Monday, April 16, 2012

PT Reunion Dinner!!! PT Huat ah!!!

PT(Pesta Tanglung UM) never ends!
This is Undeniable! Haha
What again this time? 
Hiak Hiak, It is our Reunion Dinner!!!
New Formosa, Not A Famosa o. Haha
 Arranged Transport, Dressed up, Make-up? haha
PT11 attending the dinner!!!
Excited to have everyone - Meet together, Crazy Together, Have Fun Together ^^
The most important thing is : We never miss out any Free Dinner! haha
(Thanks PT12 lar~)

Photo Time Before Foods on the tables.
Everyone is SOOOO Happy ... Including me... haha

Yam Sheng With Uncles!!! haha:

Yay, Born From Protocol, Forever a Protocol :
Yeah~ ~ ~

Everyone's stomach is making noises 
as if Babies are inside our tummy.

Foods are finally served ^^
Of course, I am the semi-professional waiter and gentleman. Wahaha

Another Waiter : (But Not as Handsome as me) Hahax
Vili, you got Micheal already. Be careful ya >< haha
All Plates are empty... Everyone is Monster !!!
Really Hungry lo... Wah~~~

The Dinner is sooo delicious, Because 

Free Meals Never Taste Bad. Haha

Next exciting session... Cake ceremony??? O.o 
PT12, Gambateh!!! haha

Everyone Singing Happy Birthday To PT12... Yeah!!!

But .... 

Haaaa Haaa Haaa
PT12 +Wei Ken Share the Joy. Wahaha
Then is real Happy Birthday Songs to April Babies (Big One in the middle) la... 
Not need look so serious de ok? haha
After The Cakessss....
Is Gift-Giving Ceremony :p 
Nice Photo plus Nice Frame,
Thanks JinJin, Ee Chin and Hui Yan lar~~~
Zhen Ming with the Cutest + Cutest face
In Return, They give us this ... Hehe...Mini Card with Words.

Hehe, To show PT12's sincerity, 
They prepare a Hand-Language Performance 
Just look at left hand side la... Right Hand side, is photo defect. Haha
Haha, The Final Session is Punishment!!!
PT11 Bullies PT12 Again!!!???
No lo. This time is PT12 bullies PT11 (T.T)
Hot and spicy Hotdog. T.T hahaha...
Everyone tastes it... Spicy with pains. 
All have Sexy Lips at that time. Haha

NOOB. Hahaha
The Best Reaction at that night
Sleeping Dinosaur. Haha
Look at Who??? Concentrate la~~~
Funny Face 1
Funny Face 2, " Wah, SOOOO Delicious!!!"
Plus one Super Duper  Hiao Posting... = =
No Image, but since long long long time ago
As Usually!!! Group Photosssss :
PT11 + PT12
The car plate beside is not for 4D or Toto purpose ya. haha XD
PT11 ^^ Love You Guys ^^
Happy Family ^^
Non- Stop... Camera Sensitive. Haha
PT12 ^^
Finally, We(PT11) have Passed Everything over to our successors(PT12)
PT11, sincerely hopes that PT12 will be the most successful event ever.
We will always support you guys !
加油!Together, You Guys can Create Marvel!
Together, You Guys can Create Legend!

To PT11 :
I Shall Never Forget Our Sweet Memories.
Is a blessing to know You Guys ^^
Let us continue our Hiaoness and Craziness until The End of the World!!! 
Suppers!!! Trips!!! are waiting for us!!! YEAH~ ~ ~ Hahahaha