Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Palace of Golden Horses - MPA 2012

The Palace of Golden Horses
Yeah~ The palace is just behind me in the picture.
It looks like a mosque or Alandin's palace. Hehe
We have our Majlis Penyampaian Anugerah ASTAR (MPA) 2012 there.
(ASTAR Awards Giving Ceremony) 

The place is just beside The Mine (in Seri Kembangan)
We have to pay RM100 for the Grand venue and food.

Since we pay RM100, for sure we take a lot of nice photos. ^^ Yeah.
Everyone is wearing gorgeously and charmingly. (Including me? Of course! Haha)
The theme is 60's 70's (less than 10% of attendees follow the theme.... Ops) 

Coursemate ZhaoXuan and Hui Yan's CK Neoh
With Hiao Jess Ngo ^^
My Attire... Pai Seh... Look Nice right? 
Golden Horses are behind us. They are waiting for me?
Nice Nice - Golden Horses and Guys
Vili, Candy and Me ^^
Chai Ling and I ^^
Choirs members (some) hehe
Hidden part of the palace. All look so nice!
Chemical Engineering POWER!
Foo Nian and I with green field
Finally we can sit down and wait for the ceremony to commence ^^

Table Members
All tableware is nicely placed
 Yeah~ The ceremony starts so as the dish served. ^^
First Dish - Look Sumptuous and Delicious.
The Gimmick is awesome ! It fits the theme and
it can rotate just like a real old music box!!! Bravo... 
5 KPMians with an old motor (Haha) 
             MPA 2011                                                                                             MPA 2012
Stylish and more mature
Nice and Attractive

 After all award-giving ceremony and performances, here comes to end of the "Elegant" night.
Food overall is quite acceptable ( better than what I imagine)
With Future Biomedical Scientist! Haha
My Roommates and  I ^^
 Thanks God, although I was busy with PTUM 2011, I still can join JKP Kreatif, FESENI and FHT
So, once again thanks God for the award received ^^
 Contribution Award

 Me with the award. So Handsome... Haha


  1. C.ON.G.RA.TU.LA.TI.ON!!!!!!! Graduated man! ;D *big handshake* I prefer the pics to be larger niway..cant see all of yr faces, but you all dressed so well that day!^^

  2. The fare was raising everyyear.. how nice was then!!!! lol

  3. RM100 for the place is ok liao de lo. other colleges charge RM110 or RM120. Haha...