Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love is Everywhere

Today is a day full of love and warmth. 

I always love my company colleagues, they are friendly and lovely. No politics issue there. A great environment to work in =)

Just today, one little incidence really touches me and God's grace is wonderful.
After a tedious day, with a super tiring body, I ask my collegue Robson to send me to MRT station because I miss the company bus. Robs is a nice guy who always kacau me in the office. 
Well, little waiting and then finally can leave the company. He even offers me to bring me to Jurong east, where I want to go. So niceeee.

We chit chat and then , dingdong, reach the destination. I happily say Thankiu and Goodbye. Walking towards the shopping mall, and enter Topman shop with a little Chinese New Year Feel. But stomachache forces me to leave the shop very soon. Then I put my hand into my pocket to KePo a bit what happens on Facebook. BUT wait! Where is my Phone!!! Omg... I dropped it on Robson de car. Sienzzzzz. 

I have to live without my phone for 3 days because he is on leave tomorrow. Haiz. I tell myself, yes, I can survive , I can survive! Then with depressed emoness I going to my destination. I keep imagining Robs appears in front of me and passes me my beloved Mi3. Aikzzz.

Who really knows. He suddenly appears in front of me! And say "Wah Piang, your phone and you make me purposely come here and pass you this lo". OMG, Thanks God, I really didn't expect this. He purposely make a big Uturn and paid for unnecessary parking fee, just to return my phone. T.T no tears but feel so touched!!! He 看死 (bet) me cannot live without the phone, which is somehow a bit true (don't wanna admit, haha).

I really appreciate his kind action and this instantly cheers up my day. Ya, world is full of cruelty and unscrupulous people, but there are angel like people who do love and care about others. I always think that, if everyone on this earth is full of Love, then this will be a perfect world. Nevertheless, we can't always hope others to be nice to us; we should be the one who gives love to others, even if it is a small help or prayer. Like Jesus's selfless sacrifice on the cross.
Let's make this world more loveable. 

As a first step, please love me more. Hahahaha. God Bless Everyone =D

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