Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) - Review

Jack Reacher? Who that? 
Ai yoyo, He is 
Tom Cruise

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The Handsome Tom Cruise
 The main attraction of this movie is definitely Tom Cruise.
Although he is getting old, he is still charming and handsome!!! haha

Jack is sort of super inspector. He knows everything and can guess most of the things.
Perfect huh? haha

The storyline is rather creative and never boring.
Tom cruise who is a "Ghost" status in the movie. He helps a lovely lawyer (Helen) to investigate a case. They just want to prove Jack's friend to be innocent. The beginning of the story will make you feel curious and start to wonder the purposes of the scene. Then of course, investigation of the case and endeavour to solve the case. JiangJiangJiang, Nothing is difficult for Tom Cruise right? Yaya...haha

8/10 for the movie! Nice and worth to watch... Tom Cruise. haha

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  1. best story