not Bad... hehe

Here some leftover we kept for Jess one. (Decorated nicely one)

I call Today as Free Stuff Day~~~
Firstly is Free Sunway Lagoon Ticket
Secondly is Free Delicious Tea Set

Is Not I Hiao/Lazy/Give up. Just the Lure of Free Stuff is too Strong! haha
Played for a whole day, Feel Guilty now.(-.- ''') .. and get some Motivation to study already.

Ok, it is time for me to Fight Fight Fight!!!
No 4.0, 3.9 also Good a... haha (DayDreaming again)
Excited for the End of my Finals ^^ Yeah~~~


  1. Replies
    1. Wakaka... See Super Open now... But still new to study >,<

  2. wow! still can get 3.9, really top of the top already, one subject shouldnt affect that much on you :)

    1. Ace L, Sorry har... is hope to get... not I got already...wakaka...
      So impossible to get CGPA 3.9 de ok? haha