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Fear Factor invades Malaysia!!! - Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia

Fear Factor!!!
Argggghhhhhh ~~~  
Fear is What we all have. There is nobody don't have fear. Agree?
Look At THIS!!!
One Word to Describe:
Exciting!? No lo. Is 

I never imagine to be one of the participates who are immersed in Blood, Sleep with Snakes and Eat animals' eyes. Vomit [ >。< ]

Those are all in US and others. 
BUT!!! Good News is ... 
Fear is Invading Malaysia
Fear factor is HERE!!!

This season is the Astro's Fear factor Selebriti Malaysia.
Aaron Aziz is the Host for this "Scary yet Challenging" Show.
Hot and Good Looking Guy
More information, Go to:

"Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia is going to be on Channel 104 and 134 of Astro soon!
 29 December 2012, every Saturday on 9pm.
*Remember to Watch ya..."

To Talk about The Show 
Never think that "Malaysia punya Version Sure Tak Best la"
No No No... Let's see this ... then GooseBump will Fill you!!!

Fear will make you ShakeShakeShake and Nervoussszzz. 
Seems to be easy But Fear will make you fail !
Snakes in the videos and Height of the challenge,etc in the Show are sufficiently Astonishing me and "Walao Eh, So SCARyyyyyyyyy >.<|||
There are some challenges that seem to be life-threatening... Perhaps this is why it is called "Fear Factor".
I wonder can Malaysians accept all the terrifying games in Fear Factor US? Oops 

After watching the trailer, videos and photos of the Celebrities...

I think Zaween will win ...right? haha
Because He has convincing body and coolness in his eyes.
Zaween will show he mighty muscles to the Snakes and Snakes will be scared away. Haha XD

It is pretty exciting to be one of the participants although it might increase my heart beat to unacceptable rate. Haha

If I am the participant... I wonder what am I really fear... 
Clouds on my head...

Height : 
I love and always want to try Bungee Jump.
But imagine walking on a string at a height of 100 meters and there are thousands of bees or bats flying around me... Wah~!!! I have to overcome my fear of height and aware of the attacks of flying "monsters". I think I will get Heart Disease...  

Disgusting Food :
Food like inserts are still acceptable. But Animals' testicles, eye balls, intestines, juice of brains... 
Vomit, Vomit and Vomit!!! 
"Eye's Cow Juice Drinking" in Fear Factor US

But Biggest Fear in my life is :
I Don't actually have a fear that makes me feel Afraid until I get phobia.
But if really think of one fear, it will be...

Quiet Dark Area

My imagination is the main cause of this fear.
When my surrounding is dark (except during Sleeping time), my brain will automatically pop out some horrifying thoughts. Ghosts? People? Unidentified creatures?

When at home, I used to be the last person to sleep. And of course I have to switch off all the light before I go in my room. Then that is the moment where imagination starts to come in after all lights are off... I will walk as quickly as I can to enter my room. Even when I am going to some places which is dark and quiet to take something, I will feel extra fear due to many imagination appears in my mind >.< When I see light, only my heart beat is back to normal... ...
That's why I always think twice or infinity times before I entering Ghost House, my imaginations will definitely make me Scream!!!

In my mind, what actually can make me fear until I lose control???
I believe Fear Factor will let me know the Answer.

“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!” 

So, to challenge myself and test my limits of fear.

Let's Join FEAR FACTOR to test and challenge ourselves!!!

Fear, I do not Afraid of YOU!!!


( After One Week)
Yeah~~~ I got an email and am invited to join Fear Factor House Challenge (For Bloggers)
Hahaha. So excited and ready to conquer the challenge !!! 

Here comes the Story ~~~

Jess, LayYee and I (The warriors) arrived Sunway Piramid early in the morning. Our moods? 
Nothing to be afraid, we want the Prizes!!!
By the way, what are the prizes? 

Grand Prize
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.9GHz
RM1,500 Cash

1st Runner Up
Canon EOS 650D kit (EFS 18-55 IS II)

2nd Runner Up
The New Apple iPad 64GB

Now you understand why we join right? haha

Okie, First thing to do, register and change cloth
I super love the T-shirt (Fear Factor ASTRO), Simple and Nice (From bottom of my heart ok?) This is the proof I joined Fear Factor before. Hohoho... 

Registered and Put on Paper Wrist with lucky draw numbers?

While waiting for all bloggers to be there, we took photos crazily. Haha

Ready for Conquer the Fears?

Answer : "Yes, but scare scare leh"

Ok, to Encourage ourselves:
Fear Factor only ma, So what? Haha

The surrounding... Well Set -Up and ready to spread the Fear huh? 

The stage is just Nice for photo shooting...
Goodies from ASTRO. Recycle bag, Water bottles and etc are inside the bag. hehe

The Three Challengers:

Took some "Challenges" pictures... Oh No, disgusting... Eels? >,<

Mummy, I am So Scared...Haha... Kidding lo... 

Specially prepared this illusion place for us to take photos ^^

OK, done with all the Pre-Fear Situation. Now it is the time to talk about the Fear Factor Challenges I experience... Hiak Hiak ~

4 challenges for 30 bloggers. (OMG, 4!!!?)
1st Fear
Find Three Marbles in Soil (contents small creatures like worms inside)
30 seconds to get 3 marbles
I was sooooo nervous, Afraid will lose in the first round ma...haha

Actually the Lucky Numbers on the paper Wrist are the Sequence of challengers. haha

Lay Yee is 11, so she is the first one among three of us...
Feel Nervous even I am not her! haha
Many bloggers failed to find 3 marbles, this made us Lagi Nervous.

 Yes, She did it... pretty fast too. haha

My Turn now...

Hoho, Haha, I made it as well ... hehe... 
Thanks God, I managed to find the three marbles. Or else, I will sad die...haha

Jess also made it in this very first round.

2nd Fear
Catch 5 frogs
Sorry to say, Frogs are nothing for me.
Succeed in 10 +++ Seconds. hehe
Jess Lagi Fast. 10 seconds Done dy... wao... Fantastic Jessy.

3rd Fear
Find Flags in the Dark
Hmm... Once you think of the prizes, dark is nothing as well. haha... 
Flags are hidden in some holes, Grab all out then Win lo.
I spent 15 seconds? Forgot dy... haha... Not Tough

Final Fears
Find Key in a Snake Cage
This round is really a scary one. 2 Super Big Snakes are kept in a cage. And bloggers have to go inside and find a KEY to unlock the FINAL door. 
Sadly To say, I search all the trees inside the cage, and the ground as well... I even touch the snakes... but... Still... Cannot FIND the key >.< Haiz... Fail in this round, my MacPro Gone...~~~ T.T

Although I win nothing, I still feel Proud to be there... Haha... Never Regret.
They also give us a photo as a memory as well ...

Jess and I manage to complete until the Snake Game. Haha... The supreme warriors. Our faces mean...
"Nothing to Fear" ? haha

Took photo with Handsome nuffies as well.. Darren Low. hehe

Spent a morning there... But we actually really enjoy it. Although the feel of disappointment is there, at least we have the precious chance to experience it. 
Fear Factor, another Great Experience in my life and 2012 ^^ 

The Best Part is, ASTRO, a generous company, gives everyone a present. haha... The box and the bag I am holding.
It contents a cup, book and most important a 8GB Thumb Drive.. hoho. Thanks ASTRO

Have A lunch together and it is time to say Good Bye... Hehe... 

They also Edited a video for that event... haha...
Jess, LayYee and I seem like main characters... shyshy*
Click and view here ^^

 Don't Forget to Support 
Fear Factor Selebriti Malaya

Once Again
More information, Go to:

"Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia is going to be on Channel 104 and 134 of Astro, every Saturday on 9pm.
*Remember to Watch ya..."

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