Thursday, April 26, 2012

Marvellous Avengers!!! A MUST watch movie in life!

I strongly believe "The Avengers" is one of the Best movies in this world!
At first, I a bit worry that the movie is publicised tremendously but does not reach the expectations.
Oh My Gosh! The movie indeed impresses me! It does not let me down! 

Thanks Nuffnang for the Special Screening!

The storyline is extremely interesting. I never feel bored throughout the movie.
It is just excellent!

Words after watching the movie:
The storyline is interesting and make people excited to watch the next scenes. 
All characters act very well and professional.
The story starts with a powerful cube and it leads to the story afterward.
Every hero appears one by one and ... form a team to against the evil one!

Hehe. Then?
I should not talk too much, just go and grab a ticket for yourselves.
I promise, it is a really, amazingly, incredibly great movie!
It is not only an action movie, but it can also make you laugh out loud. Hahaha. 
I am well entertained by all the hilarious scenes and superb effects.
My Rating : 9.99/10.00
Tips: Remember to wait until the end ya... May be we will have The Avengers 2. haha

Personally, I like the Hulk the most! Haha... 
Hawkeye is my favourite too.
Iron Man is so funny. 
and... Aiya. I love every hero lah... haha

In conclusion!
Fast, Book a seat and Watch it!!!
27/4/2012, The Avengers is on the screen!!!


  1. Really enjoyed the movie! Entertaining combat scenes! :)

    1. The exciting parts never end... It is really awesome.

  2. I think i had missed something yesterday night!

  3. Never Mind...You go watch as soon as possible lar... Really Nice!!! Highly recommended.

  4. going to watch it this sunday!

  5. Yeah!The movie gonna make you excited and LOL. haha