Thursday, April 19, 2012

English Presentation time~

Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 2.00pm. 
English Class with Mrs J.
What did we do during the session? 
English Presentation (Body)

Last month, we presented the introduction of our presentation.
This time, we presented the body of it.

The Scheme is like this:

Powerpoint = 4 marks 
Presentational Resources = 2 marks
Effectiveness of presentation = 4 marks
Content = 5 marks
Language and organisation = 8 marks
Delivery = 6 marks
Time Limit = 1 mark 
Total = 30 marks!

Presentation always makes me nervous.
No exception for this time.
My title is "How Does Laziness Impact Us?"
It is indeed an interesting topic for me. ^^

Preparation Stage:
Find relevant Statistics, Search for Pictures and Photos, Compose my Slide Show.
And Done!
Feeling :
I did not have enough time for the preparation as I had a Mid-term Exam in the morning.
Luckily, I had 3 hours  to practise after the exam. This time, I was going to learn past experience of presenting and so was not going to memorise the whole script, but practise with the slides I had prepared. 
From previous experience, I realised that when we memorise every single word in the text, we tend to control and restrict ourselves to the prepared words. Then the presentation will not be good and fluent as we might pause to recall the sentences from memory.

In Class:
I am the 15th to present. So, I go through the points and script I have written on a piece of paper during the interval of changing presenters. 
There are a lot of interesting topics presented by my classmates such as
Dare to be Different, Right Brain Versus Left Brain, Band, Travel and Work in US, Katy Perry, Lynas, Music, Youtube, and many more. (Sorry for not stating every topic)

My turn :
3 main points have been presented, that are disadvantages, convenience and development brought by laziness.
Feel interested? Watch this video:

I have included humour in my presentation in order to attract people's attentions. As the atmosphere that day is a little bit solemn and "quiet". I must improve my fluency and there are pauses and mistakes inside my presentation. Haha.

And the followings are the additional resources to reinforce my content,
A famous quotation from Bill Gates :

An extreme hilarious video :

This video gives us an insight that, although laziness inspires us to invent a lot of great things to make our life easy, we should not indulge in it but judge laziness wisely and avoid the negative impacts from it. 

Mrs J's comments for the overall performance: 
Fluency must be improved, not to be jerky. 
Presentation is not about reading.  
Follow the time limit.

During the presentation, I have thought that, we shouldn't be just that level since we have a good lecturer and we must put more effort to improve. Otherwise, why are we taking this course? We must gain and learn something important from this course. 
Nothing can stop if he/she has the intention and determination.
Presentation is so important for an engineer, especially spoken in English Language.

Just as Mrs J always says,
" Practices Make Perfect" 
Not perhaps, Not may be, Not probably,
But it is the absolute answer!

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