Friday, December 14, 2012

L’Oréal Brainstorm 2013 - We enter Semi-Final - Thanks God

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Yup, Recently what you see and get annoyed because I keep asking you to like the picture... Is Because
I am joining
L’Oréal Brainstorm 2013!!!
It is a marketing strategy competition where we have to squeeze our brain juice to think ideas to boost sales and attract more people to be L’Oréal Paris customers.

Engineering student, so "KePo" to join marketing competition pula...
Cannot meh? Cannot meh? hahaha... I syok lo. 
May be I am a good marketer leh... Who knows ... haha...

Here is the team... The Mastermind ^^
 Hafiz (Business Student), LayYee (Law Student) and Me(Future Engineer)

Join for Fun? Yes
Join for experience? Yes
Then? Join to Go Paris la!!! haha...
The National Champion (Malaysia) will be going to PARIS next year...
Anticipating and excited for that!!! I wannnnnnnntttttt... 

Here comes the supporter, Jess Ngo

Nervous for the Preliminary Round.
We are required to choose a range of  L’Oréal Paris Haircare and Styling products then strive to get ideas to boost sales and attract customers.

We Chose
Elvive Colour-Protect

Hehe... What strategy did we use? hmmm... Long Story and P&C ok? haha
Thanks God, Thanks L’Oréal Malaysia, Thanks judges, We manage to enter Semi-Final.
Although it is just semi-final, we really appreciate the chance and definitely DO OUR BEST!!!

Ok, Better prepare for the Semi-Final (In January) ;p

Before The End, HELPS needed... Hehe ^^
We want to GET L'Oreal Brandstorm People's Choice Award.

Can ma? Can ma? Really Can? Please lar~~~ Support us by :

1. Like this page: 

L’Oréal Talent Recruitment Malaysia

2. Then like this photo (by click THIS LINK)

The Mastermind - L’Oréal Brainstorm 2013 Semi-Finalist.
I look so emo? WHY??? no idea... I cannot feel strong Heart Beat pun...haha...(Be humble)

Oright, Help us Like the Photo and 
The Mastermind, Go Go Go!!! ^.^
Be The Finalist and Go PARIS!

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