Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's Vuvuzela in Sunway Lagoon~~~

Assignments and Tests love to Torture Students like me.
Books and Lecture notes love to Tease Students like me.
What We (students) can DO? 
Release the inner-heart "Party Beast" out in Weekends!!! HiakHiak

But... What to do on this Saturday? 
Will it be a boring day?

Hmmmph... Play Dota for the whole day? Go Mid Valley? Go Genting? 

I Know liao~~~ 

Wah, Why Sunway o? 
Because Sunway is having the World's Largest Water Ride!!!

Here you go!
The Vuvuzela

Seriously? Dun Cheat me lar~ 
NO, I am CLEAN ok? Here are the attractions^^

The Vuvuzela
  1. Occupies 3,360-meters (three Olympic standard swimming pool BIG) of the water park. 
  2. Impressive eleven stories (30-meters) HIGH
  3. A ride that spans 152 meters
  4. Designed resembling riding rapids on a Turbulent River
  5. and Lastly The Final Destination - The World’s Largest Water Funnel, 22meters in diameter which also sits 4 meters above the ground.  
11 Stories High??? O.O Then I will sweat like Hell and lose my breath when I reach the starting point!? 

DON'T worry! haha... It is not that Terrible^^ Walk slowly to the Top also Can. hehe

The rafts are 6-seater rafts and riders will sit in them and splash down the ride. Each ride will allow riders to experience up to 5 thrilling oscillations in the world’s largest water funnel before being shot out back into the enclosed flume. The ride will then end in Vuvuzela’s splashdown pool. The Vuvuzela is designed for riders to experience Zero Gravity, caused by the swinging to opposite sides of the funnel to reach the apex of the ride.

After all this long description, Feeling EXCITED now! hahaha... 
Imagining I am on the RIDE:
(Terribly Ugly)

This time, except my crazy and imageless friends, I have the chance to "Explode" Craziness with Friends, Nuffies from Nuffnang and all other bloggers. Thanks Nuffnang For the Free Tickets^^

Black Saturday in Sunway Lagoon
Vuvuzela is Awesome when you have 6 people on one raft. The Speed and Spinning are fantastic. Zero Gravity On Water - First Time To experience it! Haha... ^^ 5D Waterplexx is worth a Try too. It is interesting but you might be irritated by the water shooting towards you XD

Overall Quite a Great Trip for me because of my friends, some interesting rides and Free Tickets ;p It is enjoyable with you can crazily play together with your Mad Friends. Bravo^^ Thanks Nuffnang Again!^^ 

If you are free, Go Sunway Lagoon and Release All Your Stress!!! ^^ hehe

For more information about the ride and park, call 603 5639 0000, 

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