Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 !!!

Chinese New Year = iPad, iPhone, Shopping and Carbonate water? 
haha... Heard from Ai Fm.
For me? 
Chinese New Year = Family, Relax, Sleep, Friends and Food. haha

Reunion Dinner + Cracker Fill the CNY eve and I Feel so Comfortable at home ~~~ hehe... and AngPao from parents + relatives. Hehe. Got Money to hiao already~

2013, Thanks God, Pei Hwa Secondary School 2008 Graduates (Us la) still manage to organize Gathering and Visitation. haha. Meeting old good friends is fun and no one changes much. Good or Bad? Good lar~
Luckily most are talkactive, so we still enjoy well and no "Cold Wind" blows. haha. We update each others our life and gossip other? haha...

We make it in 初一 (First Day of CNY). First time and Successful wor~ haha
More than half classes attend and we enjoy very well. We are Still Young. Wohooo... Love you all.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, have a Great Year Ahead!
( We have this post all the time, Funny yet Signature )

初二 to 初四 (2nd Day to Fourth Day) Go Grandmum's house. Although she is no longer there, she is always in our heart. As usual, all relatives come back and gather (once a year). Chit-chating, "Sharing Money", Talk here and there ~ now there got ipad to play. haha... 
I used to dislike going there because boring and nothing to do ma. But now, I love to enjoy simple moments with family.^^ Positive Growth yay. 

初五 (5th Day)
拜年( House Visitation ) Starts, this year, no much houses to visit. Oh no.
Went to Lian Wei's house, sit there for 2 hours! Because her parents and grandmum are too passionate to welcome us. They are super hilarious too. haha. Ate lots of things and Almost Bathe there too because there is Famous with well water.
Syok! haha
Next and the last it Chun Sin's house la. Play Card and Scream loudly there. haha. And ya, We remember to take photos (Finally =.=) haha.
 All Blur Blur. haha

After Friends' house visitation, we have lunch together (Peggy, ShiJing, Sean and XieYao)
Talked from the Earth to the Galaxy! haha.. OMG! But everyone enjoys well then is good already^^ hoho

After Friends, is time for relatives. 三姑六婆 (Aunts) together go one of my aunts house. haha. I really love the moment there. Listen to Gossip? haha... No la... We taste different New Year Cakes and chit chat only. haha. Then Uncle buys KFC and Supper back! Walao! Super Fat now! My Tummy!!! 振作 (Steady)!!!

初六 (6th Day)
Hoho. 15/2/2013. This day is my MUM's Birthday! hoho.
Jom! Come on and Celebrate! First Time Go Malacca to celebrate Birthday yeah~~~
Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

Secret Recipe is always a nice place to celebrate Birthday! Simple cakes and Free Coffee/Tea.
(My mum says DO NOT upload this photo, but I am doing it, oops)

My lovely parents:

Then we walk walk and watch watch Performances there. Nice to See.

Dinner Time! hehe... We choose BarBQ Plaza. hehe
Got Promotion ma...hehe


Not Bad~ Super Full

4 people = RM108 (Promotion Price)
Affordable la. Luckily we enter earlier as the promotion ends after few minutes. Wakaka.

Next is Movie Time~~~ hehe
Second time, 5 of us watch together Yeah!
Journey to The West

While waiting, Take Photos first. Tehee

周星驰, Stephen Chow's movie, Must watch right? haha
For me, it is really FUNNY (although Not as Funny as Before) But, it is quite bloody as well. If it was Hilarious from the beginning towards the end + No Brutal Fighting, it would be a Great Movie in this CNY. hehe. Recomended to Watch.

Owh Ya!!! IF You are free and want to relax + Laugh Out Loud.
Watch this Youtube!!! Friends and I produce a Short Chinese New Year MV for everyone to wish everyone have a Marvellous Snake Year Ahead. haha

Click Here for the MV

This Year Chinese New Year is a Fantastic one! 
Once a year and we all appreciate so much. Family and Friends are indispensable in our life, and they make my life & CNY colourful as well. Anticipating Next Chinese New Year. haha ;p
 Wish Everyone to have 
A blessed and joyful year ahead! God bless and... HUAT arggghhhhhhh!!!!

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