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Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go "Explosion" in Sunway Pyramid

Last Saturday (18/5/2013) you guys most probably see A Lot of Astro photos popping on my Facebook wall, Twitter and Instagram. What actually is Going On there? In Sunway Pyramid? 

Yup, I joined an undeniably awesome 
Astro Explorer-On-The-Go Blogger Event @ Sunway Pyramid. 

Astro is launching its latest User-Friendly and Advanced Program which is Astro On-The-Go 
( More Info, please Click Banner Below)

In conjunction with the launching, Astro has organized a Special Explorer-On-The-Go event in Sunway Pyramid to "Scream" the Good News Out ^^

Honestly, Astro is really generous in giving out prizes like latest iPhone, Samsung (S4), iPad and etc. Astro amazes me and earns a "Bravo" from me. Whenever there are Astro Events (Fear Factor, Astro Explorer On-The-Go, etc.), there are Abundant and Luxurious prizes. (From Deep of my heart - Not Smarming Astro ok?

If you are curious "What is the Event all about", I am going to bring you guys to 
Astro Explorer-On-The-Go "Replay" Journey 

Start Engine,Bungbungbungggg and Let's Go:

Route 1 : 50 Bloggers are chosen and invited by Nuffnang to Join Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go Event in Sunway. * Yeay! I am the Chosen One, hoho

Route 2 : Jie Ying and Jess are going together with me to Sunway Pyramid to Take the Challenges^^ (Can we win? O.o,slapped, Of course Can lar~)

What are the prizes? O.o
Grand Prize
2 x Samsung Galaxy S4 + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
1st Runner Up
2 x Apple iPad Mini + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
2nd Runner Up
2 x Nexus 7 + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)

Now you understand the meaning of "Abundant and Luxurious" already right?  

Route 3 : Register, Put on Astro's Explorer-OTG T-shirt and Meet up my Partner Gnesop.
(I never meet Gnesop before, till that day, He is an awesome partner, he supplies his Wifi (Data Plan) and is energetic just like me ;p. Great Match haha XD)
Extraordinary Style of my Team Photo XD
We are Team #10
Route 4 : Ipads and survivor kits are distributed by Astro to every challenger. 
(Yahoo~ First time Own an ipad, but Temporary XD. iPad is the gaming tool that used in the challenges and Pocket wifi is given too. So "In and High Tech".Wao~)
  (Survivor kits consist of food, drink and it is easy to carry along. So sweet from Astro ^^)

Astro On-The-Go App is inside the iPad for Games Purpose.
Route 5 : Start the Challenge After Briefing ~ (Super Nervous)

*The Challenge is just like Amazing Race, but it is 
Sunway Pyramid Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go Amazing Race

In the iPad given, there is a Quest App for the game. 
Challengers are required to :

1. Find the Correct Locations in Sunway Pyramid according to the quest
2. Answer one question at each station
3. Scan QR code or Snap a photo to share on Facebook and Twitter.
4. Click "Next" to Get new quest location and new question. 
Simple yet super challenging race. XD

This is the part I enjoy the most and I am impressed by the creativity of the Game Masters. 
They related all the stations with all channels and shows provided by Astro On-The-Go service. While racing non-stop, challengers get to understand Astro On-The-Go more~ The questions are not difficult, just need to squeeze more brain juice to think and search for the answers. *Come on! Team 10 can do it!!! 
They even get professional Cosplayers, Gladiator, Korean Costumed girl and etc. to be at each station. (wao~ Fantastic Baby)

Astro OTG offers Korean Dramas-
(Then We take photos with Cute "Korean" Girl)
Gladiator in Full Costume ~ Aweeesomeeeeeee
Hong Kong Office Boys on Astro? Say Cheersssssss... 
The Last Station~ Pop Singer? The Famous Elvis Aron Presley?
Look Alike wey~~~ 
We lost, We found, We Walk in Full Speed, We Sweat, We Play, We Fun.
And Finally, Spent 1 Hour 20 Minutes to complete all tasks... Piuuuu~~~XD
My muscles are writing complain letters I think. haha

Route 6: After all the runs~ what else to do? (Astro never lets us HUNGRY)~ haha... 
It is time to have lunch in:
Yummy Yummmmmyyyy~~~ hehe
Route 7: And this is another laudable session. Astro Prepares all sorts of Performances for all audience. The point is, all performances are related to the programs offered by Astro. 
In Short, it is a LIVE Advertisement. It is not boring at all, because the performances are entertaining and creative. Bring the people on the Screen to the Stage. Impressive. (baba mama Gentlemen~ haha)

Only Impressive Performances have the charisma to make stay and watch.
Astro did it, wonderfully~ I am also shocked as the whole compound is full of people. 
Final Route: Saddest, Because the winners aren't me T.T haha
Congratulation ya ^^ hehe (So Hope to be on the stage XD)
Extracted from Oh!Media

To conclude, I didn't regret to join Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go event even I am flooded by all sorts of assignments. This is a great experience and I enjoy the effort from the Astro team. Well done! ^^
 Next time I am going to be the Winner! haha... XD
Happy to be a Blogger and Thanks Astro and Nuffnang again for the chances given. Thanks God, Astro treats bloggers nice nice, always invite us to play and have fun. hehe

On the other hand, after the whole day activities, a Seed is sprouting inside my heart.
The Explorer event has triggered my desire to Install and Subscribe Astro On-The-Go
It is undeniably Convenient and can Entertain me all the time. 
I am a really Outgoing person, whenever I got nothing to do, I will be like this:

Now finally I have found my Savior to Defeat my Boredom (who always Kacau me and makes me Suffer!)
The reasons I subscribe Astro OTG not only to solve my boring situation but also get entertained wherever I go and whenever I am free. ^^ I can watch Korean Drama, Movies, Hong Kong Series, LIVE shows and News through Astro OTG in my gadget! So Simple and Easy. 

Imagining I am Watching some shows on Astro OTG:
Raja Rawak will make me Laugh Out Loud ~ I will be stared by the surrounding people I think. Oops XD
Stunning Moment in The Impossible ~~~
OMG... This must be Soooo Painful >.<
Can I be the Guys in Hannah Montana Movie ? ;p
I am going to have internship soon. My boring taking-LRT-life will be totally changed because of Astro On-The-Go. I can take out my gadget and ON Astro. Astro Follows me wherever I go. ^^
Then I will not be boring until I scan everyone surrounding me in LRT because I have more important things to do which is Watching Astro. Hiakhiak~ Astro OTG is perfect to colour my monotonous moments in life. ^^ 

By the way, How to Subscribe? If don't know the steps, how to "rock and roll" with Astro?

Download the App (Iphone or Android all can^^)

Step 2:
Register and Log In~

To Register and Get Yout Astro ID

Step 3:
Choose and Click Whatever You Want ^^

Source from Apple Store
Enjoy Astro at anytime anywhere ^^

 iPad, iPhone, Android phones, PC and Laptop all can use this Awesome Service from Astro~ 
Done the Simple Steps and Enjoy till the Max!

Subscript asap and Enjoy Astro on your hands. Hehe

Take Astro With You, Wherever You Go.
just like in this video clip. hehe

*To watch Astro with a Higher Definition ~ I gonna need a better gadget. Yeah
Hopefully I can have the honour to win on of the Post-event prizes. Haha

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