Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last English Presentation Class with Beloved Mrs Jagjeet Singh

Time flies, our English classes with Mrs J have ended.
I feel so blessed and lucky to be in her class for 12 weeks.
Her teaching and  encouragement are blessing all the students boundlessly and influentially.

Overall, Mrs J thinks that our class is quite good and lively.
In return, we all agree that we have a great and experienced teacher.
We gain so much from her and learn to be a better presenter with good spoken English. 

In the last lecture, Mrs J talks about one of her life experience with all of us.
Her friends ask her why she keeps on teaching? She should retire and rest just like them. 
But Mrs J does not agree with them! 
Her loves and passion in teaching people correct English are the motivation and driving power.
Her noble actions really inspire us directly that, our life can be more influential and benefiting the others.
Since there are so many people need a correct and proper English, Mrs J takes the trouble to share her knowledge to whoever eager to learn.

Last but not least,we have our group photos! ^^

"The mother hen and all her happy chicks! What a great family! Although it was a last lecture, we are lucky we are on ELTLA as we can continue our friendship and our bond here!" 
Quote from Mrs J.

Me and Mrs J
 To Mrs J,
Thank you for teaching and guiding us to do a better and effective English presentation.
We will definitely endeavour our best in the coming final presentation.
We appreciate the moment to be in your class. 
Stay lively and energetic in teaching English language. 
Keep in touch on ELTLA. ^^

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