Monday, February 18, 2013

Wao!!! Awesome Movie! Cloud Atlas ~~~ (Review)

Cloud Atlas Wallpaper
Thanks Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 
for this Awesome Movie in 2013.

Cloud Atlas

I personally super like this movie!!! Why? 
Cloud Atlas Poster - On Malaysia Cinema on 21/2/2013
 This is a very abstruse (Deep and Hard to Understand) movie at the beginning but it becomes clearer at the end.
 The storyline and Shooting style are guaranteed Super Creative as It combines 6 stories in one movie!
It attracts my attention from the beginning, so I pay lots of attention on every scene and characters.
You should not miss out any scene if possible ~ hehe

Here some photos to trigger your curiosity ~
This scene is Cut in Premiere - I do not understand~
Sonmi - Waitress
There are millions of them and... They are drinking Soap (Disgusting Drink which made by their Fresh)

Neo Seoul - The New Seoul  with Supreme Technology in 2144
Escaping Sonmi
Old Georgie - The demon in the heart
OK. What else is so special about the movie?
The movie is moving from one generation to another generation with and without connection. For example, after a scene in 1849, it enters another scene in 2144 smoothly. 
Impressive and not annoying - This is laudable!  

OK what are the 6 stories
1st - Sailing back to Home
2nd - Love Story of 2 men.
3rd - Discovery of a murder and Nuclear Plant
4th - Escape from Old Folk Home
5th - The Neo Seoul (New Seoul with Samsung Tech)
6th - The village and survival to another planet

The combined story line is all about 
"An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future"

Beside the supreme storyline, The characters will make you excited and eager to know "who is who"!!!
Because Characters in 1849 might be in 2144 as well. That's why they are Related! 

Halle Berry and Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas
Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas
 Please wait until the End of the movie! They will introduce all characters and at that time, you will scream when you identify some same actors/actresses.
 Here are the characters in the 6 Generations.
Characters in Cloud Atlas
Credit to Cinema
 I like this movie although the teaching is Not True.
High recommended - I give 9.2/10
I am going to buy the book as well! Wohoo~~~ Enjoy ^^

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