Friday, April 13, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers

Waiting without giving up
Waiting until my neck grows longer
Waiting it to appear in front of my eyes.
Waiting since the Captain America movie until now

YES, not waiting for girlfriend, money, trip, scholarship!

The assemble of all the Heros !!!
To save our world !!!
The Graphic, The Storyline, The Characters
MAKE ME SO HIGH !!! Wohoooo ~ ~~ ~

Are You a Human? 
If YES!!! So You must Watch this movie!!!
Single hero already can make a movie GREAT
But this time, All are in ONE movie, Arrgghhhh, 
BEST beyond words !!!

Here's the Trailer, Yeah ~ ~ ~ 

Now, If you ask me, what Hero else can be added into the Avengers team.
I would like to say 
" The Liquid "
Hmmm. New to you? Of course, 
He is a brand new character who is ME. Hiak Hiak Hiak

Just like the name, I can be transformed into a liquid. 
But the liquid is not a simple one!
It is out of our imagination.
Transforming in to the liquefied form
Although I cannot fly,
I can be liquefied to to flow instead of running and walking.
Flow in form of liquid, Fast and Marvellous. Haha

The liquid is not like water, but a composite of chemicals that 
can withstand bullets shooting, laser beam, powerful impact and so on.
I change to blue in colour when I transform. Hehe
The most important thing is , I can separate into parts to carry out duty and fight the enemies. Haha.
So, I can transform in to a variety of shapes
I can be in all shape and separate into parts.
I am Good in performing Sneak Attack... Hehe...
Attack before enemy realize my presence. Haha
 And I can form a sphere or shapes to protect other avengers and the innocent citizens too
since I can bullets and weapons proof.
Wao. So powerful and wonderful... Haha
Protection Sphere to cover and protect the people inside. I am waepons proof. Yeah~
I can liquefy and form hands and legs to attack the enemies.
For Robots? I can crush them by binding them and squeeze them to waste steel. haha

Although I do not have Big muscles, powerful strength and high technology,
I am kind of intelligent and wise Hero.

Here is my costume : 
Blue is the most suitable colour for me.
The costume is made using the world most sophisticated technology
(PicoTechnology-upgraded from nanotech)
It can be liquefied at the same time with me and sticks to me. Hehe.
The Word " L " is referring to Liquid. ^^

Some SuperHeroes need weapon.
Me? not necessary.
Because I am The Best Weapon Ever.

Superheroes save our world.
But, Not Only Superheroes,
 Everyone can be the Heroes to this world!

Thanks Nuffnang for the opportunity given
Hopefully I am one of the 55 lucky people.
Looking forwards to the Movie with infinity excitement.