Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer - With Astro

Hmmm... Am I one of the Unstoppable Explorers?
Wait! What is Explorer? 
Window Explorer  (But I use Google Chrome wo~)


Dora the Explorer?
(She is so famous Because of our Awesome Iron Man 3, XD)

OK. I am an explorer. Why? Let me show you the Proofffff~~~~ hehe
An Explorer and "Look Like Detective Conan" at the Same Time. Hiak Hiak - Look so Professional. :p

Some People love to Explore The Nature.
Some People love to Explore The Odds.
Some People love to Explore The Universe. 

How about me? 
I am "Unstoppable" (Not only In DOTA Game ok?)
Please address me "Mr. Unstoppable Explorer". haha

I am a Travel Explorer.
I get Addicted since I am in University. Haha. Friends' influence (Good or Bad? O.o)
 I love to Explore Different Countries with Different Cultures, Buildings, People and Many more. 

My very First Exploration is To Singapore ^^
Tall Buildings, Great designs really attract me a lot. Love to visit a well developed Country.

Next, Surely is a must to explore Taiwan!
I seek Culture of indigenous people, craving for Great Food, Enjoy the Shopping Paradise and Friendly+Warm Local People.
Unforgettable Memory.

The Year after Taiwan, I Got the Chance to Explore Korea through Exchange Program^^ Thanks God.
I Love Korea. Korean Language, Kimchi, Great Views, Korean Beauties, Shopping heaven and etc etc etc

After that, It is time to Explore our Neighbor Country - Thailand (Phuket)
Hot and Happening place. Full of fun and awesomeness of Nature^^ Likelikelike

The reason I call myself an unstoppable travel Explorer? Because I am going to Bangkok soon. hehe^^ I never cease to look for  new location to explore. Nothing can stop my Fire (enthusiasm) on this. I love to explore all the foreign countries! Yeah~ Don't let it STOP! haha.

For me, gadgets needed are simple: Money, Passport, Camera, Mobile Phone and Daily Necessities(Clothes and etc).
Dress up, carry a bag Then Go wherever I want^^ Simple and easy. Hehe
Explore whatever and wherever I can! haha

But in recent explore adventure, I am facing problem with long-boring journeys in Phuket. 2-3 hours journey to one destination is really torturing especially when all of friends are lazy to talk (too tired). ;p
How I overcome? Sleep lor~ haha... 
So wish to have some entertainment along the journey. 

Never mind, Astro has come to The Rescue^^

Astro has launched 
Astro is with us, wherever we go! Wao!!!

This simple yet entertaining video introduces everything about Astro On-The-Go(AOTG) to you:

We do not need to bring along the TV, but just a smart phone, tablets or Laptop. This suits me a lot as this is a Fantastic Accompany during my Trips. haha
While I am waiting for public transport in foreign countries, I can on my Smart Phone and Watch Korean Drama with Astro On-The-Go. CZ12 will be the first Movie I am going to watch by using AOTG. Hiak hiak Because I haven't watched it... (Shame on me>< haha...) 
Besides, AOTG also allows us to explore new drama or movies too. With this, I afraid I might overlook some interesting things while travelling. Hahax (Obssessed to it XD)
Awesome! ASTRO

For More information:
Click here to the Main Page of Astro On-The-GO

We have only One Lifetime ~ 
Never stand on the same ground, 
Explore more and Enrich your Experience^^ 

Fully Utilize every second in our life - Be an Explorer! 


  1. hi bro
    i m your team mate
    see u tomorrow :)

    1. I just FB PM ur fan page...haa... see u tomorrow :) lets win the game! haha