Thursday, October 25, 2012

League of Legends (LOL) - My New Favorite Game

Dota is so famous last few years, I love it too. 
( Everyone will say, "OMG, HangChung, you know how to play DOTA de a? Seriously? Wao") 
Yeah, I used to it already. 
I do play Dota. OK? haha... But long time did not play already.

Never Mind, Now under the influence of friend, I start to play LOL.(not Laugh Out Loud ya)
League of Legends 
The game is quite similar to Dota, but in my humble opinion, the company (Riot Games) abstracts all the Goods from Dota and creates this LOL.
It is an online and multi-players game. Using a character (Hero) to fight, kill and win. Sort of RPG game.  
Most importantly, it is FOC (Free of Charge).

What I really is the awesome graphic and simplicity.
See ^^

Players do no need to join the room or Find games, as LOL prepares a portal for you to match a game^^

Heroes and Items of course are the keys in this game. 
Different Heroes own different unique powers and have own suitable items to buy.
The game will suggest the players some items to buy too.
The maximum level of all Heroes is 18. (Different from Dota)
Not every hero can be used all the time as they will refresh and let players use new heroes every week.
Players can get sort of money from each games and can use them to purchase favourite heroes (permanently).
Players can purchase extra upgrades to improve all the heroes too. Complicated, but I am learning also la.

My favourite hero will be
Cute but fast and strong.
It's fast attack speed and mushrooms are his highlights.

I recommend this game to my fellow friends.^^
How to play?
Simple 3 steps:
1. Download Garena Plus.
2. Download LOL (through Garena Plus)
3. Double Click to play.

Add me if you got play this interesting game. (Teehc91. Play as The Incredible 2)
Enjoy la~~ hehe... Do not get addicted ya...Opps

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