Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Malaysia Black Wednesday (8/5/2013) - Malaysian's Voice!

5 May 2013

13th General Election of Malaysia
Barisan Nasional (BN) Won 133 seats and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) missed the chance with 89 seats
after some ... Blackout(s)


Big bunch of Malaysian said "Dirtiest Election Ever".
Pakatan Rakyat and millions of Malaysian Want a "Re-Election" 
"Where are Fairness and Justice?"

On The Other Hand

Prime Minister (Najib) said "Chinese Tsunami". 
"Apa Lagi Cina Mau?" (What else Does Chinese Want?) from Utusan Melayu (A Newspaper)
"Why Malaysian Doesn't Appreciate What We (BN) have Done?"

My Dream?

My Dream of having a Brand New Government has been smashed into dust.
Disappointed and Frustrated - An Unfair Lost.

But there are still Hopes
Anwar Ibrahim and PR are holding some proofs of Election Fraud ,
We can Fight for a Re-Election!

Today (8/5/2013)

Election Fraud Rally
is Gathering all Malaysian who are Anti-Rasuah, Anti-racist, Anti-FraudElection and many more.
This is an Important Key Step to Fight for a Cleaner and Fairer Election.
Pray for this Rally to be Peaceful and Free to BN-Harassment.
#ParentsNotAllowMeToGo T.T

What really happens on that Patriotic Night:

More than 200,000 Malaysians attended and Say No to Election Fraud!
This proved that This is Not Chinese Tsunami But Malaysian Tsunami!!!
They sing National Anthem loudly and show their unbeatable Passion for A Better Malaysia.

Malaysian in Melbourne, Singapore, Taiwan and other foreign countries have Voiced Out on that night too.

Even the Highway Toll has become Open Air Parking and Jam Seriously... Oops...
The support is Too overwhelming, The desire for Clean Election is Exploding! 

We Might not have a Re-Election Because the Mastermind of Authority won't allow. But Malaysians are ON FIRE. haha... 
There are going to have more and more Rally in different places!
The day will come, The devil shall fall!

That's it

Listen to the People's voice!
We do not need a corrupted government
We Want Responsible and Good Leaders! 

What we want is just Fairness and Justice.
We all Love Malaysia.
We are Malaysian, Not Chinese,Malay, Indian or others.
Malaysia is Ours.

Please Love and Protect Malaysia.
Together We Make Malaysia a Great Nation! 

P/S: Saturday - Please Remember to Wear Black T-shirt (From Dato' Seri Anwar)^^

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