Monday, April 30, 2012

Child Sponsorship (World Vision)

29 April 2012 is a meaningful day for me as I have done a prudent decision.
What is it? 
Thanks God for giving me a chance to Sponsor A Child. ^^

World Vision workers come to my church and introduce the Child Sponsorship Program to us.
We also have the opportunity to sign up for the sponsorship directly by filling a form.
The form for child sponsorship
I am listening attentively to the explanation from a World Vision Worker. 
There are 2 categories for the sponsorship. 
One is to sponsor non-African Children, another one is African Children.
I choose to sponsor a non-African child with my friend, Matthew Chua.
We share the expenditure of the sponsorship.

For non-African Child, it just needs RM50 per month while for African Child, it requires RM80 per month.
I pay the first RM50 and the worker tells me that World Vision will send me the identity of "my child" after 3 weeks. ^^
(So excited to have the information XD )

This is a short video clip regarding the sponsorship by World Vision.

There are around 1 Billion of people are suffering from poverty!
They do not have proper education, sufficient food and essential medical care!
But we have everything they need. Why don't we lend a helping hand to them by just merely RM50 or donation? Since World Vision has provided the opportunity for us to help the people in need, why don't we take an action? 
What we need to do is, cut down our daily expenditure and save RM50 to sponsor a child per month!
If you choose to eat mixed rice instead of buffet, you can save RM20++
If you choose to buy a normal cloth instead of a branded one, you can save RM50++
If you choose to switch off air-cond for few days instead of keeping it on, you can save RM 20++
All this money can be saved and used to sponsor one or even two children.

So, please consider to sponsor a child. Their life will become much better with your simple action.
The world needs our helps ^^

Contact World Vision if you are interested to sponsor a child :

or call
(603) 78806414

May God bless everyone of us.

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