Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BIG Project

Yup, I kinna ambitious guy with self-entertaining confidence. I believe I can do something great, but who knows I can or cannot. I just Try. I complained that I am lack of big projects on hand so I appreciate those big ones with me. However those big ones have to be handed over to others as I am assigned into another team. Well, in short, i despo for big and exciting project.

Out of sudden, I was assigned one, but Christmas plus new year made the thing moved so slow at the beginning. After the holiday season, everything moves in lightning speed. I need to submit a quotation for the big project in two and a half day! Joke! Such a big project (not gigantic) and I have so less time?! However somehow I feel I can make it because the system is simple. So without second thoughts, I know I want to go in full force.

Two nights of OT and tomorrow is the deadline. I don't know how it goes and have no confidence on the result. I pray and really thanks God for His invincible encouragement. Whenever I feel tired and fed up, He asks me to calm down and helps me through angels around me.

TOMORROW gonna be another tired yet ending day. I will submit the quote and hand this to God. He will decide and lead me the way.

Jiayou , I say to myself. Wake up time: 6am. God Bless and Good night.

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