Thursday, April 5, 2012

Choir Competition FESENI 2012 ~ We(ASTAR) Won Number 2!!!

as we all know, is a musical ensemble of singers.(Copied from Wikipedia)
(Am I doing reference? Haha)
Choir has always been my favourite activity since Form 2.
This is because I feel relaxed and enjoy singing pretty much.
Distinct from other projects, I do not have to make any decision but what I have to do is perform my best!

My voice is not as marvellous as the sound from Heaven,
but, I am confident with my facial expressions ^^
Broad smile, emotional face, anger or exaggerated expression
all only like a piece of cake for me.

The University of Malaya organises Festival Seni (FESENI) or the Art Festival.
This year is not an exception. 
A variety of competitions such as Choir, singing, dancing and others
were held for students to participate and show their talents.

Every college puts a tremendous effort in this competition.
Of course, everyone aims to be the champion, so do I. 
Our First College Manager(Kirsten) and Conductor(Nyky)
 have spent a lot of time modifying the two chosen songs which were
"Padamu Malaysia" and "Sweet Dream+Standby Me"

Changing emotions from patriotism to anger, then to happiness is the main point 
for this combination.(In my opinion)
Thanks to their selfless efforts, the combination is extremely powerful and splendid.
This year, our team is comprising mostly First Year students.
They impress me, most of them have a musical background.
They know how to play the piano, have joined unlimited national choir competitions and so on.

Here the team with our Conductor ^
The Boys with coquettish eye liner. Haha
After 3 months long practices, it's show time!
Standing on DTC stage, we looked so professional, spectacular, magnificent and fabulous.
And we looked like a pulchritudinous and presentable waiter or waitress too. XD 
Qiang~Qiang~Show time!!!
We were the last group on that night,
but we felt no tension and quite relax. (Amazing~)
Haha, perhaps our self-assurance was maximum.
Let's enjoy our performance^^ 

To get a clearer and nicer one please go to:

(From YouTube)

All Choir members did our best! 
Harmony and dynamics were performed very well. 
(These two criteria are the most important parts in choir)
Powerful Soprano, Strong Alto and Rhythmic Tenor and Masculine Base
made the performance a success. ^^
I like the last posting the most.
Amusing,naughty and looked splendour ! Hahax. 

When announcement of the result, we were so nervous~ X.X
(Affected by the confident and passionate juniors)

"First Runner Up goes to ...."

"First College!!!"
Clapping... Quiet...... started asking Why...... Depressed......
Haha. Disappointment filled the air > < 
Never Mind, next year we strive again, never give up!

7th College won the champion, here's their performance :
(From YouTube)

After competition,
It was photo shooting time despite the disappointment^^ hehe...  

With our adorable teacher ^^ Ba Ba Ba "with Smile"
Gorgeous and energetic manager ^^ 
Cheer up! We got First Runner Up. haha
Supper time,Yeah~~~
Last but not least, 
We have done our best.
And this is the best result ever in my choir life. Hehe
Next year, we must do better to emerge to be the CHAMPION!!! 

Looking forward to next year Choir Competition ^^

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