Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Sarawak Trip!!!

Everyone likes to ask,
"Where have you been during your last semester break? "

Hehe. I went to Sarawak, 
The "Cat" town - Kuching " Meow ~"

Hehe, Thanks Jess Ngo
We have the chance to step on Kuching's land. Wohoo... Haha
(Not She Belanja(Treat) but we are still be thankful, haha) 

Our Team members :
1. Jess Ngo - The one "caused" us to go.
2. Lay Yee - The gorgeous but sampat girl
3. Matthew Chua - The adorable + professional photographer
4. Me - The handsome 

We are in LCCT and ready to take the Flight 
1 hour 40 plus minus later...
We are there!!! Haha... Sarawak!!! 
WAO!!! Still is in Malaysia... hahaha

The driver - Philip comes to fetch us... Yeah ~ ~ ~
Straight away go to eat !!! (I am Starving, Hehe)

A welcoming Tomato Noodle ^^
Then, we go to check in our hotel (开房?哈哈)
The hotel is 
It looks so nice and comfortable - I recommend to everyone
It is near to CityCentre and is totally affordable 
(for the room in picture,room rate = RM 400 for 3 nights ^^) 
Link :

Going out lo... Hehe
Then we go to a Tall Towel to view the Whole Kuching

Yeah, Jumping higher and higher, haha XD
So ugly. But nice jumping.
Next destination : Sarawak State Library
Why go library??? 
Because :
There is an extremely beautiful Glass stairs
Wide field and nice lake view.
Jumping again. Haha... We are athlete? haha
"You are an apple for my eye" style,
just cannot lack of this posting . haha
It is time for FOOD again. Hiak Hiak
The "Sunday Market"
It is sort of pasar malam
Full of food, cloths and things. haha

Giant needs rest. So do we. haha
Then it's time for dinner
A restaurant on parking lots. So weird. But there is full of seafood ^^ Nice and Yummy
The driver's parents - so generous and belanja(treat) us.
Because I look so handsome? haha
The special "蚝煎"/ Fried Oyster (Malaysian likes Google Translate ^^)
Go Cat City, must take photos with cats de ma.
Who knows, only got static and gigantic cats. haha

Besides static cats, we have Static Zheng He also. Haha... 
He is not only available in Malacca o, Sarawak also got. haha
But there is too dim, cannot take photo. He just looks like a bakery master. haha

<From Google>
Look, on his hand, got a "Hardwood Rolling Pin"
to make bread and kuih. haha
Idea from Matthew Chua. 
We are in Sarawak ^^ hehe
Then We call it a day... Rest and Zzz... Nightz...

The next day - Sunday!!! Yeah~ is time for Church ^^
We are so faithful. Bravo ^^
St. Thomas Church
The Big one. hehe
Big church with a lot of people^^
Not strange, since Sarawak has the most Christian in Malaysia. hehe
The style of worship is really quite a different. Hehe. 

After that, We went to The Spring

The biggest shopping mall in Kuching ? Yes gua... 
But I heard that, in future, Kuching will be occupied with shopping malls... Wao!!! 
Mid-Valley Sarawak? Yahoo ~~~ just a joke.^^
At night we watch "Mirror Mirror" in MBO Cineplex
haha. Waiting GSC to enter Sarawak, Yeah~ ~ ~

* We took a taxi that day, RM10 as the starting price*
OMG. haha... because less people use taxi there, that's why. Hmmm...
"Kuching people, use taxi la... haha ^^ kidding"

Third day - a long journey day
But breakfast first.
Sarawak Laksa... TASTE GOOD!!! haha
Sarawak noodle... NICE ^^ 
After Breakfast... 
We go the Cultural Village... Hehe
Go Sarawak, must watch Long House de la... right? hehe
RM 15 only for students.
There is really a must-go place... can see all the long houses and traditional...things. haha

Taking photo with sexy guy...
Actually we are plying a traditional shooting game la.
A Traditional dance and cultural performance
The special is : 10 years before and 10 years after,
the performance is still the same^^
Balloon, dance together and spinning person... haha
Sarawak is so hot, Umbrellas never leave us. Haha 
Eat noodles first... cannot tahan(abide) starvation. hehe. @ 7eleven
Yeah. Next we go Damai Beach!!! Wao... 
So CANTIK (Beautiful)!!!
Jumping Again??? Yeah!!! haha
Just cannot stop acting. Haha

Seaside - cannot lack of emo photos. hehe
Shadows of the craziest people
After skin is getting dark due to the Sun at beach, We go for a great dinner.
Thanks Alvin for the FREE and sumptuous Meal
@ Basaga
All foods taste NICE - not because of Free ok? haha

 Of course la, the last night, I meet my beloved Friend (Jing Yang) in Sarawak ^^
It has been years, I did not see him. Hehe. He is studying in SwinBurne, Sarawak.

Time flies, it is time to sleep again. Haha

The last day ~ ~ ~
Is time to go back.
Take photo first. Hehe
I buy pepper for my family and others buy others for others. Yeah... 
And we go to some museum-like-places.
Final round in The Spring and have Sugarbun (Famous Fried Chicken in Kuching) there

ByeBye Sarawak!!!
"Byebye Driver" from Jess
A forbidden photo... X.X haha.
Cannot take photo there de.. haha
 This Sarawak trip is nice because we have our private driver. Hehe
And Thanks to drivers' friends, Ah Zhuan and Alvin.

Last but not the least, 
To whoever wants to go Sarawak,

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