Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Favourite Animal Pal in Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Cinema recently is full of Robots, Vampires, Super powers...
Hmph... It lacks of something... something... som...e...thin....g....
Ah Ha!!!
Is Comedic Animals!!!

Woohhhoooo...Feel So Excited for 
Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted !
Thanks God, Madagascar is back in town! In the Cinema! Yahoo...

This time, let's see how the interesting story goes! Cannot wait for it!
I believe Madagascar will not fail to make us LOL (laugh out loud) Haha

By The Way, Which is my favourite Animal Pal ?
Without a thought, it is surely

The cutest Mouse Lemur in the world!
It's appears always make me "OMG, SOooO Cute!"
Mort's huge and watery eyes can make everyone falls in love with it.

You see!
So Adorable!!!

If girlfriends use this kind of face, the guys (including me) sure melt and let them wins. Wahaha.
Mort is an inevitable character in this movie, although it is not the main characters. 

Just imagine when you are frustrated and depressed due to work or relations,
once you reach home, such a wonderful and cute Mort is waiting you in front of the door.
All troubles, troubles and troubles will be gone! in .... 0.05 second! 
Meaning that, once looking at Mort, our mood will be delighted and happiness fills the world!!! Wohoo!

So, Are you ready to Move It Move It. I like to Move It Move It. You like to Move It Move It?
Let'sssssssssss MOVE IT!!!

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